How to Stop Biting Nails?

This article will help you to know the ways to stop biting nails. Biting is very common among children. But there are adults too in the category of nail biting. There have been many reasons provided for the cause of biting nails. That includes boredom, anxiety and depression. And it is one habit that does not go away easily. If once you have developed the habit of biting of nails, it will ages to let go off. Thereby, if you have realized at the initial stage of nail biting habit, try to rectify it immediately. Else, you might take a longer period as your thought. And the basic cause is out of stress and boredom as has been mentioned. So, the best part of your role is to know the underlying causes of your stress. Replace your stress with a meditation scheme that can help you to relax and be calm always. The second is to look out for a replacement of your boredom. Don’t just sit idle at home or workplace when your work is completed. This is the best way to keep you away from biting nails. Sometimes, you may not even realize that you are into nail biting. When the children’s bite nails, you can always remind them of their nail biting habit. But being an adult yourself, there will very few to remind you. So, in order to help yourself from biting nails try these some of the most effective remedy or ways to stop nail biting. Read in this article further to know the various ways of stop your nail biting habit easily in no time.

stop biting nails

Ways to Stop Biting Nails:

1.) Motivate yourself to Stop Biting Nails

The first thing you will require is to set a goal to motivate yourself. Without any kind of motivation you will not acquire the success of stopping yourself from nail biting habit. Because it is one serious habit that takes lots of efforts to put into action in order to get rid of biting nails. There are other factors too related to nail biting. It might cause you some kind of infection if you have bitten dirty or unhygienic nails. And that might lead to some kind of stomach infection that you might not be aware of. Hence, you definitely need a motivation from yourself and from your surrounding friends and family too. Have you ever noticed your hands with half crooked nails on it? It looks terrible. You need to give yourself some kind of attention that to help yourself out of it.

2.) Stick to your Resolution of Not Biting Nails

The next important step is to stick to your target or goal. Make a chart or mark a date on your calendar to see your well grown manicured finger nails. This can only be achieved when you will stick to it in order to actually implement it and then to achieve it. You have to be alert every single moment in your daily life to not take your hands to your mouth. You cannot just wish to have long well-manicured nails someday if do not implement the action of actually working on your fixed target.

3.) Start to Take Care of your Hands to Stop Biting Nails

It’s high time for you to start taking care of your hands. It means to indirectly keep your nails in normal grown length without making it short and crooked through biting it. And it will start only with the initiative of taking care of your hands by washing it after any hand related work. The next is to apply hand cream and mostly over the cuticle area. This will help you to keep your hands soft and smooth. And it will also repair your cracked skins around your nails. Once you start taking care of your hands, it will easily transform it into a daily habit. As a result you will start to reduce the habit of biting nails.

4.) Always Wear Nail Paint to Stop Biting Nails 

Nail polish or paints are the best friends of a girl. And Guys can use natural nail paint as it won’t show any color. The transparent nail paint will help you to avoid biting nails. This is because once you bite your nails will nail color applied it, you won’t like the taste of it. This will work for guys to stop nail biting. And girls can apply pretty nail paints on your nails. This will not let you ruin your nail color. Also nowadays the nail art is very much in trend. Thereby, you can try on different types of nail art. This will definitely help you to keep your hands away from your mouth. This will help you to grow nails faster.

5.) Aim for an Occasion to Stop Biting Nails

Select an occasion for yourself to stay away from biting off your nails. An occasion will signify the fact that you have well maintained and manicured nails. Look out for nay recent occasion that is approaching near. Make a point that you will dress up well along with your long nails to flaunt your friends proudly that you has stopped biting nails. This will be one of your biggest achievements. Once you have got normal length or long grown nails on your hands then choose to treat yourself. The treat for yourself as a reward will be a luxury spa that you will visit the day before the special occasion.

6.) Use Bitter Taste Lotions to Apply on Hands to Stop Biting Nails

The next best way to stop yourself from biting nails is to apply bitter taste lotions. There are many lotions and moisturizers that taste bitter. One such lotion is “Stop n Grow”. This is specially designed to help you from stopping nail biting. When you apply a bitter lotion on your hands and the moment you put your hands into your mouth you will be reminded not to bite it. As many times you wash your hands that many times try not to forget to apply the bitter lotion. It will actually work to grow your nails.

7.) Take a Simple Way of Paying Up to Stop Biting Nails

It might sound weird or funny some of you, but it will work. Promise yourself to pay up a dollar the moment you bite your nails. And you utilize the pay up trick in two ways. One you can pay a dollar to a charity. The other you can make your own fund box. When you caught yourself being alone and biting nails pay that dollar in your own fund. The next is when someone else caught you in biting your nails.

8.)  Keep yourself Busy All the Time to Stop Biting Nails

The next best way to disciple yourself is to engage yourself in any work. If you are busy all the time you won’t be left with any extra time to pay attention to your nails in biting it. So, when you get free from one work, make yourself busy with another. This will be one way for you to utilize the time in useful manner. And secondly, you have helped yourself to quit the habit of biting nails. Look out for new hobbies for yourself. Else you can get indulge in your favorite sports or any other habit. You can also try out in cooking, knitting, pottery making, etc. This type of works will keep your hands busy.

9.) Identify the Cause Behind it to Stop Biting of Nails

After trying out all the above given ways you might have figured out why do you always end up biting nails. This means the main reason behind your biting nails. You have to figure out some way to keep your stress and anxiety at bay. Because when your mind is not at peace state of mind, you will again fiddle with your nails. The end result will be moving back to biting your will all a waste if you have stopped biting your nails and started o it again after few days or months. Therefore, you next aim should be to keep your main worries of life out of sight.

10.) Look for a Replacement of Biting Nails to Something Productive

The last point is similar to that of point eight. But the ways to approach towards will be different. In this you will have to look out for alternative ways the moment you keep your hands in your mouth to bite it. The moment you will need to switch yourself to some other stuff. The instant approach that you can take up is to put your hands into your pocket. Else cover your hands instantly. The next best thing is to take care of your hands. Taking care of your hands is to apply some nail paint, lotion or try to file your crooked nails.  This will further let you feel to make your nails grow longer.

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