Essential Oil for Allergies

After writing, how to get rid of a cough?, we are now writing the various types of essential oil for allergies. Many of you are suffering from different types of allergies. But it varies from the minor to severe type of allergies. If you are aware of the type of allergic reaction of yours and the cause behind it, you can always treat it immediately. And you can even treat at home with the known remedies. There are different types of essential oils that can be used to treat your allergies. Essential oils are produced from herbs that help to work in a friendly manner to treat you from a variety of health related issues. The use of the essential oil varies from one another. Essential oils have the power to heal you mentally, physically and emotionally. The essential oil can be used in three different ways, one by consumption, the other by direct appliance on the skin and lastly through inhaling.  Interestingly, essential oil has no fatty acid that is at its advantage to heal you without any side effects. And it can used to help you to have a calm and relaxing sleep.

essential oil for allergies

Types of Essential Oil for Allergies:

1.) Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Allergies

Eucalyptus oil helps to soothe your respiratory problems. That includes sinus, cough, throat infection, asthma, cold, sore throat and flu. Thereby, if you are suffering from any of these issues you can always apply eucalyptus oil. The eucalyptus oil also used to help you breathe normally.  It has anti-inflammatory properties that works to gives you instant relief. It can also be used as a tonic for skin to relieve you from rashes, redness, bites, etc. You can blend the eucalyptus oil with coconut oil as the direct appliance might irritate your skin. And you can apply it on your chest, back and neck area. The very instant result of the appliance of the oil will be that your allergic reaction will start to reduce.

2.) Peppermint Essential Oil for Allergies

Peppermint oil not only works to reduce the allergic reaction from your body, but also prevents it from future eruptions. It gives a soothing aroma to your ambiance too that helps you to feel relax. Peppermint oil is also responsible to solve your digestive and respiratory issues. You can use peppermint oil in different ways. One you can add few drops of peppermint oil to your bathing water. Taking a bath in peppermint mixed water will give a refresh feeling to start your day with. You can apply it directly on your neck and the nostrils area. It will give much relief from breathing problems.

3.) Lemon Essential Oil for Allergies

Lemon oil contains anti-histamine essence that works to give you relief from certain allergies. It helps to decrease the level of inflammation from your body. With the use of lemon oil you can improve your indigestion as it works to absorb the nutrients in your body. You can use it when you just had an allergic reaction from any type of food. It will soothe your stomach. The simple way to have lemon oil is to swallow to get relief from the stomach related issues. Before swallowing it you can few drops of peppermint oil in it.

4.) Frankincense Essential Oil for Allergies

types of essential oil for allergies

The frankincense oil is not very common as of compared to other essential oils. But has the best medicinal quality that is very effective in treating your allergies. Along with it has an additional benefit to cure your cuts and burns in healing in faster rate. You just need to apply it on your affected skin. And leave it unattended for a while to let your skin absorb the oil. Besides to treat your allergies you can mix frankincense oil with olive oil to blend in a soothing essence to let your skin absorb the essential oil easily. And you can apply it on your neck and affected body parts.

5.) Lavender Essential Oil for Allergies

Lavender oil’s healing nature works for all types of health related issues. It is known to calm the allergic and inflammatory reactions in your body. Lavender oil has a soothing aroma that will make you feel refresh and calm. You can apply lavender oil on your cheeks and forehead before going to sleep at night. With this you will be able to sleep without being uncomfortable and in the morning you will wake up fresh with no allergic reaction.

6.) Chamomile Essential Oil for Allergies

Chamomile oil works best for skin allergies. And you can use chamomile oil for your infants also. Therefore, it is counted among the most highly recommended essential oils to treat allergies. It works to reduce your pain, irritation (on skin), and inflammation. And the one who has a dry skin can use chamomile oil, as its best for dry skin. You can add few drops of coconut oil in chamomile oil and blend it well. And apply it directly ion your affected skin. It will heal your red rashes immediately. When there is a rash from diapers and sanitary napkins, you use chamomile oil to heal it.

7.) Bergamot Essential Oil for Allergies

Bergamot oil can be used to cure skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. It has the essence of antiseptic properties which in turn works to provide you a relaxation from infections. Bergamot oil is also antibiotic and sedative in nature. As, the moment it has been applied on the skin, instantly the skin’s irritation goes away. It has a very sweet smell. And bergamot essential oil has been used for various medicinal purposes. There are some medicines that contain bergamot oil which works to kill the nature of the germs (virus) that is responsible for the allergic reaction.

8.) Helichrysum Essential Oil for Allergies

Helichrysum has been used to heal the inflammatory skin problems. It helps to decrease the level of inflammation along with, fights the bacteria responsible for the allergic reaction. Helichrysum oil is one of the essential oils that prevent coughing and any type of congestion caused by the microbial infections. The main work of helichrysum essential oil is to remove toxins from your body (particularly from liver). As a result of which there is a quick healing process in order to relieve you from the allergic reaction. The use of helichrysum oils is much of the health benefits one can think of.

9.) Basil Essential Oil for Allergies

Basil essential oil is good in healing your upper respiratory issues. That includes bronchitis, migraines, sinus and headaches. The appliance of basil oil on your chest, forehead and nostrils area will help you to soothe your pain. Besides basil oil helps in curing your digestive system, constipation, motion sickness and respiratory problems. It is also a good source of magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamin A. the use of basil has been in use in South Asia from ancient times. It has the best medicinal value of properties to heal you from all types of infection. Hence you can either use basil oil for direct appliance on your skin as mentioned above or take two to three drops blend in water and consumed it.

10.) Melisa/Lemon Balm Essential Oil for Allergies

The other name for melisa is lemon balm. Melisa is known to heal your skin allergies along with respiratory ones. Thereby, you can use lemon balm to decrease the inflammation from your skin and body both. When you are having a sore throat, cold or a flue, you can always switch to melisa oil. It is the best to give you much relief by letting you fall asleep at a faster rate. When you wake to the next moment, all your issues are gone. Hence try to apply lemon balm oil or the melisa oil on your nasal area and neck to give you relief from your pain.

Additional Tip:

Always try to keep any of these essential oil at your home handy. It works to give you instant relief. And try to read the instructions carefully on the cover of the bottles before using it. As, there are some type of essential oils that needs to be mixed with carrier oils like coconut oil and olive oil. It is to avoid irritation on your skin.

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