How to Cure Post Nasal Drip?

In this article, we will discuss the remedies to cure post nasal drip. Formation of excess mucus leads to the problem. Post nasal drip  seems not strange but it can be quite annoying and irritating. Glands in the lining of your nose continually produce mucus, a kind of thick, wet substance. Usually, you do not notice the mucus as you swallow it unconsciously every time. But when it is overproduced then it drips from the back of the nose causing post-nasal drip. You don’t have to go for any expensive medication to treat the problem instead herbal home remedies  are enough to cure post nasal drip.

Symptoms of the Disease:

Remedies to Cure Post Nasal Drip:

1.) Chamomile Tea to Cure Post Nasal Drip

We all use chamomile tea for good sleep, digestion and to boost the immune system. Most people also use it to cure mouth sores caused by the chemo drugs. But few people around us know that it is also very useful to cure post nasal drip. From medical studies, it has been proven that it contains properties that soothe a sore throat and other common cold symptoms very well. The main reason why chamomile tea is so useful because its ability to boost immune system that upgrades the fighting strength of the body to treat cold systems and it also increases the amount of phenolic compound called hippurate. You can either take chamomile capsule per day or simply have chamomile tea four times a day.

2.) Fenugreek to Treat Post Nasal Drip

The scientific proof of why fenugreek seed is so effective to cure post nasal drip is still to be discovered. But fenugreek is a very effective remedy to treat intestinal parasites, irritated body tissues, vomiting, fever, edema, enlarged spleen and liver, chronic cough, heart ailments, bronchitis, and burns. Fenugreek has anti-inflammatory properties which have similar working as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Put two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in four cups of water and bring the mixture to boil on a medium flame for half an hour. Strain the solution after it cools down and then gargles with the solution two times daily.

3.) Clove to Cure Post Nasal Drip

How to Cure Post Nasal Drip?

Clove has been used as folk medicine from 600 A.D especially in Asia and South America. It is a natural remedy to cure respiratory related problems and to treat post nasal drip it is one of the best choices. The dosage of cloves is quite simple you have to chew a piece of clove with few granules of table salt. If you are undergoing surgery, then avoid clove and go for other options given in this article. Do not give clove orally to children it may cause serious health issues.

4.) Stinging Nettle for the Treatment of Post Nasal Drip

The main benefit of using stinging nettle to cure post nasal drip is it naturally lowers the histamine level in  our body. It also helps to get rid of sneezing and irritation in the nose, which is the main symptoms of post nasal drip. If your post nasal drip is due to hay fever then it is a brilliant remedy to treat the problem. The herb is mainly found in North America and Europe.  From the ancient times, people figure out its curative properties and that is why it is now best alternative to cure post nasal drip.

5.) Ginger to Cure Post Nasal Drip

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and widely used in India. You have probably used ginger in your cooking, but now it’s time to use ginger to cure the post nasal drip. Ginger tea is considered to be the best for cold symptoms treatment. Ginger has been one of the best remedies since ancient times to treat the common cold. All types of allergens and pollens can be treated with consumption of ginger either by including it in tea or daily cooking. It will improve the immunity level of the body and will thus eradicate the toxins from the body. Consume some grated ginger along with salt to get it’s all possible benefits. Drink ginger tea to handle the problem efficiently.

6.) Soup for Treatment of Post Nasal Drip

To get fast relief from post nasal drip a soup prepared with the use of fresh vegetables can be consumed. Consume warm soup three times  a day to treat post nasal drip at home naturally. It will help you in flushing out excess mucus and providing relief from various other cold symptoms.

7.) Eucalyptus to Treat Post Nasal Drip

Eucalyptus is popular due to its antiseptic properties that help to clear the respiratory related problem by eradicating mucus. Eucalyptus tea is the most common way of getting its healing properties to cure post nasal drip. Boil a few leaves of eucalyptus leaves for sometimes strain the solution and then gargle with it.

8.) Fruit Juice to Cure Post Nasal Drip

Drink juice made out of fresh fruits every morning to get relief from the problem of post nasal drip. To obtain quick response increase intake of apple or grape juice. You can also simply consume raw, fresh fruits  this help you in reducing the throat irritation resulting from past nasal drip.

9.) Peppermint Oil for Treatment of Post Nasal Drip

Soak a clean cloth in warm water and then squeeze out excess water from the cloth. Put a few drops of peppermint oil in this cloth and inhale the vapors with nostrils. Do this regularly, this will cure post nasal drip fast and naturally.

10.) Water to Cure Post Nasal Drip

You can also treat post nasal drip by drinking lots of water or fluids. Sufficient intake of water will keep the mucus thin and nasal passage as well hydrated. The water intake could vary from person to person, but you should take 8-10 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated. If you are well hydrated this will accelerate the relief time to cure post nasal drip.

11.) Cayenne Pepper to Treat Post Nasal Drip at Home

Cayenne pepper is a great remedy to treat post nasal drip due to its antihistamine properties. Cayenne pepper contains a chemical compound called capsaicin which can thin the mucus for easy elimination. It also helps soothe an irritated throat naturally. Blend half teaspoon of cayenne pepper and honey in a bowl. Consume the mixture two times daily for a few days. You can also add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder to one cup of warm water. Drink the solution slowly to heal post nasal drip. Repeat this remedy a few times a day. You can also add cayenne pepper in your daily cooking as well.

12.) Steam Inhalation to Cure Post Nasal Drip Naturally

Steam inhalation is one of the best ways to control excess mucus production. You can also inhale steam by adding essential in the hot water. Take a bowl of water and bring it to boil on a medium flame. You can also add a few drops of any essential oil. Wrap a towel over the head and hold your face to take steam from the hot water. You should inhale the steam for about ten minutes. Repeat this remedy two times daily until you recover completely. Alternatively, you can also take warm showers to aid break up the mucus. This method is not recommended for small children.

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