Detox Bath for Body (Detox Bath Recipes)

This article is about the detox bath for body. A detox bath is a way to clean the body, relax the mind, and offer extra support to different parts of the body. Toxins are harmful substances that negatively affect our body health. We come in contact with toxins on a daily basis, from different sources like pollution, processed foods, and pesticides. And, when we don’t remove these toxins, it is reflected in our health and the way we feel throughout the day. There are many types of detox baths that you can take, each with their own benefits. Some of them are pretty classic. The others are baths you might not have heard about before. Read the article to learn the best detox bath for body.

Detox Bath for Body

15 Detox Bath for Body:

1.) Hydrogen Peroxide Detox Bath for Body

It is also known as an oxygen detox bath. Hydrogen peroxide contains plenty of healing properties. Initially, it helps your body to get rid of toxins, providing the detoxifying effect you are looking for. It is also antibacterial and antiviral, which makes it a great detox bath to take. It eliminates all the toxins that are there in the body if you’ve been around a large group of people, have traveled by bus, train, or plane that provided a chance of getting germs. Soak for half an hour and feel the calming and soothing effects of the bath.

2.) Ginger Detox Bath for Body

Ginger is a root that has plenty of health benefits when you eat it. But it can also be used in other ways to help the body, like taking a ginger bath. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger makes it one of the greatest detox bath. You can use it in different forms. You can either grate fresh ginger or sprinkling some ginger powder into the bath tub filled with water. It’s a good way to get the body to sweat a lot more and get an extra amount of toxins out. It is similar to sitting in a steam room. This bath helps to feel increased energy, feeling cleaner, and reducing the symptoms of an approaching cold.

3.) Sea Salt Detox Bath for Body

A salt bath is one of the oldest baths, which is in use for centuries to help people relax. Salt has the capability to pull toxins out of the body, as well as it provides extra benefits to the skin. Sea salt is quite helpful in reducing acne, pimples and swelling on the skin. Some of the other benefits of this bath are having more energy at the start of the day, not needing a caffeine shake. It makes you feel energetic throughout the day.

4.) Essential Oil Detox Bath for Body

You can turn a bath into a detox bath by just adding some essential oils to it. The best part is that you can add any oil from which you can get benefit. An essential oil that you want to choose is peppermint oil that will release your full day stress. You can use juniper oil when you’re feeling stressed, depressed, worn out, or if you’re having a headache. These essential oil helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin, making skin smooth.

5.) Epsom Salt Detox Bath for Body

Epsom salts are great to have around the house. It can be used in different ways when it comes to your health. One of those is to put them in the bath tub, so that it draws out toxins when you are relaxing in a hot bath. Epsom salt is said to be able to help with the blood system as well as by improving nerve functions. Taking a regular Epsom salt bath is a comparatively easy and effortless way to improve your health and immunity. Epsom salt helps to moisturize the skin by providing it proper nutrients.

6.) Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Bath for Body

Apple cider vinegar is known for its numerous benefits. It can be taken both internally and externally to treat a number of conditions. It can be used in detox bath to help with conditions like arthritis and gout, as well as anything else caused by swelling. This is a good bath to take if you need to sweat the toxins out. And, also if you want to make sure that you get to sleep without lying awake. The apple cider vinegar is in use for centuries to treat acne and rashes on the body.

7.) Baking Soda Detox Bath for Body

Baking soda, which you keep in your fridge to absorb the odors, can also be used as a detoxing agent. It is said that this bath can help you de-stress. Baking soda is scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate, and it’s great for balancing the chlorine that’s been added to most city water sources. It’s hard to detox in a bath that is filled with toxic chemical. So, it’s good that this makes it naturally cleaner. Baking soda dries out the extra oil from the skin, making it healthy.

8.) Bentonite Clay Detox Bath for Body

Bentonite clay is known for taking away heavy metals out through its magnetism. Heavy metals can enter the body through various ways, and chances are if you haven’t cleansed your body for a long period of time, you have accumulated them over the years. That’s why it’s important to do a regular detox of these heavy metals. The clay helps to clear out the infection on the skin caused by the heavy metals.

9.) Seaweed Detox Bath for Body

In this detox bath special mix of clay, bladderwrack, and kelp is used to create a bath, which you have not experienced before. It helps to increase the flow of blood as well as lymph fluids in the body by creating an electromagnetism. It is not possible with other detox bath methods. Try this detox bath in every three to four days to stay fit.

10.) Magnetic Clay Detox Bath for Body

This clay is said to be magnetized so that it draws out certain toxins from your body. The great part about this clay is that you can use them to treat various problems, like having too much amount of mercury in your body, or other chemicals like arsenic and aluminium. You can use them regularly in your bath so that you are free of all of these metals and then focus on maintaining your health.

11.) Eucalyptus and Vanilla Detox Bath for Body

Vanilla and Eucalyptus bath are quite easy to prepare and will leave you feeling relaxed and moisturized. This recipe uses baking soda in addition to eucalyptus and vanilla salts. This help in relieving dry, itchy winter skin while detoxing. Mix vanilla essence, eucalyptus oil and baking soda in your bath tub. Soak in it for a few minutes to detox your body fast.

12.) Lemon Rosemary Detox Bath for Body

Fresh rosemary, lemon essential oil, and fresh lemon crush make this detox bath a great aroma and refresh at the same time. Plus, rosemary has its own, extraordinary powers. It helps to improve memory, boost the digestive system, and relieve aches and pains in your muscles. It can be considered as a aromatherapy for treating skin problems like acne and pimples.

13.) Milk Detox Bath for Body

Powdered milk is the secret element in this easy detox bath recipe. Use powdered coconut milk for an even better smelling version. Add your preferred vital oil for added benefits and appetizing scents. Mix it well and the detox bath is ready. The high calcium content of milk helps to treat the skin problems in a fast manner. Soak your body in milk water regularly for a few minutes to get visible results.

14.) Lavender Detox Bath for Body

Lavender oil is a great essential oil, which is in use for centuries as a detox bathing agent. Its calming fragrance helps ease nervousness and stress. It can help you to sleep, and even cures eczema and psoriasis. This lavender detox bath provides all these benefits into one handy bath recipe. Take this detox bath every week to get best results.

15.) Homemade Detox Bath for Body

You can prepare your own homemade detox bath by using Epsom salt. Because of its high magnesium and sulfate contents, Epsom salts help ease painful muscles and fight swelling. Mixed with a variety of essential oils this recipe uses peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and cinnamon and dried herbs and flowers.

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