Fish Oil for Dogs

Fish oil is the most important supplement you can include in the dog’s diet, it doesn’t matter what type of diet you provide for your dog. EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, provide multiple benefits to your dog so you can sure get some fish oil for dogs. Along with the benefits, there are several cautions needed while giving fish oil to dogs and this article helps you to know all those on this page. The study says fish also provide EPA and DHA that can be absorbed better, if you provide it to the dog in a smaller dose.

The primary benefit of fish oil for dogs is its ability to balance the excessive inflammatory and also help  to provide omega-6 fats which are essential for dog health. Ideally, if you provide a grain-free diet, more  with raw, grass-fed meats you don’t need fish oil for dogs in the form of supplementation. But remember, if your dog’s diet includes a large share of omega-6 fats, as a result of a heavy grain content and plant-based oils, then you must add fish oil in its diet. You can also change the diet and add fish oil for dogs read below to know all the benefits, cautions of fish oil and the best ways to use fish oil for dogs.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

fish oil for dogs

1.) Provides Omega 3

Fish oil for dogs provides a good amount of omega 3 supplements that helps to get rid of allergies that your dog may be suffering with. If your dog is suffering from allergies and any other skin or health issues, it is a result of insufficient omega 3 in their body and other essential fatty acids in their diet. By adding them fish oil for dogs, you can help them to provide fatty acids that will improve their immune system and help fight against the allergy.

2.) Mental Development

Fish oil for dogs help to solve the mental problems and also develops the mind of your dog. Many people complaints about the mental problems of dogs, like being mentally challenged, slowing down as they grow older etc. All dogs, according to their age and activity level, will get benefited from the omega 3 present in fish oil for dogs. The omega 3 acts as a tonic to the brain, that helps to produce the neurochemicals that are important for healthy brain. It won’t make too much intelligent, but it will certainly cure the situation from heading in the worst direction.

3.) Helps to Treat Arthritis

Fish oil for dogs can help to treat arthritis. Actually, it is one of the best ways of preventing and treating joint problem of dogs. Dogs suffer from arthritis as they grow older. This problem causes many other serious problems in their daily life like it makes them feel sick. They slow down in their daily activity, unable to sleep properly, as they feel lots of pain. However, fish oil is a good source of anti-inflammatory properties. So start giving the fish oil for dogs is very beneficial to get rid of arthritis pain and also prevents their joints from swelling up.

4.) Prevents Inflamatory Disorders

There are several inflammatory disorders that can affect your dog, but fish oil is very effective to treat inflammation. If your dog is suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, or ulcerative colitis, the anti-inflammatory properties of the fish oil can be used to eliminate this problem. You can actually help them to provide a great relief from pain, as the fish oil tends to calm the pain.

5.) Eliminates Cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular problems are raely found in dogs, but still it may your dog is suffering from this problem and believe it or not many of them die because of this hidden problem. Omega 3 helps to strengthen the heart and its working, as it makes the blood thin and increases the blood circulation. Dealing with heart problems in dogs is quite difficult, but the fish oil for dogs contains omega 3 which is very beneficial to  prevent heart problems. It also help to treat blood clots, hypertension, and arrhythmias.

Caution for Using Fish Oil for Dogs

When animals are given fish oil in more than needed amount the effects can be adverse. As they may suffer with higher blood loss when injured or conditions that cause bleeding. So it is advisable you should know the right amount of fish oil for dogs to be fed. The inflammatory reaction of the immune system and white blood cells is very essential to control infection attack, cancer, and other health issues. Try to take the help from veterinary doctor to know the proper amount of fish oil needed for your dog. Always remember if you are adding fish oil to your dog’s diet more is not better. In fact, you can put it in trouble as the more than required amount of fish oil and omega-3 can lead to a deficiency of vitamin E. Some fish oils also ensures to avoid this problem as it contains vitamin E to maintain the level of vitamin E. The studies show it doesn’t maintain the vitamin E level in a dog’s body. Especially in case when a dog is given over long periods of time.

Best Reason to Use Fish Oil for Dogs over Fresh Fish

1.) Oxidant damage

This is the best reason for opting fish oil for dogs rather adding fresh fish is the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in fresh fish. When fat particles oxidize, they are broken into smaller compounds, like malondialdehyde (MDA), that are very dangerous. As they kills the presence of proteins, DNA, and other important cellular compositions. A study by Mata et al says that oxidative damage reaches to its height as the dosage of omega-3 fat goes high. So it is better to use fish oil for dogs than providing fresh fish in their diet. It helps to maintain the inner body functions and ensure the good health of a dog.

2.) Toxins

Harmful metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury are part of our industrial lifestyle. They aren’t broken down easily, and get mixed up in the environment in water, especially in fish. So if you are feeding your dog with heavy amount of fish oil your dogs will suffer with adverse effects. Because of heavy metals that can lead problem in the nervous system like blindness, lack of coordination, deafness, cancers, liver and kidney damage. High doses of fish oils raise the percentage of toxins in the body of dogs. So fish oil producers use a process known as molecular distillation to eliminate the toxins from the oil.

3.) Bio Advantage

The potential to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals present in fish oil is dependent on the molecular shape of the fatty acid. This is true for every nutrient, and this is why it’s always good for your dog to take his nutrients from food if possible. Each additional step involved in processing from increases the risk of damaging the nutrient. That makes it’s more difficult to absorb or affects the body in a different way. So include fish oil instead of fresh fish in the dog’s diet.

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