Home Remedies for Neck Pain Treatment

Neck (cervical spine) pain or can say the stiff neck is a very common problem, but it is not a serious injury. Neck pain occurs due to muscle strain or soft tissue sprain (ligaments) and sudden force (whiplash). Neck pain can also come from virus infection of the throat. It consists of three types of neck pain that are axial neck pain, radiculopathy and myelopathy. These types of neck pain can be chronic or acute. Hence, we should not avoid this pain and take instant actions for it. Here are some home remedies for neck pain treatment by which you will get relief from pain.

When you suffer from neck pain you are not able to move your neck in any direction which makes it difficult to do day to day activities. Neck pain results in a sharp aching in the shoulder, neck and nearby muscles. This can even cause tingling, headaches, numbness, tenderness, stiffness and swelling in the neck. There are several reasons that can lead to neck pain. These are muscle tension, poor posture, sleeping in a bad position and working at a desk for long hours without taking any break. Neck pain is not a serious problem, it can be treated with home remedies effectively.

Neck pain treatment

Symptoms of Neck Pain:

  • Muscle tightness
  • Headache
  • Pain in neck
  • Problem in neck movement

Causes of Neck Pain:

  • Trauma
  • Bad posture
  • Tumors
  • Muscle strain
  • Injuries
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Abnormalities in joints

Home Remedies for Neck Pain Treatment:

It is very difficult to move neck during the neck pain. As it results in aching in the neck, shoulders  and nearby muscles. Apply these home remedies to get rid of neck pain.

1.) Neck Exercises for Neck Pain Treatment 

There are number of motion exercises that will help to reduce neck pain. Exercise will stabilize and strengthen your neck muscles and upper back. To cure neck pain, follow 2 types of neck exercises. Before doing the exercises apply moist heat to the neck.

Steps to do Exercises to Treat Neck Pain Fast:

  • Move your neck in a circular motion, clockwise and anticlockwise which will help to stretch out the muscles.
  • In the beginning, you will feel a little pain, but it will definitely heal your neck pain. You can also move your neck side to side and back and forth. Do each exercise 5 times per session and 3 sessions per day. Don’t do the exercises if it hurts so much.

2.) Ice Pack to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast

The ice pack is one of the effective and simplest remedies for neck pain. Due to having a cold temperature, it will reduce pain and inflammation. A bag of frozen peas is also helpful for neck pain.

Steps to  Use Ice Pack to Cure Neck Pain Fast:

  • Take a plastic bag and put some crushed ice cubes in it.
  • Now take a thin towel to wrap it. For 15 minutes, put this ice pack on your neck. In a day, do it every 2 to 3 hours for instant relief in pain.
  • You can also purchase an ice pack from the market as well.

3.) Lavender Oil for Neck Pain Treatment Naturally

Lavender oil is very effective and used to relieve neck pain. It is very beneficial when it is used along with massage therapy. Massage can help you sleep better and also it relax your muscles.

Steps to Use Lavender Oil to Reduce Neck Pain:

  • Take a hot shower or bath to relieve in neck muscles.
  • Massage with lavender oil on your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Repeat it daily for neck pain.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Neck Pain Fast

Treating neck pain with apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for neck pain. Apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can help to treat neck pain. Also, it contains a number of important nutrients to remove the possibility of nutrient deficiency related pain.

Steps to Use ACV to Prevent Neck Pain Fast:

  • Take some ACV and soak a paper towel into it. Put it over the affected area of the neck. Leave it for a few hours. Follow this remedy daily until the pain is gone.
  • Alternate method, mix 2 cups of ACV to lukewarm bath water. Keep it for 15 minutes. Repeat this remedy once daily until you recover completely.

5.) Epsom Salt Bath to Get Rid of Neck Pain Fast

An Epsom salt can help to reduce stress and give you pain relief. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate, which acts as a natural muscle relaxant that helps to reduce pain and swelling.

Steps to Use Epsom Salt to Treat Neck Pain:

  • Take one to two cups of Epsom salt and mix it in a warm bath.
  • Soak your neck area or body in it for 15 to 20 minutes. Use it daily until your neck pain is recover completely.

6.) Hydrotherapy for Neck Pain Treatment

Hydrotherapy is a very beneficial home remedy for neck pain treatment. You can do it at home in the shower. When the force of the water falls on the affected body part it will help to reduce pain and soreness as well.

Steps to Use Hydrotherapy to Reduce Neck Pain:

  • Target your neck area with warm water for 3 to 4 minutes in the shower.
  • Then switch it to cold water and target your affected area for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat it as many times as possible.
  • Cold water will reduce inflammation while the hot water will raise blood circulation and ease off stiff muscles.

7.) Turmeric to Get Relief from Neck Pain Naturally

Turmeric is one of the best and effective natural remedies for treating neck pain. Curcumin is present in turmeric, which is an important photochemical that works as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduce neck pain. Also, turmeric is helpful to improve blood circulation, which helps to speed up the recovery process.

Steps to Use Turmeric to Cure Neck Pain Fast:

  • Add  1 tsp of turmeric powder into 1 glass of milk. Heat it for 5 minutes.
  • Remove it from heat and mix little honey. Let it cool down.
  • Drink this 2 times a day until your neck pain is recovered.

8.) Blackstrap Molasses for Neck Pain Treatment

Blackstrap molasses contains nutrients such as calcium and potassium which are essential to treat neck pain. It is also helpful in maintaining bones, strong muscles and joints.

Steps to Use Blackstrap Molasses to Treat Neck Pain Fast:

  • Combine 1 tbsp of blackstrap molasses in a glass of warm water.
  • Drink this solution 2 times a day for a few days until you get relief from the pain.

9.) Cayenne Pepper to Get Rid of Neck Pain Naturally

Cayenne pepper includes capsaicin, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that helps reduce pain.

Steps to Use Cayenne Pepper to Treat Neck Pain Fast:

  • Mix 1 tsp of cayenne pepper powder with 2 tbsp  of lukewarm olive oil.
  • Apply it on the neck. Follow this remedy twice daily until the neck pain is recovered completely.

10.) Ginger as a Home Remedy for Neck Pain Treatment

Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help to maintain blood circulation to the affected area.

Steps to Use Ginger to Cure Neck Pain Naturally:

  • Chop a small piece of ginger root into small slices.
  • Boil these slices in 2 cups of water for ten minutes. Strain this solution and add a little honey to it. Then drink this tea. Drink 3 cups of ginger tea daily for some days.
  • Alternatively, you can also use ginger powder. Add one-half tsp of ginger powder in a glass of water and drink it 3 times daily for some days.
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