How to lose body fat?

This article is about different remedies to lose body fat. Are you not able to fit in the clothes which were once your favorite? If this is the case you need to shed your weight in order to fit in your favorite dress. Dieting alone will not solve your problem. All you have to do is take a firm determination to avoid all those things that are not good for your health and make you put on weight. Before moving on to the different ways to lose body fat, let’s know more about body fat.

What is Body Fat?

Our body is made up of different components such as organs, muscles, bone, water and fat. There are two types of fat. One is a good fat and another is a bad fat, which is not good for the health. You need to restrict it. In another way, the fat is categorized as storage fat and essential fat. Essential fat is necessary for the healthy body. Whereas storage fat increases with the weight gain. However, it is not totally bad for your health. Men and woman have different body fat percentage since both have  different body size and type. Bad fat not only gives way to weight gain, in fact, it leads to numerous health issues as well. Obesity, heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes are a result of excess body fat. Therefore, you need to cut down the fat from your body.

Causes of Body Fat Buildup:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Drugs
  • Prenatal effects
  • Inactive or sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress and emotional factors
  • Pregnancy

How to lose body fat

Different Ways to Lose Body Fat:

There are many ways that will help you to shed excessive and bad fat. All you have to do is follow the following ways religiously to get an ideal body shape.

1.) Change your Lifestyle to Lose Body Fat

When you plan to lose the body fat, you tend to set a goal for yourself. It is not always possible to meet the standards. And thus, you fail to achieve the target which you once set in order to reduce weight. The best way is, make only slight change in your lifestyle which you can  meet. And, raise the bar once your body is used to it. This is quite a long process and therefore, it will take a time to work. However, the result is worth and effective. So keep it simple yet productive.

2.) Drink Water to Lose Water

The best way to reduce weight is to drink lots of water in a day. Not only water, the juices and coconut water, etc will also be helpful. It will remove the toxins and fats from your body. Moreover, drinking plenty of water will make you feel full and thus, you will eat less. You should drink 8-10 glass of water in a day. In addition, water keeps your body dehydrated. However, make sure that you do not drink water immediately after workout and meal. Drinking sip by sip of lukewarm water after the meals speed up the process of digestion. To avoid bloating and gastric problems drink a glass of water early in the morning with the empty stomach.

3.) Limit Carbs to Lose Body Fat

Yes, you need to cut down a number of carbohydrates from your diet. Carbs lead to body fat which raises the cholesterol and leads to heart problem. There are variety of diets that you can follow to exclude carb. Low carb, low calorie, and  low fat are a name of a few diets which do not include carbs. Limiting the carbs in your diet is the best way to reduce weight. Avoid foods such as legumes, grains, starchy vegetables, certain fruits and dairy products, since they contain a high amount of carbs. In the beginning, it is impossible to restrict yourself from carbs. So you can begin with an intake of fewer carbs and decrease the number of carbs gradually. Many people believe that they can burn down the intake of carbs by regressive exercises and cardio. Although exercise and cardio are important to reduce weight but  do not do it to burn the carbs.

4.) Eat a Balanced and Full Breakfast to Lose Body Fat

Many people stop eating proper meals and go for crash dieting in order to reduce weight. However, they tend to reduce the weight but at the cost of their health. After following the crash diet same set of people opt for binge eating  since they could not stop themselves from eating. And, thus, they put on weight. The best way is, to avoid crash dieting and eat everything instead, but in less amount. Most of the people especially women avoid breakfast since they do not get time to eat or because of the prejudices of gaining the weight. However, one should eat balanced and full breakfast. Like it says  “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Poor”. Similarly, your breakfast should contain all the nutrients. This is because you eat breakfast after 9-10 hours (from dinner) therefore, your body needs the energy to boost up. And secondly, it keeps you active the entire day. Include fresh fruits, dry fruits, cereals, milk, oatmeal in your breakfast to add the nutrition level in your diet. Nutrients and a healthy diet go hand in hand so eat a balanced and full breakfast to lose body fat.

5.) Add Protein in Your Each Meal to Lose Body Fat

Apart from reducing the carb intake from your diet, include food rich in protein in your each meal. According to numerous studies, protein helps in reducing the weight. Protein is considered as a muscle builder that reduces fat in the body. It can convert the fat into muscles. Replace the carbs with proteins in your diet. 1-2 servings of proteins make you feel full and thus you tend to eat less. Moreover, it boost your metabolism and changes the hormones which regulate weight. In addition, it burns more calories. However, if possible, avoid  protein powder, since they contain additives which are not good for your body, consume natural protein instead. Low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, eggs and lean and beef are rich and healthy sources of the proteins.

6.) Get Rid of Food Cravings to Lose Body Weight

People often put on weight, since they could not resist craving for a particular food. If you are planning to lose weight then the first thing you should do is control your craving. And, for that, you have to be firmly determined. However, among obese people, it is an uncontrollable factor. Craving also leads to over eating. It is a condition where the person tends to eat in an excessive amount of food. There are many factors that lead to craving and over eating. The condition is quite common among pregnant women. To stop the craving you need to find out the foods for which you crave. For example, you crave for  pizza but it is not good for health. So look for the healthy foods which you can replace with pizza and gives you same taste. In such way, you will be able to control your craving. Many a times stress is also a reason of binge eating, since eating your favorite food makes you happy  therefore you tend to eat it in access. Eating pizza or other fast food once in a while is okay, but regular eating will only make you obese and overweight.

7.) Avoid Salt, Sugar and Rice to Lose Body Fat

Salt, sugar, and rice are considered as white poisons. More intake of salt causes hypertension, blood pressure, heart failure and other heart ailments. It also leads to obesity. Most of the adults and even young people get overweight because of excess intake of salt. With the intake of more salt you tend to feel more thirsty and thus, you consume fluids that contain sugars. And, due to sugary fluids you put on weight. Sugary fluids have lots of energy which is the main cause of the weight gain. On the other hand,  a tbsp of sugar has 15 calories. Over the time, these calories lead to a fat buildup in your body and thus you gain weight. Moreover, sugary foods do not supply proteins and fiber. Also, they do not satisfy your hunger and so you tend to eat more. Similarly, rice also contributes weight gain. You cannot totally cut down the intake of salt, sugar and rice but can restrict the amount of intake.

8.) Increase Fiber Intake to Lose Body Fat

In order to shed body weight, increase the quantity of fiber in your diet. Fiber keeps your digestive tract on track and  promotes digestion. Thus, you do not suffer from bloating and gastric problems which are also one of the causes of the weight gain. There are two types of fibers, one is soluble and another is insoluble. Food with soluble fiber promotes weight loss. They also reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. However, soluble fibers slow down the digestion, but it is good in other terms since you feel full for a long period and avoid eating. Also, this checks your blood sugar levels and control diabetes. In addition, soluble fibers are good for the heart. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. This is so because they prevent the absorption of low-density lipoprotein( LDL) cholesterol. LDL is a bad cholesterol and leads to heart attack. Include lentils, oatmeals, pears, oat bran, strawberries, carrots, celery and peas etc in your diet to increase the amount of fiber in your diet.

9.) Avoid Carbonised Drinks to Lose Body Fat

People often drink carbonized drink to quench their thirst or due to a craving for that particular drink. However, it does not quench your thirst rather it makes you feel more thirsty and steals an adequate amount of the water from your body. Therefore, you feel dehydrated and tend to drink sugary drinks which in turns increase your sugar level and leads to excessive body fat. Also, carbonized drinks contain additives and preservatives which are harmful for the health. Moreover, they lack in essential nutrients which your body needs to function well. Excessive intake of coffee is also not good for health. Though coffee helps in burning fat but if you drink it in excess, it can lead other health problems. And, it is not necessary that every coffee helps in weight loss. So, replace your carbonized drinks with lemon water, coconut water, fresh juices and green tea.

10.) Regular Exercise to Lose Body Fat

Regular exercise is a key to weight loss. Regular walking, running, swimming, yoga can help you much in reducing the weight. In order to lose weight people tend to join a gym and perform strenuous activities which sometimes leads to body pain, muscle spasm, and other body problems. Instead of going to the gym it is better to exercise regularly at home. Even a brisk walk will help you to shed weight, remain active and attractive. Apart from exercises, there are various yoga asanas which help to lose weight. Also, it keeps the stress at bay which is the main cause of the increase in the fat.

Other Tips to Lose Body Fat

  • Eat healthy food
  • Include fresh fruits in your diet
  • Avoid stress
  • Do not skip your meals
  • Avoid red meat
  • Keep a check on your body metabolic rate and body metabolic index
  • Prefer fresh salads and juices (without sugar)
  • Drink hot water with honey and lemon early in the morning
  • Limit Alcohol
  • Eat less but at frequent intervals
  • Avoid strenuous activities
  • Sit less
  • Get sufficient sleep of 7-8 hours
  • Drink lukewarm water to lose body fat
  • Keep a check on weight loss
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