Home Remedies for Swollen Ankles

This article will help you to know the home remedies for swollen ankles. Swollen ankles are also known as “edema”. When there is pain in any part of your body, your mind is not stable. Meaning, a single pain can cause a mental stress. And you want to get rid of the pain easily. A swollen ankle can be related to any kind of health problems or a minor injury. There is no serious issue related to a swollen ankle. In order to get the best treatment for your pained area, you always look for pain killers. But living on pain killers is not always good for your health. There are various home remedies you can opt to cure or heal your pain. This article will give the best and simple home remedies for swollen ankles.

Home remedies for Swollen Ankles Treatment:

remedies for swollen ankles

1.) Instant Relief for Swollen Ankles

When there is sudden pain in your ankle, it might be due to a minor injury. Sometimes a minor injury leads to swollen your ankle. For that you need instant relief to get rid of it. For instant relief you can opt for an ice pack. The cold substance will immediately lower down your pain. Along with, it will decrease the swollen nature of your ankles. And if there is constant pain or swollen nature on your ankles it might be due to an internal problem. The internal problem varies from deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, potassium and magnesium. Else, there might be some kind of problem related to your internal organs. For that kind of instant relief you can go for the hot compressed bag of salt. Take a cup of sea salt or epsom salt and heat it for 5 minutes. Pour that salt in a wrap of cotton cloth and tie it tightly. Now dab the affected area with cotton wrap. This is one of the best home remedies for swollen ankles.

2.) Exercise or Yoga Best Among Remedies for Swollen Ankles

Another remedy you can take up at home are exercise and yoga. Simple exercises can help you to heal your swollen ankles. Try to move your feet into a clock wise direction for few minutes. Then again move it in anti-clock wise direction. Try to move slowly, if you try to do it faster it might increase your pain instead of reducing it. This exercise will gradually help to reduce the pain and the swollen nature of your ankles. And yoga is also helpful as one of the best home remedies for swollen ankles. The different postures of yoga related to your feet will cure the swollen nature of your ankles.

3.) Magnesium Consumption as a Remedy for Swollen Ankles

When there is constant pain and swollen ankles for a while, change your diet. It means if you are suffering from any internal problem you might have swollen ankles. The most common cause of magnesium deficiency in the body leads to swollen ankles. For that you need to consume the right amount of food. In your daily diet add more of spinach, kale, cashews, flaxseed and fish (omega 3 fatty acid content). This will heal your affected area internally.

4.) Tonic Water as a Remedy for Swollen ankles

By dipping your swollen feet in the cold or room temperature sometimes might not help. So, instead you can opt for the tonic water. In various cases tonic water has found to be effective. Because  the contents of quinine and bubbles in it will help the inflammation of your ankles. It will give quick heal by reducing the swollen nature of your ankles.

5.) Less Stress on your Swollen Ankles will Heal

The next best step is to apply less stress on your swollen feet. This can be counted as one of the remedies for swollen ankles. This is because most of the times you tend to ignore the part of the pain. And you move around with your swollen ankles. This is not right for your foot. It won’t get cured easily if you move around. So, try to give some amount of rest to your swollen ankles. And avoid sitting in the same position for longer period. Change your positions frequently. It will heal your affected region gradually.

6.) Avoid Excess Salt in your Food

Another option that includes the remedies for swollen ankles is less intake of salt. Too much consumption of salt is not good for health. People who are suffering from the problem of extra Uric Acid in their body need to lessen their salt intake. This one of the reason also for your swollen ankles. When there is larger amount of salt in your body than the required amount you end up with side effects. When you cook your food add less salt in it. Also, avoid taking raw sea salt during your lunch or dinner.

7.) Stay Hydrated to Prevent Swollen Ankles

Try to increase your intake of fluid daily. Fluids will help to keep your body hydrated for longer period. When you suffer from dehydration, you might face with swollen ankles. Also, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on daily basis. Besides water can also go for juice, light smoothies, fruits and vegetables with more water content. If take alcohol try to drink more than 10 glasses of water to balance the fluid in your body.

8.) Elongate and Elevate your Swollen Ankles

Among the remedies for swollen ankles is to calm down your feet. This means to give some amount of support while you sleep or rest. Sometimes your feet might need support while giving you the support to stand. When you are taking a break or resting for a while, try to keep a pillow beneath your swollen ankles. It will help your ankles to relax and calm. And when in office, open your shoes and socks and keep your legs elongated. This will help your feet to relax.

9.) Massage Therapy to Cure Swollen Ankles

Massage therapy is one of the best home remedies for swollen ankles. Giving a right amount of massage to your feet sometimes works as a magic. It gives you quick relief from your pain and the swollen nature of your ankles. When you apply massage on the affected area the blood circulation will improve.

10.) Lemon Water to Heal Swollen Ankles

Consumption of lemon water is quite helpful for your swollen ankles. Lemon water is helpful in flushing out the toxins and extra fluid from your body. In brief,it takes out all the unwanted fluid from our body. Squeeze a lemon and add a few drops of honey in it. Mix it well and drink 2 to 3 times a day. Try this one of the easy home remedies for swollen ankles for effective result.

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