Homemade Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This article is about homemade house trap to catch a mouse. The mouse is one common problem everyone might face it in our daily life. Well, it is a rodent that bothers you the most if found at home, factory or any other work place. A mouse lives in unhygienic conditions and on waste foods. So, in particular, it mostly depends on the type of atmosphere you are surrounded with. But in some cases it does appear in clean and hygiene surroundings. So, in order to get rid of those unwanted creatures, you end up looking for some remedies. Well, there are many objects and varieties of mouse trap to catch a mouse. If going to a supermarket to buy a mouse trap, then sometimes it gets too costly. That is because one mouse trap can be used at once. And, after that you won’t be able to reuse it. In case you see these nasty rodents hanging around very often, it will be good to go for homemade mouse traps. A homemade mouse trap to catch a mouse is easy and simple to apply it more than once. This article will help you with the simple and best homemade mouse trap to catch a mouse.

Different Homemade Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

mouse trap to catch a mouse

1.) Bucket and spoons Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This trap is one of the easiest traps for you to use it. For this, you will only need a bucket, 2 spoons and peanut butter. All you will need to do is place the bucket underneath your kitchen slab. And apply some peanut butter on both the edges of the spoons. Now try to balance it over the kitchen slab where the bucket is placed underneath. Balance it in a way that the spoon is half placed over the shelf and the other half in mid air. In this way the mouse will approach  the peanut butter applied spoon. While the mouse will try to eat the peanut butter it will fall off from the kitchen slab.

2.) Bucket and Cardboard Tube Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

There is even a similar trap as that of the one mentioned in the first point. For this trap you will require a bucket, toilet paper (tissue) roll and some kind of sticky eatables. The mouse is always in search of food particles. And they will be definitely get attracted towards such kind of traps. Therefore, place the bucket in a particular place where you mostly notice the mouse. Make sure to have some kind of shelf or slab above the bucket. This will help you to place the trap on it. Take the toilet paper roll and stick it with a tap on the slab. Then put some sticky eatable on the edge of the roll that is facing the bucket. When the mouse will enter the hole of the toilet paper roll, it will end up falling off into the bucket in order to eat the food.

3.) Marble Ball and Glass Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This remedy may sound a bit tricky and amusing. But it is very effective once you try to implement it to catch a mouse. For this homemade remedy, you will need a coin and a normal drinking glass. Now you will need to place the glass upside down position with the peanut butter stick to its bottom. Then place the marble ball in such a position that the opening of the glass is in half mid air. When the mouse will try to approach the peanut butter struck into the glass, the opening of the glass will fall down trapping the mouse inside it. And the marble ball will move away when it is disturbed.

4.) Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap to Catch Mouse

This is another simple remedy that can be applied in your home. For this trap you will need a plastic water bottle, paper cutter, some left out food. Firstly cut half of the upper portion of the bottle and then pour some leftover food in it. Tie a rubber band from the half cut portion of the bottle to its cap by leaving some that will be enough for the mouse to enter. When the mouse will move towards the leftover food to eat, it will enter the bottle, leaving the rubber band of the bottle to fall off. This is will only happen if tie the band little loose in order to fall off. In this way you catch the mouse without killing it. And later you can leave it far off from your house.

5.) Keep a Cat as a Pet to Catch a Mouse

Well, it is a universally proven theory that a cat and a mouse can never be friends. Just like the famous  Tom and Jerry show. Thereby, if you are not allergic to cats, then it will be very convenient for you to own a new friend. You can keep a cat as a pet. When the mouse will be aware of the fact that there is a cat in your house, it will move away automatically. And you will not find a single rat inside or nearby your house.

6.) Go for Large Coffee Can

The coffee can should have mouth atleast 5-6 inches across, and have a height across seven to eight inches. Make sure that the coffee cup has smooth sides which cannot be easily scaled by rodents. If you have economy size coffee cans which are ten inches deep or more, you need to place a small pad or brunched cloth at the bottom to avoid the injury the mouse you will catch.

You can also use metal or coffee cans. If you are using metal, then ensure that it should not have ribbed with concentric rings which the mouse might use like a ladder to escape.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Mice Fast

1.) Cleaning and Sealing to Avoid Mouse in Your House

Well, mouse mice get attracted by the open food. So better to keep your meal sources in a mental or glass container and secure it with tight lid. As these mice can eat through the cardboard, plastic and other forms of container which are easy to break. In order to avoid mice in the house then you need to cut down the supply food, make you don’t leave any food piece on the floor or in the kitchen counter.

Even make you sure that you don’t leave pet food, just remove it after eating. Mice are very good climber so better not leave the food on the top of the refrigerator.

2.) Seal Your Trash

When there is less food there to eat, then there will be fewer mice that you will have, even your trash can is outside. For indoor trash can, make sure that you have adjustable and sealable lid. Mice eat food which gets thrown by the human. You need to clean the all the counter of the kitchen clean to prevent mice in the house. Also, don’t leave the dirty dishes overnight and gently wipe off regular counter and household cleaner and disinfectant.

3.) Seal off Any Possible Entry Points to Your Place of Residence

You need to seal off all the entry points of your house so that it can’t enter in the house. You also have to check that cracks, holes, or crevices with something sturdy which is of steel or concrete. Also need to check your place of resident fastidiously for anything mice could get into. You need to seal off the pipes, drier vents. Mice can use these entry points as highways to get into your house.

Make sure that you have seal off cracks, holes, and crevices with something sturdy like a steel or concrete. You need to check the place of residence fastidiously for anything the mice could get into. You need to seal off everything that has ability to invite mice in the house. Mice can enter from the small holes or break the holes which are in small size. You need to totally cover the all breaks and holes to make this method effective.

4.) Try Old Fashioned Trap

If you get rid of a mouse then you put old fashion trap in your house, the mouse will have quick end. The best is it is very cheap that you can also throw away with the mouse. This method seems cruel, but it will surely help you to kill mouse. It will add benefits that the mouse will remain in the same place without destroying your walls and you don’t have to suffer from a horrible smell that can last for a week. Snap traps are dangerous for the humans and pets. You don’t even have to use poison which is dangerous for whole family.

4.) Use Peppermint Oil to Get Rid of Mouse

You just have to try soaking a cotton ball in the strong scent of peppermint oil and placing the cotton ball in mice affected areas of your residence. Mice are reported to hate the smell of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is like a poison which works as repellent. Mice should avoid it.

Chemical Extermination Methods to Catch a Mouse

1.) Go for An Electric Zapper Trap

Electric traps works best in killing the mouse. As this electric trap works by luring the mice over the trap and then zapping them with powerful electrical shock. The downside of the trap is really expensive and also gives you energy very quickly.

2.) Go for Glue Board

Glue board is one of the effective methods to get rid of mice effectively. This method is not as much as popular because it cause mouse to die from the stress or starvation and there is other risk that you can also catch the other animals and pets. If you don’t want to mouse die at your home then you can throw it outside the home.

3.) Contact with Exterminator

Exterminators are perfect in catching mouse with chemical and natural methods. You can catch a mouse with the help of exterminator. They help you especially if you have a mouse infestation in your house. Exterminators are more effective than other home measures.

4.) Take Poison-Laced Bait as a Last Resort

Mice always love eating; it means that you need to buy poison-laced mouse – and rat bait at the hardware stores. Once they eat the poison then they become thirsty and will go outside for the water. Most of the dosage has the ability to kill a mouse in a single serving, although surviving mice may develop an aversion to the bait.

5.) Dispose of the Dead Mouse Promptly

When you have caught the mouse, you need to place glue traps into a trash bag and seal it tightly. After that you have to throw the bag outside the home. Make sure, you are well aware about that the glue traps are not reusable. You need to keep it in the mind, when you use the glue trap, the mouse will still alive when you have thrown it away. The glue traps are not safe to keep it for longer use as they can harm your own pets. So after getting the mouse on it, you have to throw it and don’t use it the same trap again.

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