How to Stop Sweating?

In this article we will discuss about how to stop sweating. Sweating is a natural body process which helps the body maintain its temperature. Heavy physical activity, warm temperature or feelings of anger or fear are generally associated with sweating. Although, if you sweat a lot than normal and that too without a trigger, you may be suffering from a condition called Hyperhidrosis, also called excessive armpit sweating. Excessive sweating is usually associated with anxiety, stress, nutritional deficiency, obesity and poor blood circulation. Some of the medical causes responsible for excessive sweating are fever, diabetes, heart problems, leukemia, hyperthyroidism and menopause.

This problem can affect many parts of the body, such as the palms, under arms, soles, forehead, neck and even the scalp. It can occur while you’re awake or asleep. Apart from affecting normal routine life, excessive sweating can also lead to social anxiety or embarrassment. It can also cause the risk of body odor. Here are some of the best home remedies for treating excessive sweating naturally and fast. Also, you can consult your doctor for a proper check up to rule out the risk of an underlying condition responsible for the problem.

How to Stop Sweating

Remedies to Stop Sweating Naturally and Fast at Home

1.) White Sandalwood to Stop Sweating Naturally

White sandalwood powder is a proven Ayurvedic ingredient. It can help prevent sweating and keep skin fresh and dry. It has numerous enzymes, which soak extra moisture from the skin. Also, it has aromatic fragrance which help eliminating body odor caused due to excessive sweating.


  • Take 1 tbsp of white sandalwood powder and mix with sufficient rose water to form a fine paste.
  • Add a little bit of lemon juice to the prepared mixture.
  • Apply this paste on freshly rinsed body areas which sweat a lot.
  • Let it dry before washing it off with warm water.
  • Continue this treatment once every day until the excessive sweating is under control.

2.) Lemon to Prevent Sweating

Like Sandalwood, Lemon is also an effective Ayurvedic remedy to prevent sweating naturally. Lemon acts as a natural scent to hide the embarrassing odors caused due to the perspiration. It helps prevent smelly and dark underarms.


Method 1:

  • Extract the juice of 1 lemon and add to a glass of water.
  • Dip a washcloth in the solution and rub it all over the body.
  • Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes before taking a bath or shower using cold water.
  • Repeat this process once daily.

Method 2:

  • Alternatively, mix equal amount of lemon juice and baking soda to make a smooth paste.
  • With the help of cotton pad, apply this mixture to the sweating parts.
  • Let it sit for about 20 minutes before washing it off with water.
  • Continue this remedy daily.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun immediately after this remedy.

3.) Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

Coconut oil is known to have lauric acid, which helps eliminate bacteria responsible for bad odor with sweating. Also, the pleasant fragrance of this oil helps keep you smelling fresh all along the day.


  • Take 3 tsp of extra-virgin coconut oil and add it with 2 tsp of shea butter in a bowl.
  • Heat it for 1 minute in microwave so that mixture melts.
  • Now, mix it with 2 tsp of arrowroot powder, 3 tsp of baking soda and several drops of any essential oil.
  • Keep this mixture in a jar and use it regularly as a deodorant on body parts prone to excessive sweating.
  • Otherwise, simply massage a little coconut oil gently onto the concerned parts which sweat a lot.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for Excessive Sweating Treatment

Apple cider vinegar is among of the most excellent home remedies to avoid excessive sweating. ACV is known for its astringent qualities. It can be used externally to prevent underarm sweating. And, when taken internally, it helps maintain the body’s pH level.


  • Firstly, rinse the area which sweats the most and using a cotton ball rub some apple cider vinegar on that area.
  • Let it sit overnight.
  • Next morning, simply take a shower or bath.
  • After taking a shower, apply deodorant or talcum powder.
  • Alternatively, you can mix 2 tsp each of organic ACV and honey in a glass of water.
  • Drink it every morning on an empty stomach to fight excessive sweating.

5.) Wheatgrass Juice to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

Wheatgrass juice is also an effective home remedy for minimizing excessive sweating. Wheatgrass helps maintain the acids and toxins in the blood, which are responsible for sweating. Also, wheatgrass juice is high in B Vitamins and other nutrients which help maintain body temperature.


  • Drink one or two glasses of wheatgrass juice regularly.
  • Drink it everyday until you are satisfied with the results.

6.) Sage to Stop Sweating Naturally

Sage is an excellent antiperspirant and astringent ingredient. This herb helps shrink the sweat glands, thus reducing excess sweating. Also, sage is rich in Vitamin B and Magnesium, that help control sweat gland function.


  • Take 1 tsp of dried sage leaves and add them to 2 cups of water. Boil the water.
  • Allow it cool down to room temperature.
  • Later, use it to clean the body parts which sweat the most.
  • Continue this treatment minimum of 3 times a day for several days.

7.) Baking Soda to Stop Sweating Fast

Baking soda is also quite helpful in solving the problem of excessive perspiration or sweating. Baking soda works as a natural antiperspirant, which means it can absorb moisture and neutralize body odor effectively. Also, baking soda is alkaline in nature, it regulates the pH level of the body area which sweat a lot.


  • Take 1 tsp of baking soda and mix with sufficient amount of water to form a thick paste.
  • Mix 3-4 drops of any essential oil to it.
  • Apply this mixture to your armpits and other concerned parts which sweat the most.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.
  • Repeat this process several times a week.

8.) Witch Hazel to Get Rid of Sweating Naturally

Witch hazel is another fine home remedy to combat excessive sweating. This herb contains astringent and antiperspirant qualities which help tighten the skin pores, thus controlling sweating. Also, witch hazel has a light and pleasant smell which help mask body odor.


  • Soak a cotton ball in the witch hazel liquid extract.
  • Dab with the soaked cotton ball on your affected skin daily.
  • Alternatively, add 1 tbsp of witch hazel bark powder in a little water to form a paste.
  • Rub this paste on the sweating areas and leave it for an hour.
  • Later, wash off the paste using cold water.
  • Continue this remedy daily for about 1-2 weeks.

9.) Tomato Juice to Treat Excessive Sweating

Tomato juice is known for its astringent properties. Tomato juice helps constricts pores and block the ducts which secrete sweat. Also, being rich in antioxidants, tomato juice helps maintain sweat glands.


  • Drink a cup of fresh tomato juice every day for a week.
  • Reduce the frequency to 1 cup every alternate day for another week.
  • Alternatively, apply some tomato juice on the body parts that sweat a lot before taking a shower.
  • Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Wash it off in the shower after 15 minutes.
  • Continue this remedy daily until you see significant changes in your sweating pattern.

10.) Black Tea to Stop Sweating

Black tea is another excellent remedy to stop sweating. Black tea has tannic acid, which work as a fine antiperspirant and astringent. Black tea helps constrict sweat glands so that they do not produce sweat in excess amount. In addition, black tea helps eliminate bacteria which are responsible for body odor.


  • Take 1-2 tea bags and add in 3-4 cups of hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 10 minutes.
  • Soak a washcloth in this solution and rub it on the armpits and neck.
  • To control sweating in the feet and hand, soak them in this water for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Repeat this treatment once daily for Several weeks.
  • Also, drink about 2-3 cups of black tea regularly for internal benefits.

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