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Home Remedies for Myopia Treatment

In this article, we will discuss the home remedies for myopia treatment. It is also termed as nearsightedness or short-sight. People with myopia able to see things near them, but they are not clearly able to see far or distant objects. Children usually get myopia and their distant vision becomes blurred gradually. Refractive error in the eye is one of the causes of myopia. Our eyes focus on items at distant tends to fall on the surface of the retina. But, when you tend to suffer from myopia the focus falls in before your retina. To prevent yourself wearing spectacles for rest of your life then follow home remedies given in his article.

Home Remedies for Myopia Treatment:

1.) Eye Exercises for Treatment of Myopia at Home

Home Remedies for Myopia

To get rid of myopia naturally eye exercise is the mus,t as it relaxes the muscle to improve the vision. You should blink the eyes frequently, cover the eyes using your palm but do not touch the eyes with palm hollow. This exercise will reduce the eye stress and you would feel better. The other exercise you can do is the moving the eye in the way to form horizontal oriented 8 shapes by imagining the number at a distance of 10-12 feet from you. Make sure your head remains still and unmoved while doing this exercise, let the eyes do the task. For the eye exercises, you can take help from any specialist. The pendulum will also help you to do the exercise, just watch the pendulum while it is swinging from one point to another.

2.) Intake Vitamins to Treat Myopia Fast and Naturally

Vitamins play a major role in proper functioning of an eye. Deficiency of vitamin can lead to not only myopia but also dry eyes, pink eye, and itchy eyes. If a person has the healthy eye, then there should be a sufficient amount of vitamin present in his/her body which helping the eyes. There are some certain vitamins that should be taken by the person suffering from myopia. Vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are related to the health of eyesight. The food items that can give you the above-mentioned vitamins are green leafy vegetables, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, nuts, fish, dried fruits etc.

3.) The Sun Rise for Treatment of Myopia at Home

This is one of the traditional methods to treat eye problems, although it won’t work like magic, but it is beneficial for good eye health. Treatment for myopia also includes watching the sunrise for about 5 minutes. To do this, you should wake up early in the morning before the sun actually starts rising. Walk out from your home to the place where you can easily see the sun rising. This will not only help you treat myopia, but also keep other parts of our body healthy. Don’t forget that watching the sunrise early in the morning also refresh your mind as well.

4.) Yoga to Cure Myopia

Medications are always harmful to us, they are not the natural solution for any problem. Diet and exercise play a major role in any kind of treatment. If you are talking about myopia and not including yoga in the list, then the whole discussion will remain incomplete. Yoga has been used for ages to treat health problems and will surely help you to get rid of myopia. Trataka is a form of yoga which involves fixed eye gazing. Focus the eye on a tiny object on a wall, do not move your neck and head while doing this. If you feel uncomfortable then stop the process for a while. Repeat the process of staring the spot on the floor. You can take the advice from a yoga expert for doing different exercises to get rid of myopia.

5.) Almonds to Treat Myopia Fast and Naturally

Almonds have all the necessary ingredients which are required by a healthy eye. Almonds provide essential nourishment to keep the eyes healthy. To take almond advantage for myopia, grind few almonds and make a fine paste. Take a pan and heat two teaspoons of ghee and then add three teaspoons of almond powder to it. You can also add lump sugar for better taste or simply eat the mixture, this is one of the best remedies for myopia.

6.) Indian Gooseberry for Treatment of Myopia at Home

Gooseberry is very rich in vitamin C which is the main concern for the eye health. Daily consumption of gooseberry in any form is useful to treat myopia, but to take gooseberry in raw form would also recommend treating the problem naturally and fast. It helps the eyes in many ways as to reduce the strain on eyes, prevent future problems of eyes and improve vision too. Grape seed extract is also helpful to treat myopia as well.

7.) Licorice to Treat Myopia Fast and Naturally

Licorice has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to treat myopia. Licorice has a sweet flavor belongs the root of Glycyrrhiza Glabra. The extract of licorice is used to give a sweet flavor to many candies and sweet. To improve vision and cure myopia, you should take a half teaspoon of licorice root powder mixed with honey. Consume the mixture with warm milk twice every day.

8.) Bilberry to Cure Myopia

Bilberry is a powerful antioxidant that protects the eyes from damage caused by free radicals. It is popular in treating myopia and improving the vision, reduces the macular degeneration of the eyes. It is very helpful to cure the harm caused by myopia. Simply eat fresh bilberries daily to improve vision and treat myopia.

9.) Triphala for Treatment of Myopia at Home

Triphala is one of the most effective natural remedies for myopia treatment. Triphala consists of fruit extract of Indian gooseberry, belly, and yellow myrobalan. This mixture of these vital components works brilliantly to provide strength to the eyes. To get rid of myopia fast and naturally, consume it regularly.

10.) Avoid Watching TV for a Long Time

You should not keep on watching television for a long time continuously. Put anti-glare specs while working on the computer. Simply break the task after a fixed interval for some time. Doing this will help in faster recovery. You should limit watching television take care of your eyes.

11.) Carrots To Treat Myopia Fast and Naturally

Carrot is one of the best home remedies for myopia treatment. Carrots are very rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. It helps maintain a healthy, clear cornea and also prevents night blindness. Vitamin A protects the cells in the eyes and throughout the body. Carrots are also rich in lutein, which helps increase pigment density in the macula. Lutein protects the retina and decreases the risk of macular degeneration. Carrots are also rich in potassium and fiber. You can consume carrots in any form either in a salad, as juice or simply eat raw carrots.

12.) Pepper to Cure Myopia Naturally

Pepper is one of the best home remedies for not only myopia but also for an overall health of eyes. You should eat a variety of peppers including red, yellow, orange, green, and even purple, black, and brown.  Peppers are the richest source of vitamins A and C which is needed for a healthy eye. vitamin A helps preserve eyesight while vitamin C protects the eyes against cataracts. All the nutrients present in peppers are essential for maintaining the overall health of the eyes. You can also eat peppers in raw form as a snack or part of a healthy salad plate.


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