How to Stop Nail Biting Naturally?

This article is all about stop nail biting, there are many ways to stop biting your nails. Nail biting is a poor habit that will not only make your hands look ugly but if you bite your nails badly, then you may damage your nails forever. You can also damage your gums or even your teeth. A number of people are suffering from the nail biting problem. If you are tired of chubby and bleeding nails then read this article. We are providing some excellent remedies to stop nail biting.

Natural Aids to Stop Nail Biting:

1.) Apply Bandage to Stop Nail Biting

You can apply new bandages each time you bath, or every few days. After a few weeks, remove the sticky bandages. If you begin biting your nails again, put the adhesive bandages back on. The bitter flavor will settle you off biting your nails. You can remove the applied bandage for a special event. If this method is hurting your nails, you can take them off before going to sleep at night.

How to Stop Nail Biting?

2.) Keep Hands and Mind Busy to Stop Nail Biting

Opt for a hobby that will keep both your hands and mind busy and therefore, stops you from biting your nails. Some hobbies that you can try are drawing, knitting, making clay models, painting, cooking, and music. Engaging in these activities will also help defeat the emotional distress that is offering the nail biting. Whenever you have the desire to bite your nails, start playing games on your mobile phone instead of biting your nails. Some people love to drum their fingers, clasp their hands, put their hands in the pockets, twiddle their thumbs or just look at their hands. Pick one which helps you to stop from nail biting.

3.) Apply Margosa Oil  on Your Nails to Stop Nail Biting

Rub your nails with margosa oil using a cotton ball. This will help you to stop nail biting problem. Allow the oil to dry on its own. When you unintentionally bite your nails, the bitter taste will force you to separate your fingers from your mouth. The bitter taste of margosa oil will make you stop nail biting. Plus, being an antibacterial herb, margosa oil will keep your nails clear of any kind of infection.

4.) Use Garlic to Stop Nail Biting

Garlic is an ingredient that can help you in the contest to fight nail biting. Many people hate garlic’s intense taste and aroma. As garlic is a natural medicine, it will also strengthen your nails and keep infections miles away from you. Use both untreated garlic and garlic oil. Cut a clove of garlic into two parts. Rub one piece on your nails leaves the garlic paint on for 10 minutes before washing it off. The natural garlic taste will stop you from biting your nails. Alternatively, you can also rub some garlic oil on your nails using a cotton ball.

5.) Manicure to Stop Nail Biting

Treat yourself to an expert manicure as often as you can to help you break the habit of nail biting. A trained manicurist can apply acrylic nails over your natural nails, or add nail decor like textures,  patterns, and jewels. The more pretty your nails look, the more it will work as a restraint. The price you paid for the manicure may also prevent you from biting those nails.

6.) Maintain a Healthy Diet Plan to Stop Nail Biting Naturally

A healthy diet plan will help you feel good overall and also help your nails repair and grow well.  Lack of calcium and magnesium tend human body to bite nails. Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods so that your nails will grow and repair well. These foods will not only help stop nail biting but also increase calcium level in your body. Nail be an indication that our body want to restore recommended value of calcium and magnesium in the body. Whole grains, eggs, soy, and liver are the most helpful foods to our nails. Sulfurous minerals also help the consistent growth of nails, this mineral mainly found in cucumbers, grapes, garlic, apples, asparagus, and onions. Essential fatty acids are found in tuna fish, shellfish, leafy vegetables, salmon, nuts and seeds.  They are needed for a good metabolic processes and aid keeping the nails shiny and pliable.

7.) Trim the Nails to Stop Nail Biting

Another great option to stop nail biting is to trim your nails on a regular basis. When you keep your nails comparatively short, there is less chance left to bite. Trimming your nails will also make them look clean and tidy. Take the right clippers for this work and after trimming, smooth the edges with a nail filer.

8.) Nail Biting Polish to Stop Nail Baiting

There are several nail biting polish available in the market that is particularly designed to assist people to stop the habit of nail biting. Use a bitter-tasting nail biting polish to cover your nails. Its bitter taste will deter you from biting your nails. You can also use a conventional dark-colored nail polish. If the nails are covered in a dark color, they look bad when cut from biting. This can help cause you to disrupt the habit.

9.) Artificial Nails to Stop Nail Biting

Wearing artificial nails is an excellent idea to keep your nails wrapped so that you cannot bite them directly. Artificial nails will cover the bitten nails in a stylish manner. There are several types of artificial nails available in the stores like wraps, gels, acrylics, and press-on nails. Always opt for the correct size of artificial nails to reduce the risk of dropping off.

10.) Wear Gloves to Stop Nail Biting

Gloves work as a genuine barrier that can prevent you from biting your nails. You’ll be more motivated to stop biting if you are doing something that is individually tough to do while wearing gloves. Wearing gloves during the winter season is just fine, but wearing gloves in the summer can be ridiculous. Recall yourself that if you stop nail biting, then you do not have to wear the gloves. This works as a motivational means.

11.) Use Bitter Gourd to Stop Nail Biting

Make a paste by grinding one small bitter gourd. Place the paste in a strainer to extract the juice. Apply the bitter gourd juice on your nails and fingers and leave it to dry. The bitter taste will stop you from biting your nails. Bitter gourd is a very effective natural treatment to stop nail biting.

12.) Analyze the Cause to Stop Nail Biting

You should find out the main cause of nail biting, it may be the stress or a particular situation which force you to bite your nails. Sometimes the fear of something could be a trigger, it especially in the case of small children. So, be very watchful of your child’s behavior. Addressing the problem is the best way to stop nail biting. When it comes to children it will help your child break the habit.

Additional Tips to Stop Nail Biting:

  • Carry a water bottle so that you can take a sip instead of biting your nails when you have a stressful moment.
  • You can also chew gum or candies or suck on mints throughout the day.
  • Make a healthy diet plan to help your nails repair and grow well. Eat magnesium and calcium-rich foods so your nails will repair and grow well.
  • Judge yourself with strong, healthy nails. Carry a picture of healthy nails on with you. This will motivate you to reach your goal.
  • Take less stress so that you can become more relaxed.
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