Home Remedies for Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis is a condition, in which your bones get weakened, thin and leads to the breaking of bones in worse conditions. It occurs when the development of new bone does not keep up with the removal of older bone. Anyone can have this problem, but it is most common in both men and women. It is more common in women after menopause as the estrogen decrease in the body. If you are looking for treatments to cure osteoporosis, then home remedies for osteoporosis treatment are the best way to go with.

A person’s bone mass and density decrease with the age. Millions of people suffer from this disease. It is a progressive disease as people grow older, the process of replacement of existing bone with new bone slows down and you lose bone density. The common risk factors are poor nutrition, smoking, low body weight, physical inactivity, certain medications and a small boned frame. It also occurs due to the deficiencies of Vitamins D, K, manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc and boron. The bones become so brittle when you fall and can cause a fracture that commonly occurs in the wrists or spine and in the hips. The symptoms of this problem are a loss of height over time, back pain, limited mobility and a stooped posture. If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis then you need to follow a healthy diet for osteoporosis treatment.

home remedies for osteoporosis treatment

Symptoms of Osteoporosis:

  • More than expected bone fracture.
  • A stooped posture
  • Body shrinks over time.
  • Backache caused by a fracture.

Causes of Osteoporosis:

  • Too much drinking and smoking
  • Malabsorption problems
  • Long-term use of certain medications such as oral Prednisolone which affects hormone levels or bone strength.
  • A family history of osteoporosis
  • Inflammatory conditions

Home Remedies for Osteoporosis Treatment:

If you are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis, then you should follow a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. You can also try these home remedies to keep your bones healthy and strong.

1.) Fish Oil for Osteoporosis Treatment

Fish oil contains omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamin D which help to increase bone mineral density. Researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil prevent the activation of factors that lead to muscle and bone loss by minimizing bone breakdown.

Steps to Use Fish Oil:

  • You can take 1000 mg of fish oil supplements in your diet daily.
  • To increase the amount of necessary fatty acids in your diet, eat cold-water fish like salmon.

2.) Exercise to Get Rid of Osteoporosis Naturally

Doing exercise daily makes your muscles strong.

Steps to do Exercise:

  • You should do walking, jogging, weight-bearing exercises like climbing stairs, aerobics and enjoyable activities like dancing.
  • Resistance exercises are helpful to improve the muscle strength.
  • These exercises can be done with the help of elastic bands. Do regular exercise, it will improve bone mineral density.

3.) Sesame Seeds for Osteoporosis Treatment

According to Ayurveda, sesame seeds is an effective way to prevent osteoporosis. Sesame seeds contain calcium which is essential nutrients for bone health. They also contain other nutrients for healthy bone like manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamins K, vitamin D, and phosphorus.

Steps to Use Sesame Seeds:

  • Eat a handful of roasted white sesame seeds daily in the morning.
  • Alternatively, add 1 tsp of roasted and ground sesame seeds in 1 cup of warm milk. Drink this solution 2 times a day.
  • You can also use the roasted seeds in cooking and baking.

4.) Coconut Oil to Cure Osteoporosis Fast & Naturally

Coconut oil contains antioxidant compounds which maintain the bone structure and prevent bone loss due to hormonal changes. Coconut oil helps the body to absorb magnesium and calcium, which are essential for developing and maintaining strong bones.

Steps to Use Coconut Oil to Reverse Osteoporosis Fast:

  • Having 3 tbsp of virgin coconut oil daily will prevent osteoporosis.
  • You can also massage your body for a few minutes.
  • Then take a bath with warm water as it will give a positive effect on your bone health.
  • You can include virgin coconut oil in cooking.

5.) Almond Milk for Osteoporosis Treatment

Almond milk is a good source of calcium that’s why it is a good remedy for healthy and strong bones. Almond milk contains flavonoids, which helps to decrease the number of free radicals in the body which promotes osteoporosis. It also has manganese, magnesium, and potassium which are useful for strong and healthy bones.

Steps to Use Almond Milk:

  • Take one cup of almonds and soak them in water for the whole night.
  • The next morning, remove the peels and blend them with one half cups of water to make a puree.
  • As per your taste, add a little honey and cinnamon powder and blend it again.
  • Strain the solution with a strainer. Drink this almond milk daily, for some days.

6.) Apples to Get Rid of Osteoporosis Fast

  • An apple a day keeps osteoporosis away.
  • Apple contains flavonoids and polyphenols which are essential for healthy bone.
  • Boron and a trace mineral are found in apple, which is the building block of muscles and bones.
  • So to keep your bone healthy and strong eat an apple daily.

7.) Prunes to Treat Osteoporosis Fast & Naturally

  • Eating prunes (dried plums) on a regular basis, which helps prevent pain in bones and fractures.
  • Due to rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps to reduce bone loss.
  • Prunes are essential for bone formation as it contains boron, copper, and two trace minerals.
  • So opt for 2 to 3 dried plums daily and increase the amount 6 to 10 per day to prevent osteoporosis.

8.) Coriander for Osteoporosis Treatment

  • Coriander contains minerals that are essential for maintaining bone health.
  • Coriander leaves and seeds, both are containing potassium, calcium, manganese and iron.
  • Calcium and manganese both play a vital role in preventing and treating weak bones and also it reduces spinal bone loss in aged women.
  • You can include coriander leaves and seeds in your diet on a daily basis.

9.) Pineapple to Cure Osteoporosis Naturally

Due to containing manganese pineapple is beneficial in treating and preventing this problem. As deficiency of manganese is the reason of bone loss and bone malformation which can cause osteoporosis.

Steps to Use Pineapple:

  • Before having a meal, eat one cup of fresh pineapple chunks daily.
  • One cup of pineapple equals to 75 percent of the dose of manganese.
  • Alternatively, you can drink one cup of pineapple juice to cure osteoporosis.

10.) Enjoy the Sun for Osteoporosis Treatment

  • Vitamin D is essential  for healthy and strong bones.
  • Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes daily.
  • This is helpful to produce vitamin D in the body.
  • Do not over expose yourself and apply sunscreen before going out in the daytime.
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