Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

Our heart beats and pumps blood all around the body, blood is pumped with force and as the blood moves it pushes the walls of blood vessels. The pressure with which  the blood pushes the walls of vessels is called the blood pressure if the pressure is too high it puts extra pressure on the arteries and that may result in the heart stroke. High blood pressure puts no obvious signs or symptoms. Therefore, you should get it measured after few intervals to keep a check on what your blood pressure count is. It is wise to keep your blood pressure low, but it is wiser to avoid it happening in the future by adopting healthy habits and try eating foods which help to lower blood pressure. By eating these foods to lower blood pressure, everyone can keep their blood pressure in control. The higher the blood pressure the higher the health risks tend to occur.

The ideal blood pressure is 120/80 which means we should not have your blood pressure, lower than 80 and higher than 120. It can be maintained between this range, but for that, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. healthy foods to lower blood pressure should also be included in your lifestyle. About 70 million people in the USA have Hypertension or high blood pressure,  i.e., one of every 3 adults are coping with this problem and about only half of the people (around 52%) with high blood pressure have their condition under control.  Home remedies are a boon if you can include foods which would help you lowering your blood pressure level and keeping it under control. The foods to lower blood pressure are as follows.

 Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

(A) Adapt Foods to Lower Blood Pressure:

1.) Dairy & Oil to Lower Blood Pressure

There is a link between the consumption of a low dairy product and reduced risk of high blood pressure according to the Australian researchers. The experiment was seen mostly accurate with low-fat yogurt and milk, but not with cheese. The cause of this is unclear, but people who include it in their diet tend to have a healthier lifestyle.

Extra virgin olive oil; it is probably the healthiest oil in the world, it contains phenolic antioxidant and monounsaturated fats which are healthy for the heart. According to a major study, it reduced heart stroke rates and death by thirty percent.

Omega 3 fats, which are obtained from fish oils are very much beneficial to human cardiovascular health. Fish oil supplements are a better alternative to eating oily fish and more healthy as well. However, if you have access to fish, 2-3 servings per week should provide heart-healthy benefits, but choose to eat less fried or oily dishes.

2.) Go Green to Lower High Blood Pressure

I am not suggesting you to turn into Hulk rather be Popeye, eat green leafy vegetables as much as you can, green vegetables are rich in Potassium which balances the potassium Sodium ratio in your body eventually resulting in lowering the blood pressure and keeping it in balance.

Green Tea is loaded with an array of beneficial and powerful compounds and antioxidants. Catelyn a particular form of green tea has shown to improve blood pressure and prevent hypertension. The regular green tea drinker has the lower risk of cardiovascular disease and leads the healthy life.

3.) Berries & Nuts to Lower Blood Pressure

Especially blueberries are rich in flavonoids. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers proves that these compounds reduce blood pressure and may also prevent hypertension. Blueberries, raspberry and strawberry can be easily added to your diet, tasty and healthy, we have very less option in such category. Nuts like almonds and cashew are rich in magnesium, which is one of the most important components needed by our body to function properly.

4.) Spices to Lower Blood Pressure

Turmeric, it is a popular Indian spice and they include it in their food on a regular basis, it is also taken as a medicinal herb and also reduce pain. Science has also confirmed its medicinal properties. The main powerful component in the turmeric is curcumin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect in our body. Intake of curcumin has shown to increase circulating nitric oxide, in some cases, results were up by 40 percent in only four weeks.

Flaxseeds work as a great food to lower your blood pressure, including flaxseeds in your food to reduce blood pressure may prove to be a great habit adopted by  you. Consume flax seeds in your diet in whichever way you want. You can also make its powder and take it with water.

5.) Beetroot & White Beans

Beetroot; Compounds like nitrates and nitrites are that play a big part in our metabolic system.It’s definitely worth making a habit of eating beet root if you’ve got blood-pressure problems.

White beans, eating a cup of white beans a day would provide you with all the calcium, magnesium and potassium needed by your body. You can consume it with your food or include it in your salad or can also make it a side dish, here every choice is a healthy choice.

(B) Avoid Foods to Lower Blood Pressure:

1.) Sugar & Salt

Sugar & Salt are your enemy and avoid it as much as you can.

Whole milk, Indeed dairy is a great source of calcium, but high dairy source like whole milk provides you more fat needed by your body, it is good for those who has to do more physical work so that they can burn the fat off, but if you have high blood pressure the it is advisable for you to avoid whole milk instead have skimmed milk which will be both healthy and provide you with calcium needed by your body.

2.) Alcohol

Alcohol damages the walls of blood vessels it also causes the blood pressure to elevate and simultaneously increases the risk of further complications.

Fried foods; Over friend food like French fries are extremely unhealthy for your body, it gets stored as a fat and are rich in cholesterol, which narrows the walls of blood vessels and worsens it in the case of hypertension.

Habits to Adapt Along With Foods to Lower Blood Pressure:

  • Exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight ratio will help you to keep your blood pressure in control. Body Mass index or BMI should be maintained. Calculate your BMI and keep on maintaining it. Do Exercise or join a gym to keep your body healthy, fit and fine. Increasing physical activity will also strengthen your heart a healthy heart means no hypertension or hypotension, regular exercising will also maintain your blood pressure levels in control. Exercise is a healthy way to start your day, but if you are not a morning person choose a time which suits you and makes it a habit throughout your life. Also, do the cardio exercise more often as it keeps your heart healthy. Walk, walk as much as you can, make it a habit, it will pay you well in the long run.

  • Meditate

High Blood Pressure if left untreated, can damage your kidney and also leads to heart failure.

Meditation Relaxes your mind and body both, it keeps you calm and also relieves you from stress and depression, stress is a major cause for high blood pressure. By doing meditation you attain a relaxed body and mind. Researchers believe that the rest achieved through meditation boosts biochemical changes in your body and triggers the self-repair mechanism in your body. Meditate once in a day and you yourself will be able to feel the positive changes happening in your body.

With these Foods to lower your blood pressure list and other tips you probably can get to control your Blood Pressure and even can prevent it.

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