How to Relieve Lower Back Pain?

This article is about ways to relieve lower back pain. Lower back is the increasing problem among people now-a-days. With professional life getting confined to chair and personal to comfortable couch, the lower back pain is spreading its wings. Previously it was old ones who suffered with the problem, but now, even teenagers complaint about the problem. Basically, women are more prone to the problem than men, because of low bone mineral density. The good thing is that lower back is a problem that you can easily treat at home. But before beginning with the remedies, you should make sure that it is not a severe problem. First consult your doctor and when you are sure that it is because of your routine and lifestyle and there is no major problem, go ahead. In this article, we will tell you different ways to get rid of lower back pain easily. Read the article and learn about the best methods to relieve lower back pain.

How to relieve lower back pain

Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain:

Reasons for back pain are several and so are the remedies. Here are some of the best ways that can be taken up in order to Relieve Lower Back Pain. These ways are smaller tricks that you can easily follow in your daily life to get rid of lower back pain. Follow the ways and get relief from lower back pain:

1.) Stretch Your Body to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Stretching your body is very important in order to get rid of lower back pain. Sitting in the chair for long is one of the main reasons for lower back pain. People who basically do the desk job and sit all day in a chair then they are prone to lower back pain. So, when you are in office then do not confine yourself to a chair. Take a very short break and stretch your body. Stretch your legs as well. When you notice that it has been more than hour than you have been sitting in the chair then get up and have a walk. This will not take your much time and your work will also not get affected. You can also try some of the stretches that target your back pain. Read the article ‘stretches for back pain‘ pain for the purpose.

2.) Hot Compress to Relieve Lower Back Pain

This is one of the oldest methods used to treat any kind of pain. Hot compress relieves your muscles and make the pain vanish in now town. The best part about the treatment is that it works instantly. So, whenever you feel a sudden back pain, then you can definitely go for hot compress. Even if the pain is prolonged or hits you frequently, then also you can use hot compress. What you have to do is take a hot water bottle and pour hot water in it. Now, keep it on your back. Use the bottle for 30 minutes and you will see the difference. If you are prone to lower back pain then repeat this remedy daily.

3.) Cold Compress to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Cold Compress is also a fantastic way to relive lower back pain. It works same as hot compress. This remedy has been used since ever to treat pains. You can also use to treat other pains like stomach pain and headache. It relaxes your body and allows you get relief from lower back pain. What you have to do is apply and ice pack on the on your back. Keep it as long as you can stand and then remove. Keep repeating till you see some difference. In place of ice packs, you can also go for, frozen peas. This is one of the most used and effective remedies for lower back pain. What else you can do is try both the remedies by switching it every two days.

4.) Be Organized to Relieve Lower Back Pain

You should be organized to get rid of lower back pain. It is really important to organize things around you in a way that they do not cause much stress on your back and also helps with the movement. Arrange your desktop in a way that you have to move front and back to look at the monitor again and again. You should also arrange your mouse in a way that you either have to bend forward or go backward for it. This will help in the movement and will give great relief from the pain. This will help reduce the chances of suffering with the lower back pain to a great extent.

5.) Keep Moving to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Keeping your body movement up is one of the most important ways to keep a check on lower back pain. This is one of the best remedies for lower back treatment. What you have to do is stop restricting yourself to a chair or bed. Keep moving your body. Go for a walk. If you love sports, then go for it. Even if you do not like sports, try some. If you like dance, then it is good to dedicate some time to dancing as well. You can ride a bicycle as well or just go for swimming. When your body is in movement then a number of problems will be away from you.

6.) Lose Some Weight to Relieve Lower Back Pain

It is also important to lose weight in order to get rid of lower back pain. This is because obesity or gained weight can also lead to back pain. Increased weight or extra fat puts a pressure on your spine and thus your back hurts. Remember that your spine cannot carry extra weight easily. It needs a lot of strength for that. So, it is good to keep a check on your weight. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid oily and fried foods. Stay away from fast foods and say yes to exercise. Drink a lot of water. Consume more fruits.

7.) Watch Your Posture to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Watching your posture is really important to avoid lower back pain. Your body posture requires to be good to get rid of back pain. Maintain your body posture in a way that it is easy for your back to carry your weight. Do not slump. Slumping affects your spine and makes it difficult to carry your weight. It is very important to watch your body posture while you are lifting some heavy weight. Do not completely bed over from your waist. It can cause a sudden pain in your back that can stay really long. And, if you are suffering with the problem, then it will make the case worse. Bend on your knees for the same.

8.) Avoid High Heels to Relieve Lower Back Pain

This is one of the best ways to cure lower back pain treatment. Avoid high heels to treat lower back pain. Switch your plumps with flats. When you wear heels, then the entire body weight falls on your back. Your back does not get any support from your heels and thus has to bear the entire body weight. Just bring a little change in the collection of your footwear and bring new flat sandals or shoes. If you wear shoes then it is really very fruitful. If your sleepers are not completely flat than it should also not be more than 1 inch. This is one of the most easiest ways to get rid of lower back pain.

9.) Over the Counter Pills to Relieve Lower Back Pain

You can also take over the counter pills if the pain is too much. You can go for pills like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. These contents help treat the pain. Well, it is better to avoid medicine. They are effective only for a short period of time and are also not good for your overall health. Go for the natural and obvious ways to get rid of lower back in first place. The processes might seem slow but are for long-term.

10.) Be Strong to Relieve Lower Back Pain

It is also very important for you to stay strong in order to get rid of lower back pain. You should consume foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorus. It helps in keeping your bones strong. When your bones are strong, you will rarely suffer the problem of lower back pain. Consume one glass of milk daily to meet your daily requirement of calcium. You can go for calcium supplements as well. It is really necessary for women because of low bone mineral density. To more, read the article ‘best foods to relieve lower back pain‘.

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