Home Remedies for Hair Breakage Treatment

A normal individual lose around 50 to 200 strands of hair a day, it can vary because of several reasons such as one’s sex and age. In case that you are losing more than the above-given ratio, take care and practice the approaches to stop hair breakage. This will also help you to gain healthy looking and lavish hair. Hair breakage is noticeably regular in both men and ladies. Amazingly, a more that half of the suffering population don’t know how to treat this condition. The least demanding home remedies for hair breakage treatment are mentioned in this article. Give little extra time for your hair care in your daily routine. So here we have found some amazing home remedies for hair breakage treatment.

Causes of Hair Breakage

1.) Poor Diet

We all have a weakness for junk foods, lots of chocolates, ice-creams. Keep your eye on your diet make sure you opt for a healthy diet that is full of protein and nutrients. These proteins and nutrients are very essentials for healthy hair. Remember the fact that whatever you intake in the body is what you’re going to get out. Try to intake good fat that is easily digested in our skin and protein rich foods.

2.) Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing or using a comb on wet hair causes breakage. Always use your fingers to remove the tangle when the hair is wet. You can also apply a little amount of serum to avoid breakage when you comb the dry hair. This will hep you to remove the tangle effectively without breakage.

3.) The Tight Ponytail

Pulling hair back tightly or a tight ponytail can cause hair breakage. Make sure you tie a ponytail quite loose so that it do not cause damage. When we tie our hair tightly it causes stress at the hairline. It results to hair breakage if you practice this daily. Use rubber that has good elasticity. Sometimes don’t tie your hair this can also prevent your hair from damages.

4.) Bleaching

Over bleaching of hair can turn it brittle. Find natural ways to make your hair light. If you color your hair, make sure you moisturize your hair regularly with nutritious oil like coconut oil.

5.) Stress

Hair breakage is also the result of stress so avoid stress. Make sure you stop thinking about the matters that makes you feel worried and spent a sleepless night. Make sure you take the rest of 7 hours in a day. You can practice yoga and meditation to deal with stress. This will help a lot to avoid the risk of hair breakage.

Home Remedies for Hair Breakage Treatment:

Home remedies for hair breakage treatment

1.) Avoid Washing Your Hair Consistently

Washing your hair regularly makes it dry out and turn out to be unpleasant and delicate. Along these lines, over washing will make your scalp dry which needs to deliver more oil, making it eventually get to be oilier, making you think you have to wash it more. So try to keep away from this cycle by just washing your hair just 2-3 times each week. Make sure you wash your hair with homemade detox shampoo.

2.) Avoid Sulphate for Hair Breakage Treatment

It is a typical cleanser so avoiding the use of sulphate is the best remedy among all the home remedies for hair breakage treatment. It makes a great amount of foam when you wash your body or hair. it results additionally to a great degree in making your hair dry, and bringing about damages. This drying of the hair shaft makes the hair more inclined to breakage. So search for shampoos that are without sulphate, as they contain much gentler cleansers, in this way ensuring your hair free from damage. Do not utilizing hair cosmetics containing harmful chemicals on your hair. Pay special care to homemade or herbal hair items or those containing less of hurtful chemicals.

3.) Conditioner for Hair Breakage Treatment

Conditioner is essential to keeping your hair smooth and delicate. It keeps up dampness and quality and adds life to your hair. Whenever you cleanse or wash your hair, never forget to apply conditioner to the hair tips (yet not on the scalp) to get perfect healthy hair. Conditioner, when applied to the scalp causes more damage so make sure you only apply it after the scalp. Also make sure you leave it for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid hair breakage.

You can also try homemade hair repair mask breakage treatment.

4.) Do not Use Blow Drier for Hair Breakage Treatment

Air Dry Your Hair While blow drying your hair is much less demanding and speedier, air-drying is more advantageous for your hair. Blow dryers discharge dry warmth, bringing about all the hair’s moisture and this will again make it dry. This can turn the situation to its worst as the hair will turn delicate and easily broken, creating more hair breakage. So air-dry your hair at whenever you wash your hair.

5.) Maintain Distance from all Heating Hair Appliances

Your blow dryer is one thing, however you’re hair curling accessories, straightening irons, crimpers, and other hair gadgets all provide heat to your hair. These machines in total harm your hair after some time. Do not utilize them frequently, but rather on the off chance that you can’t dodge them, utilize a warmth ensuring splash or serum before to reduce the degree of harm. Remember, no protection can save your hair a 100% from the damages, so try to avoid the use of these gadgets.

6.) Try Not to Perm Your Hair for Hair Breakage Treatment

Perming is a concoction process that makes twists. Tragically, this concoction softens the protein bonds up the hair, making it harmed and more inclined to breakage. So maintain a strategic distance from perms and keep your hair shielded from harming medicines.

7.) Get Regular Trims for Hair Breakage Treatment

Trimming your hair is very essential to treat hair breakage. As hair grow, split occurs and make the hair unhealthy. Trim your hair frequently to keep those splits away. Getting the split or deadlocks trimmed is productive to healthy hair. Maybe it assists in with growing your hair more grounded and making it thick. The key idea is just to dispose of split or deadlocks just and not the entire pieces of hair. By trimming split finishes, you trim down the possibilities of your hair getting to be dry and delicate and requiring a full hair style.

The split finishes when ended up crazy goes up your hair shaft, your hair then will either break or need a full hair style. Rather than getting into this wreckage, we encourage you to act proactive and trim the base of hair.

8.) Avoid Wet-Comb for Hair Breakage Treatment

Brushing your hair with a wet comb is the greatest error you can make. At the point when your hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken. This makes your hair a great deal more inclined to breaking. In this way, abstain from brushing your hair or making tangles when it is wet to keep your hair from falling.

9.) Abstain from Colouring for Hair Breakage Treatment

Shading your hair will apply the coat of peroxide that change the hair’s pH balance, which removes or damages the proteins inside the hair shaft. This harm makes the hair more weak, bringing about hair breakage. Thus, avoid colouring your hair with these brutal chemicals and search for herbal options. If you have already colored your hair click on this link How to Remove Hair Dye.

10.) Coconut Oil Massage for Hair Breakage Treatment

For a large number of years, Indians have been utilizing coconut oil to knead their hair and keep up long beautiful locks. There is no doubt that they the quality of hair they carry is the best in world. Delicately give a massage with coconut oil into your scalp and apply it to your hair twice in a week to get stunning healthy hair. Also keep a check on your diet and plays an important role in the prevention of hair breakage. Hair too needs nourishment (counting vitamins, minerals, protein, and so on.), simply like your different parts of body. No compelling reason to clarify that you eat healthy adjusted eating routine, your hair will become more grounded. So include a healthy eating routine including natural products, vegetables, fish, incline meat, a lot of liquids and so on. Read how to use coconut oil for hair and avoid all the hair problems.

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