Calcium Rich Foods

This article will help you to know the calcium rich foods. A human body needs all types of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calcium to always stay healthy. When you consume every nutrient in equal amounts, any type of deficiency will not occur. Thereby, calcium is necessary for growth, healthy and strong bones, proper nerve functions, strong teeth and muscle contraction. When there is calcium deficiency, one can suffer from various health related issues. That can include muscle cramps, weak gums and teeth, numbness in fingers and toes, feeling of lethargy, loss of appetite. But the excess of calcium is also not good for your health. That includes kidney stones, vascular diseases and calcification of soft tissue. Hence, all you have to do is focus on calcium rich food and diet if you are suffering from any kind of calcium deficiency. And even if you are detected with calcium deficiency symptoms, then it’s the right time to start balancing your daily food habits. Here is the list of top 10 foods high in calcium that is beneficial for your health.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods:

calcium rich foods

1.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Dark Leafy Greens

Vegetables are always for health. But, dark leafy green vegetables are the best for many reasons. Its power packed with all richness of minerals, vitamins, calcium, iron, etc. Dark leafy greens include spinach, dandelion greens, arugula, turnip greens, curly kale, collard. Try to include some of these dark leafy vegetables in your daily diet. You can have these in form of salads, sandwiches, smoothies (as add-on), etc. When these are consumed in raw form they will provide more nutrients as compared to cooked dishes.

2.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Cheese

Cheese is good for consumption when it’s low-fat. The low-fat cheese will work for you if you are having any kind of calcium deficiency. Cheese is anyway better to consume but in balance amount. Too much consumption of cheese is not good for your health. Cheese is rich in calcium along with phosphorus, protein, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Cheese is mostly consumed in European countries. While in the American diet it shows a lacking in the usage of cheese. So, try to consume some amount of cheese in your diet on a weekly basis.

3.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Sesame seeds

The sesame seeds are known to be the oldest oilseed crop in the world. The consumption of sesame seeds is extremely beneficial for your health. There are two ways of consuming sesame seeds. One is to take the sesame seeds in oil form or the direct use of sesame seeds in your dishes and recipes. It helps to lower the blood pressure level, reduce the risk of diabetics, build strong bones, etc.

4.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Chinese Cabbage (Bok Choy)

Chinese cabbage is an Asian leafy vegetable. The richness of this bok choy is very much high with quite a lot of nutrients that is beneficial for your health. Its high in potassium and calcium, low in sodium, vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties. Try to include Chinese cabbage in your daily diet. You can have it in your salads, sandwiches, etc.

5.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Broccoli

Broccoli is among the cruciferous vegetable family. Broccoli has the most richness of nutrients that is necessary for your health. The intake of broccoli in your daily diet is helpful in reducing the risk of diabetics, heart diseases and obesity along with the digestive system. It also improves your hair growth and skin. Try to include broccoli in your daily diet to be away from various types of health related problems.

6.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Canned Fish

Canned fish are good for consumption as it is high in calcium. Among the canned fish the most preferred one will include sardines, shrimps and anchovies. Sardines are mostly small sea fish and are known as oily fish.  They are mostly available in canned forms. Canned sardines are rich in iron, protein, magnesium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and vitamin K. While shrimps are rich in potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, calories and calcium. Thereby if you start having fish in your daily diet, you will gain a lot of health benefits.

7.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Okra (Ladies Finger)

Okra is another rich green vegetable with lots of beneficial factors for health. It is a vegetable with North-East African origin. It is mostly available in warm temperate regions and tropical climatic areas. Okras are low in calorie with high dietary fiber, vitamins, calcium and minerals. You can have in okra in a variety of forms. Okra can be consumed in fried, roasted, half-cooked and side dishes. You can also cook okra with shrimps to give a touch of Asian flavor. And Asian spices can be used to cook okra to give a different flavor to your taste buds.

8.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Soy Products (Fortified)

Soy products are always good for your health. But when you are required with the goodness of calcium in terms of health benefits, you will need fortified soy products. The intake of fortified soy products are good for the ones who are suffering from calcium deficiency. For that you can go for nonfat and unsweetened soy milk. Take a glass of soy milk in everyday breakfast. Else you can have in your oats and your favorite cereals.

9.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Watercress

Watercress are aquatic plants that are a good source of nutrients packed vegetables. It is a medicinal herb that is known to the Asians, Americans and the Europeans. It’s a small plant with lots of health benefits. The consumption of watercress will help you to improve your immune system and reduces the risk of cancer. Its rich in vitamins, calcium and antioxidant components. It is said that it has more vitamin C than in orange, more iron than is in spinach, more calcium that is present in milk and more of folate that are present in bananas.

10.) Calcium Rich Foods Include Almonds

Almonds are the best source of calcium among the nuts. It is one of the nuts that are a favorite among all of you. The intake of almonds in your daily diet will be beneficial in terms of health related problems. That includes the factors like it gives you relief from constipation, reduces the risk of anemia, heart disease, respiratory disorders, etc. It also promotes healthy skin and hair. Try to include almonds in your snacks and smoothies.

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