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How to Treat Pink Eye

How to Treat Pink Eye?

Pink eye is one of the most common types of eye infection. It also has some other scientific names, Conjunctivitis or Madras eye. During conjunctivitis, you could have an inflammation of the surface of your...
how to cure pink eye

How to Cure Pink Eye?

Pink Eye, which is also called conjunctivitis is a thin bacterial infection in the white part of the eye and the inner eyelid which is also called conjunctiva. There are various ways to cure pink...
how to comfort a sore and itchy eye

How to Comfort a Sore and Itchy Eye?

This article is about ways to comfort sore and itchy eyes. Sore and itchy eye is a common problem faced in day to day life. With the increase in pollution, this problem is also...
How to Get Rid of Pink Eye

How to Get Rid of Pink Eye?

In this article, we will tell you ways to get rid of pink eye. Sometimes, when you rub your eyes to stop itching, but they don’t stop itching. After some time they get red...
Home remedies for Pink Eye

Home Remedies for Pink Eye Treatment

In this article, we will tell you home remedies for pink eye. Pink eye is medically known as conjunctivitis. The infection gets diminished in most cases without medical care, but bacterial pinkeye needs proper...