When Does Morning Sickness Start?

In this article, we will talk that why & when does morning sickness start? Pregnancy or the feeling of motherhood has been described as a painful yet the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. As contradictory as the definition sounds, it does take a toll on the body. There are many things that come along with just having a baby in your tummy. One of the negative things that come along with it is known as what we commonly call as morning sickness.

Morning sickness may be defined as the common vomiting and nausea in a pregnant woman, especially in the initial days of pregnancy. Although, as the name suggests it can occur at any given time of the day but is most frequent in mornings It may be persistent in the first three months after which it may disappear completely.

When does Morning Sickness Start?

Morning sickness as suggested before may occur in the initial days of pregnancy itself. Even though, there is no concrete proof of the same but it has been seen to occur in the period between the 8th to 10th weeks and reduces by the 14th week.

It may be said that as the name suggests it may occur in the morning only, but that is not right. Morning sickness can affect you at any given time of the day. The word morning is used to describe the idea, mainly because it is the time of the day when you wake up and may feel a nauseating feeling.

Due to the heavy concentration of hormonal changes, morning sickness can occur. This actually, being a good sign that your body is responding well to the changes, as they occur. The extreme hormonal changes may also happen especially if you are expecting twins or triplets.

At times, many smells can also trigger morning sickness surprisingly.The smell of fried foods, perfumes, and citrus based fruits could be one of the reasons why this problem is happening to you. It is therefore, important that you stay away from them.

We understand that during pregnancy you don’t normally feel like eating. This habit is something that should be avoiding for the benefit of both the mother and baby. Remaining empty stomach can lead to blood sugar levels going down and eventually leading to morning sickness.

Now, that we are done looking at how morning sickness starts. Let’s look at some of the remedies used to cure morning sickness.

when does morning sickness start

Remedies to Help When Morning Sickness Start:

1.) Supplements to Treat Morning Sickness  

The best remedy to treat morning sickness is to take essential nutrients. The body of a pregnant woman is in dire need of all these as she has to support the baby also. It is advised to take Vitamin B-6, which is known commonly to get rid of any feeling of nausea or vomiting. It is also advised to elevate your levels of Vitamin B-complex vitamins, along with the zinc intake. You have to also take zinc supplements as part of your daily diet. As your body gets all the essential ingredients, morning sickness will stay away.

2.) Drink Water to Treat Morning Sickness

Hydrated body is one of the first steps for a healthy body and mind. This holds true especially when you are pregnant as your body is in constant need of these fluids. For the essential development of the developing baby, it is also required. Make sure to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water daily and there would be no morning sickness bothering you.

Drinking fluids like lemonade in between meals can also do wonders for your body. Drink only fresh fruit juice and not your processed ones. As long as your body gets all these fluids, there will be no nausea or vomiting.

3.) Diet for Morning Sickness  

To stay away from morning sickness, it is important that you stay away from all kinds of fried foods. It is essential that you maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle for your own benefit. Make sure to add ample fruits in your diet and eat green leafy vegetables. If you are into spicy food as well, it is best advised to stay away from them. Look for foods which tend to trigger your morning sickness. After you have found them out, get rid of them immediately.

Make sure to have small snacks after every few hours. It is of utmost importance that you keep your metabolism working, so that you never go empty stomach.

4.) Ginger to Cure Morning Sickness  

Another alternative remedy for morning sickness is your everyday herb ginger. Commonly used for skin and digestion related problems, this can help get rid of the nauseating feeling at the earliest. To cure this problem using ginger follow the steps below:

  • Mash up a freshly cut ginger and pour it in boiling water.
  • Prepare a tea of the mixture and consume it daily.
  • Chew ginger whenever you feel a vomiting like feeling.

It has been proven that taking essential ginger tablets can enhance your overall immunity. It is still advisable to consult your doctor for the same before starting up with its intake. Decide a proper dosage and if approved, start at the earliest.

If ginger is not an option for you, then peppermint can act as a great alternative. You can either prepare peppermint tea or can consume peppermint leaves directly for added relief from morning sickness.

5.) Try Acupuncture to Prevent Morning Sickness  

Acupuncture is an old Chinese art of healing and has been used for centuries. I know the idea of putting needles on your pregnant body seems like a nightmare. Relax, that is not the case always, as this treatment is different than its primary one. The one used to treat morning sickness does not involve any kind of sharp needles most of the time. The treatment may be different for different women. Mostly it is about heating the pressure points rather than heating them up for added relief. You can go through the whole treatment as it is completely safe. It will help your organs function properly and will get away with anything that is leading to morning sickness at the first place.

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