How to Take Care of Your Eyes?

This article is about the ways to take care of your eyes. Prevention is always better than cure and you are well aware of it. Taking care of eyes is important to protect your vision and eye problems. Eyes are an essential organ that gives you the sense of vision. You should adopt certain measures to take care of  your eyes from averting eye related problems. Follow the easy tips given in this article to take care of your eyes naturally.

Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes:

1.) Include Healthy Foods in Your Diet  to Take Care of Your Eyes

Zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and C protect against age-related eye problems such as cataracts. Consume green vegetables on a regular basis to keep your eyes healthy and alleviate other problems as well. The foods that you should eat daily are Salmon, Eggs, Carrots, Broccoli, Spinach, Collards, Beans, Oranges, Citrus fruits. Sustaining a healthy diet will encourage you to stay in shape. It will also reduce the chances of getting obesity-related problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

2.) Eye Check up at Regular Interval  to Take Care of Your Eyes

Every individual should go for full eye check up after every 3-4 months. As per your need, visit an ophthalmologist or an optometrist for a full eye test.  These are  specialized in looking after the health of your eyes. You can learn more regarding your eyes from your doctor by asking questions. The more you learn about your eyes the better you protect your eyes from the diseases. If you don’t have any eye-sight problem, then visit an eye care practitioner every 3-8 years during your 20s and 30s.How to Take Care of Your Eyes?

3.) Wear UV Protective Sunglasses  to Take Care of Your Eyes

Sunglasses will guard your eyes against the damaging ultraviolet rays. Direct exposure to the sun can create many eye difficulties like macular degeneration. Always opt for sunglasses that can block 99% of harmful UV rays. Lenses are also a great option to guard your eyes but always try to wear sunglasses in order to take care of your eyes. Never look directly towards the sun despite you are wearing UV sunglasses. The sun rays are very strong and can destroy the sensitive portions of the retina if exposed to bright sunlight.

4.) Remove Eye Make Up to Take Care of Your Eyes

Do not go to bed without removing your eye makeup. Mascara or eyeliner can get into your eyes and cause soreness if you go to bed without removing them. Sleeping with eye makeup on, can also prompt the pores around your eyes to become clogged, which can lead to eye styes. A severe stye can demand antibiotics or even require to be removed by a physician.

5.) Exercise Your Eyes to Take Care of Your Eyes

Exercise your eyes regularly to improve the vision as well as to minimize the chances of getting any kind of problems related to the eyesight. Lie down on the bed and close your eyes for at least 15 seconds and open them. Repeat the process 12 times. Close your eyes and massage them very gently in circular motion with your fingers. This process will relax the eyes.

6.) Get Adequate Sleep to Take Care of Your Eyes

If an individual is getting inadequate sleep, then it  may cause eye fatigue. Symptoms of eye fatigue include difficulty focusing, eye irritation, excessive tears or dryness, blurred or double vision, light sensitivity, or pain in the neck, shoulders, or back. Make sure that you get adequate sleep every night to help prevent eye fatigue. According to the eye specialist, adults require about 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

7.) Workout Regularly to Take Care of Your Eyes

Exercising is good for our body as well as the mind. One should not confuse with the term that exercise means hours of jogging and performing different types of steps. Regular exercise not only prevent eye problems but can assist you to prevent other diseases such as diabetes. By getting at least half an hour of exercise, every day will help you to decrease your chances of acquiring eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

8.) Place Cucumber Slices on Your Eyelids to Take Care of Your Eyes

Place cold cucumber slices on the eyes. Press the slices gently against eyelids for 15 minutes before going to sleep at night. It helps to prevent and treat eyelid along with under eye puffiness. Apply green tea bags to the eyes. This may help you to prevent puffiness. Dip the green tea bag in cold water for 5 minutes and put over the eyes for 15 minutes. The tannins present in the tea will help reduce swelling. Regular application of cucumber to the eyelids is helpful to take care of your eyes naturally.

9.) Limit Your Screen Time to Take Care of Your Eyes

Looking at the computer screen would not permanently damage your eyes, but it can cause dry eyes and eye strain. The light glare that comes out of the computer screen causes muscle fatigue in the eyes. Too bright or too dark computer screen both causes muscle fatigue. If you can’t limit screen time then blink your eyes every 15 minutes and take 10 minutes rest by keeping your eyes closed.

10.) Eat Foods Good for Eye to Take Care of Your Eyes

Vitamins C and E, zeaxanthin, lutein, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for healthy eyes. These nutrients can help you to prevent clouding of your eye lens, cataracts, and even age-related macular degeneration. What you have to do is just include more nutritious foods in your diet. Try to go foods rich in omega-3. You can go for carrots; fishes such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel; green vegetables and citrus fruits.

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