High Protein Low Carb Diet

The latest trend in the food industry is now to provide high protein low carb diet. The reason is also an obvious one. High carb diet leads to various health diseases like obesity, heart stroke and weak bones. These factors have changed the mindset of big food brands. Earlier they use to sell products that were high in fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Carbohydrates are needed by body for getting proper energy, but the carbohydrates in extra quantity to cause obesity. The carbohydrates are stored in the body cells when taken in excess quantity. These cells later on leads to obesity. The protein is an essential part of every cell in the body. Nails and hair are mostly made of protein. The body uses protein to repair and build tissues. The body also uses protein to make hormones, enzymes, and other body parts. Protein is an essential part of skin, bones, blood, muscles, and cartilage. There are numerous high protein low carb diet, but we will be going to discuss the popular ones.

High Protein Low Carb Diet

High Protein Low Carb Diet

1.) Zucchini

Zucchini, is a one of the best high protein low carb diet. It can be eaten in the form of dressing for your meat sauce. Just cut a zucchini into noodle strips using a vegetable peeler. Take a zucchini grate it as a replacement of potatoes and add it to the pancake batter. Bake it in the oven as a cake. Place some barbeque arugula and salmon on the strip of each zucchini and roll up.

2.) Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is an outstanding high protein low carb diet. It is healthy because it is white meat, and hence a good diet. It is wonderful for getting lean muscles, and a tasty one to add to your diet. Take a chicken breast , grill it using some seasoning and herbs. Just add it to your daily soup, salad and main course.

3.) Pork Tenderloin

Many don’t know about how tasty and protein rich, pork can be on getting lean muscle. One of the best high protein low carb diet types to go for is pork tenderloin. It can be easily barbeque or boiled for a easy, quick, and healthy diet. You can add some marinades or herbs to bring out the flavor. It’s healthier than you think and full of protein, it may become a regular ingredient in your diet.

4.) Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is such a handy and healthy way to get protein. It’s high protein low carb diet, and can be  used in just anything. It is an easy replacement for ground beef. Pour some herbs while cooking and you can use it in sauce, or make into burgers. You will love the taste and the fact that it makes for a healthier protein source than other higher calorie alternatives.

5.) Lean Ground Beef

Ground beef can be taken as a good source of high protein. The option to take it is in the form lean cuts. A 90/10 mix adds enough fat to give it taste without the indulging unhealthy fats that you don’t need. Just make sure you don’t add too much of it that later on contribute to calories and fat. It is a great source of protein, if taken once or twice in a week.

6.) Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the greatest low carb diet. It is low in starch and works as a replacement for potatoes in many dishes. Its texture is unique that can be used as a low carb substitute for the mashed potatoes. You can take in cauliflower in the form of creamy soups, grilled or in the boiled form. If blend in the food processor raw, then can be used as a an alternative to rice.

7.) Lamb

Most people don’t consider lamb a good protein diet, but it really is. People generally go for it in the minced form or in boneless form. Removing away all the extra fat always helps, and then you can get a very good protein source. Still, it does contain a lot of calories, but you can enjoy it with a healthy diet like root vegetables and fruits to ensure it’s a good choice. Make sure you don’t eat it regularly in your primary protein source. Enjoy it within your diet plan for some fun.

8.) Veal

It may be bad in the taste, but veal can bear out to be an outstanding protein source. You want to go for smaller cuts and in this situation that is veal loin, shank, or even the chops. Make sure you take it with the bone. You will get high protein low carb diet by eating it regularly. Even if you have always ignored it from your diet, it is well worth trying. It will help you get lean muscles and lose the extra weight from the body.

9.) Ham

Ham can be an excellent protein diet, but you do need to be careful of serving size. If you are careful about the size of the slice, then you can have a good protein intake without a lot of calories. The thing to be careful with ham is that the sodium content can be high and so if possible, try to take in a lower sodium type. Sliced up and mix with vegetables, this can be a handful protein and a nice change from the regular sources you consume. Try ham once in a week and just be careful on the your ham size for the best results.

10.) Salmon

Salmon is known as one of the best foods for getting high protein low carb diet. It is loaded with protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. You get a lot of health benefits from this particular fish and it is also full of vitamins. It is low in calories and is a great option to get lean muscles. It should be a regular diet on your eating plan. You can grill or even boil it quite easily and with just herbs. You have a healthy, tasty and protein filled diet is ready that is sure to become the best menu item for you.

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