How to Deal with Depression?

This article is about how to deal with depression? “No one can love you before you love and respect yourself,” This is probably one of the most inspiring quotes  that help to get rid of depression. One of the worst part of is that it makes you fight with yourself only. It is natural to feel sad on some situations but staying in the same situation is like creating a mess in your life. It is always better to move on. life is all about “carpe Diem” living in moments or living the present situation. We are not any kind of historical monuments or another heritage type of things who are going to live forever or live long. We are humans and we don’t come with warranty cards, we don’t have any idea what’s next so, instead of crying and howling it is better to overcome the situation and stay happy of whatever we got because this moment is never going to come again. So, according to me why cry lets get up and give us a new try.

Symptoms of Depression

  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased energy
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Helplessness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Appetite loss
  • Persistent aches or pains,
  • Headaches, cramps
  • Digestive problems
  • Feeling lonely
  • Suicide attempts
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies

There is a stage when each one of us starts feeling like why we  born to live.  We get frustrated with our lives and start feeling that we are useless, worthless and even hopeless. This particular thinking makes us alone and lonely and we started performing activities which are totally insane such as:

Things that Men do to Deal with Depression

  • Turn to smoking, drinking
  • Take drugs
  • Eat less
  • Feeling sleepless
  • Behave weirdly
  • Lose control
  • Sudden anger blast
  • Behave aggressively
  • Lose interest
  • Think to suicide

Things Women do to Deal with Depression

  • Feel guilty
  • Feel sad
  • Sleep more
  • Eat more
  • Gain weight
  • Stay alone
  • Get annoying
  • Attempt suicide

How to Deal with Depression?

Tips to Deal with Depression

1.) Feel the Nature to Deal with Depression

Yes,  nature! Do you know that  nature is the best gift to us. So, to deal with depression, it’s the best way to sit lonely and enjoy the beautiful nature and beautiful natural sceneries. When everybody leaves you it’s only nature which welcomes you and heals your inner frustration. Nature is always there to support, it will listen to us so, let’s go and spend some time with nature. Be in the company of nature it will help you to relax and also decrease your anxiety and depression.

2.) Pamper Others  to Deal with Depression

It’s always delightful to pamper yourself, doing shopping for yourself but its more delightful when you do these things for your friends, family members or anyone who helped you in the time of need. It is the best way to release your depression because when you meet them and they come to know that what they really mean to you. See this feeling of their make both of us happy. In my opinion, this is the right way to deal with depression  because it’s natural if your loved ones will be happy you also feel happy with them.

3.) Get a New Look to Deal with Depression

Hit the restart button with a new do. If you sense that your imagination is not strong enough to do a lot of styling, call your stylist or take your foot step to the salon to give yourself a new start and a new look, or choose an easy hairdo. Ask your stylist about cuts you can just go your hands through with a bit of product and look fabulous. Try a new look, feel the change and shed all the depression  like you shed your old look. Give yourself a fresh start giggle, laugh, flirt tries some trendy wear feel glamorous and handsome, you will see the whole world smile back to you.

4.) Travel Like a Bird to Deal with Depression

As you travel and see new places your experience expands. New sights, new sounds, new culture, new buildings, new ways of thinking, new conception, new ideas, new people, new all. When you start travelling your desire for awareness and culture open and the more you consume the more you need and the more it makes your brain stress free with excitement this journey helps you to deal with your depression. When we are constantly in a situation that is difficult in our minds and we can’t seem to escape it because we are enclosed by the same four walls, the same city and the same people we begin to think that is all there is to the world and can be a very stressful experience.

5.) Explore your Sex Life to Deal with Depression

Treat yourself with good sex. Try to experience your fantasies to bring joy back in your life as an opportunity to try different things in bed. Try new positions. Sex doesn’t mean you have to have intercourse. You and your loving companion don’t have to climax. You can also share some intimate moments and sexy  experience to feel the love and comfort. Plan ahead decides a day and time when you feel the best. A good sex helps you to release your stress and make your body feel light. This will help you to spice up your daily life and makes you stress-free.

6.) Always Remember you are the Least to Suffer

Whenever you feel depressed try to remember people who really gone through a tough situation and still living their life happily. Take those people as your inspiration and you find your view towards life start changing. You become more positive and calm rather than angry and aggressive.

7.) Think of the Worst and Go Happily to Deal with Depression

Whenever such kind of situation appears in your life. Always try to think positively and imagine things may also go worst but whatever you are dealing with is not that much worst. So, is better to thanks life for saving you from the worst situation. This feeling of worser get worst brings back your happiness. You are again back to normal and happy life

8.) Comedy the Best Remedy to Deal with Depression

Yes, it is very true comedy is the best remedy to deal with depression as the laugh is the best thing to do when you feel depressed. Try to watch movies  which make you laugh most this will definitely help to get rid of your depression. Laugh as much as you want while watching the movie and let your stress go away.

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