How to Cope With Stomach Flu?


In this article, we will talk about ways to cope with stomach flu. One of the viral infections known to be associated with stomach problems is what we call stomach flu. It is also known as viral gastroenteritis.  This condition is considered to be the worse as it leads to several problems with the digestive system. It occurs because of the reaction of the virus with the digestive tract, leading to allergy and inflammation. While a great population of the world suffers from this problem, it can take several days to treat it. So, here we present to you one of the finest remedies to cope with the stomach flu. Before we begin, let’s look at some of the symptoms and causes of the same:

Symptoms of Stomach Flu:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Cramps in the stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the Stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Fever

Causes of Stomach Flu:

The two major viruses that lead to the stomach flu are norovirus and rotavirus. They may then spread through the following means:

  • Eating contaminated food.
  • Wearing infected clothes.
  • Coming in contact with infected feces.
  • No proper hygiene
  • Seafood intolerance, especially an oyster.

how to cope with stomach flu

Remedies to Cope With Stomach Flu:

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Cope With Stomach Flu

When it comes to digestive problems; apple cider vinegar can help. The presence of pectin is what makes the difference as it helps get rid of the all the symptoms associated with the stomach flu. You can follow the steps below for an effective way to treat it:

  • Just add 1 -2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in water and drink it before eating anything.
  • After drinking it, consume it several times in a day for an effective remedy.
  • You can also add honey in the mixture to enhance the overall taste.

2.) Yogurt to Cope With Stomach Flu

Yogurt is a natural probiotic drink. It contains healthy bacteria which helps improve digestion. It also helps get fight the virus that is affecting the digestive tract. You can either consume it directly or add it in your daily diet for enhanced results. One of the best ways to cure your stomach flu problem is to mix cooked rice and yogurt to prepare a mixture. Eat this mixture till there is an improvement. You can add a pinch of salt to enhance the taste.

3.) Eat an Apple to Cope With Stomach Flu

As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This holds true in the case of stomach flu as well. Apple has healthy properties which are known to help with digestion. It even gets rid of the inflammation and virus that is causing the condition at the first place. If not the apples then consume apple sauce which is equally effective in treating the problem. Consume one bowl of the same and you are good to go.

4.) Eat Bananas to Cope With Stomach Flu

If there is one item that has been used from ages now to treat stomach related problems, it is a banana. Our ancestors, apes can not be wrong with this one for sure. You should consume them as they provide you the essential carbs that the body demands. It also provides the body with potassium which the body constantly loses during this condition. Eat it daily 2 – 3 times in a day and you will never complain about stomach flu.

5.) Ginger to Cope With Stomach Flu

When it come to the most badass herb in town; ginger wins the competition hands down. It is laden with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It means, that it can get rid of the virus bothering you easily. All you have to do is to add ginger as part of your regular diet. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to use it as well:

  • Boil some water and add freshly cut ginger cloves in it.
  • Let it stir and after some time and drink the resultant ginger tea solution that is prepared.
  • Consume it several times in a day for instant relief.
  • You can also chew on raw ginger to get rid of stomach flu.

6.) Activated Charcoal to Cope With Stomach Flu

The recent research that has been proved to be beneficial in all sectors is the refined form of charcoal. Better known as activate charcoal, it is prepared by enhancing the absorbing capabilities of your everyday charcoal. This is not used for cooking but getting rid of dust, bacteria and toxins. It helps your digestion by absorbing up all the infectious sections and wards them off with the excretion process.

Activated charcoal capsules are easily available at a good market. Consume them immediately several times in a day. While there is not much research on the subject, it is advised to consult a professional.

7.) Heat Treatment to Cope With Stomach Flu

Applying heat on the affected area can prove to be beneficial to get rid of the problem. Heat relaxes the muscle and gets rid of the symptoms of stomach flu like cramps. Just place a warm bottle on the abdomen area and keep it there till their is relief. You could also apply a clean cloth on the area after it has been dipped in warm water. This will help relax the abdomen. Do it regularly to see instant results.

8.) Acupressure Treatment to Cope With Stomach Flu

Sometimes ancient practices are what can come in handy to solve your everyday problems. In this case, acupressure has been known to help cope with stomach flu. Use the help of a professional acupressure medical expert for the same. If you want to save some money then you could experiment on your own. All you have to do is press the area between your index finger and thumb. Gently rub it to activate the healing process. It helps get rid of a headache, a symptom associated with stomach flu.

9.) Peppermint to Cope With Stomach Flu

Peppermint is one of the best remedies used to get rid of stomach flu. The antibacterial properties of it are which come in handy. Moreover, it has antispasmodic properties which fight all other symptoms associated with the stomach flu. Just follow the steps below to use it:

  • Prepare peppermint tea by adding its leaves in boiling water.
  • Consume the tea, several times in a day to feel better.
  • you can also consume peppermint capsules if you don’t like tea.

10.) Relax to Cope With Stomach Flu 

Finally, the last remedy and one among the most trusted it so just sit back and relax. Give your body some time to ward off the virus on its own. Having a good diet and drinking electoral fluids will help heal it faster. Viruses are known to take their time, so it is advised to just rest. If the condition worsens, it is then that action may be taken.


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