How to Grow Taller in Height Naturally and Fast?

After writing, how to look thinner?, how to increase your height growth fast?, how to look younger?, we are now writing the best ways to grow taller in height naturally and fast. It felt good during childhood days to stand in front during assembly because of short height. You were given priority and it worked as an advantage. As you grew older, the advantage actually turned into disadvantages. Your friends, cousins grow taller in height and you were left shorter. Now, you are not good enough for a girl/boy, job, sports. In this article, we are presenting the best ways to grow taller in height naturally and fast. Height can even affect your dream of becoming a model or joining similar profession, where height matters.

You may feel lost in the crowd and people may treat you as a kid, everything because of a short height. Height plays an important role in everyone’s life. A lot depends on your genes, which is beyond your control. According to study, your mother’s genes are more responsible for your height than your father. Although you can do nothing about your genes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t grow taller in height. You can easily follow the remedies in this article to grow taller in height naturally and faster. There are many products available in market, which claim to increase height within a short period. Such products may cause serious side effects that can be irreversible. Any products that make you compromise your health should be avoided.

Ways to Grow Taller In Height Naturally and Fast:

1.) Follow The Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is very essential, if you want to grow taller in height naturally and fast. Unhealthy or imbalance diet is one of the major factors responsible for being short. It is absolutely necessary to meet your daily nutrient requirement in order to grow and develop complete and healthy body. This is because a deficiency of some nutrients can hamper your proper growth and development.

Although every nutrient is essential for overall growth and development, but some of the nutrients responsible to grow taller in height includes, CalciumZinc, and Vitamin DRegular consumption of these nutrients is a must to grow taller in height naturally. Milk, yogurt and dairy products are rich in calcium. Oysters, beaf (lean and cooked), veal liver are rich in zinc. And, Vitamin D rich foods include fortified cereals, smoked salmon, processed cheese, etc.

2.) Physical Activities and Exercise

A balanced diet is not everything, you must also involve yourself in regular exercise and sports as well. When you exercise or play sports, your body metabolizes nutrients faster. This way your body demands for more nutrients. Thus, rise in the nutrients intake results in growth and development of your body. Active lifestyle will help in encouraging growth hormones as well.

A balanced diet along with regular exercise and physical activities will help you to grow taller in height significantly. Some of the exercise and sport which can help you improve your height comprises, toe touching exercise, hanging exercise such as pull-ups, stretching, swimming, and rope jumping. A proper combination of exercise and diet will help increase height fast and naturally.

3.) Build Strong Immunity

Your immunity also plays a vital role in growth and overall development of your body. If you have a strong immunity, you will have less chance of getting sick or a disease. Getting sick will make your body more focused towards getting rid of sickness. This will hamper and slow down the body growth and development. When you are young and still developing, you need to have a stronger immunity to fight off disease and sickness. For strong immunity you just need to follow below mentioned suggestions.

  • Eat healthy and balanced diet and avoid eating junk food and processed food.
  • Citrus fruit like lemons, grapes, sweet lime, oranges have a high amount of antioxidant. They help to prevent the damage caused by free radicals in order to be free from disease.
  • Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps to boost the immune system.

4.) Avoid Factors Affecting Growth and Development

Drugs and alcohol are very common factors responsible for slow growth or even no growth at all. Steroids taken at a young age also hampers the proper growth and development. These type of drugs and supplements should be avoided when you are still younger. This is because steroids is known to restrain bone development by closing your growth plates. Asthma medication also tends to hinder growth.

Other than drugs and alcohol, caffeine is another reason responsible for slow growth. The caffeine tends to hamper your sleep. Taking caffeine late at night inhibits growth as it does not let you sleep adequately. So, avoid or reduce the consumption of caffeine, especially when you are going to sleep.

How to Grow Taller in Height naturally and fast

5.) Right Posture to Look Taller

Sedentary lifestyle, bad postures of sitting down when working on computer, laptops, play-station, cellphone, and other handy gadgets can also hamper body growth. This bad habit causes your spinal cord to bend which can make you look short. Whereas, sitting in correct posture all the time is little difficult because of bad posture habits. Follow below suggestions to increase height.

  • For a good posture, when you walk, keep your shoulders straight, chin up.
  • Avoid long use of above mentioned gadgets and try to take a break when sitting in front of a computer for a long time.
  • Tiredness and exhaustion can cause you to sit in bad posture which you feel comfortable, but actually it is wrong. So keep a check on your posture all the time.
  • Although these technique won’t make you grow, but can make you look taller.

6.) Consume Protein Rich Foods

You should consume protein rich foods, if you want to grow taller in height naturally and fast. Eat eggs, meat, and seafood to increase the growth hormones in your body. Eat the seafood like crabs, snails, oysters, shrimps, prawns, and fish as it high in calcium which is very important for the growth of the body. It keeps your bones stronger and increase the amount of growth hormones in your body. Also, eat meat like lamb, chicken, eggs and add them to your diet to stay healthy.

7.) Start Drinking Milk

Milk is one of the best remedies to grow taller in height naturally and fast. Milk is rich in calcium that straightens the bones and stimulate the growth of the bones. It will lead to the increase in height. It is also rich in Vitamin A that is necessary for the overall development of the body. Drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day. It kicks of the growth of the body. You can also take the substitutes as well. You can have cheese and yogurt.

8.) Ashwagandha to Increase Height

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is marked as one of the most effective remedies to grow taller in height. According to Ayurveda, it does some magic, when it comes to increasing your height. It contains the properties that are used to increase height. You have to follow the steps for the purpose:

  • Take two tablespoons of Ashwaandha powder and mix it in a glass of warm cow’s milk.
  • Drink it every night before going to the bed for two months to grow taller in height naturally.

9.) Stretch Your Body

Stretch your  body to grow taller in height naturally and fast. This is one of the most helpful remedies to increase height. What you have to do is try some stretching exercises in the morning. Make sure that you do these exercises in the morning. Try some of the exercises like, leg stretch, cobra stretch, cobra stretch, super stretch, car stretch and bow down. Follow these remedies daily and you will be able to see the positive results.

10.) Get Some Sunlight

You should enjoy the sunrise and sunset in order to grow taller in height naturally. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the development of the body. So, it is necessary to receive Vitamin D. Sun is the richest source of Vitamin D and it makes the bones stronger and help in development of the body. You should go in sunlight during early morning or in the evening because it’s the time when the harmful UV rays of the sun are less active.

11.) Perform Some Yoga

Yoga is one of the most effective remedies to grow taller in height naturally. Try some of the yoga exercises, It eliminates the hormones that restrict the growth of the body and responsible for short height. Go for ‘Suryanamaskara’ as there are 12 steps followed in it. They are done in a clockwise direction. It is practiced during sunrise, then it also help in receiving Vitamin D.

12.) Be Sporty

You should be sporty if you want to grow taller in height. It stretches the muscles of the body and refines the hormones responsible for body growth. Skipping is must for the purpose. Skip daily for around 30 minutes. Just keep your sloth at bay and develop a love for exercise and sports. Go for the sports like badminton and basketball as you need to jump a lot in these games. You can also practice the hanging exercise. You need to hang by holding a horizontal rod.

13.) Spot Jump to Increase Height 

You can also go for spot jumps. This stretches the muscles of your body. This will help in increasing the height as jumping stimulates the growth hormone. Practice this exercise in the morning or when your stomach is empty. Do not follow it after having a meal or anything. It can disturb your stomach and health as well.

14.) Have Some Chicken

If you are above 25 and are trying to increase height the chicken can prove to be one of the best options for you. It is rich in protein and thus, is very efficient in building tissues and muscles. You have to consume 50 grams of chicken daily to increase height. High quality proteins present in chicken will help you increase height.

15.) Take Help Form Banana

Banana has potassium contents that protect teeth and bones from decaying. Calcium content of banana helps make bone stronger. Banana is also rich in probiotic bacteria which helps retain calcium from food. Having all this qualities, banana protects the thinning of bone and thus helps in increasing height.

16.) Fish Will Help

Fishes like tuna, salmon and sardine are rich source of Vitamin D and protein. These two are the elements that are highly beneficial to increase height. Protein helps in body building and vitamin D helps absorb calcium and thus make bones stronger.

17.) Go For Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise to keep yourself fit and maintained and thus it is counted among the best remedies to increase height. While swimming, your muscles are stretched which helps with your growth and fitness. But going for this method is not easy. You have to do a lot of hard work. You will have to love your swimming pool and go there as often as possible.

18.) Have Adequate Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important factors for height. Every teenager must sleep for at least 8 hours for a healthy growth. Sleeping adequately is necessary because your body tends to nourish, maintains the organs and regenerates tissues while you sleep. When you take adequate sleep regularly, your brain releases essential hormones for complete growth. So, sleeping improperly will not result in secretion of these hormones and will affect your growth.

  • Sleep for 8-10 hours. Try to sleep at the same time every day.
  • Create a sleeping environment, avoid lights and noise.
  • Drink water to keep yourself hydrated during sleep butdon’t drink in excess to avoid frequent urination.
  • Avoid consuming caffeine late night. Avoid smoking and drinking.

19.) Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is essential for a healthy body. Although, drinking water won’t make you as big as a whale, but it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated to maintain a proper functioning of your organs. Water helps to promote digestion, detoxifies your body and improves metabolism. However, water directly is not responsible for your development, but it is needed to carry out the function required for proper growth. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Include juice, herbal teas and food rich in water content for added benefits.

20.) Have Supplements Carefully

You must have noticed when you search for information on how to increase height or grow taller, you come across these ads selling supplements to increase height. Some of these supplements simply include various minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients which promote growth and overall development of the body. One must must check such supplements thoroughly before taking them as these supplements can cause irreversible side effects.

  • Always go for supplements, which are 100% natural as they will not cause any serious side effects on your health.
  • Consuming such product can promote growth, safely and effectively. You can consult doctor before taking up such supplements.

21.) Take The Medical Advice

If you’re the only one short in your family. Your siblings and cousin are growing normal and you feel you are not, then you might be lacking human growth hormone or having autoimmune diseases. You might be taking balanced diet, adequate sleep regularly, but still can’t see any change. It is better to consult a doctor as only he/she can tell where you are lacking exactly. A doctor can give you a clear picture about your growth and can guide you how to grow taller, safely and quickly.

22.) Surgery Is One Option

For some people it might not be possible to grow taller in height naturally. If you are one of them and still looking for a way to grow taller, you can achieve it medically through surgery. With advanced technology like, leg lengthening surgery, you can grow taller by 3 inches. However, such surgery can make a big whole in your pocket and the results can’t be promised. Also, it can be painful and may develop some complications. So, do proper research before undergoing such surgery.

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