Home Remedies for Candida Treatment

In this article, we will tell you about the home remedies for candida treatment. Candida is basically overgrowth of yeast in the body. Our body contains candida albicans, which live in mucus membranes of intestines, eyes, ears, lungs, bladder, and stomach. It is useful for the body to keep the candida albicans as they destroy harmful bacteria. Normally candida albicans is not intended to overgrow when the body is alive. This happens only when the body dies, and their properties change to break down the body. When they are under control, they don’t pose any threat to the body, but when it overgrow it causes serious problems in the body.

Symptoms of Candida:

Home Remedies for CandidaHome Remedies for Candida Treatment

1.) Coconut Oil to Cure Candida

Coconut oil is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. It kills the yeast, which is causing Candida. It is a healthy saturated fat that supports immune system and supplies nutrients for good health and better digestion.

  • Apply coconut oil to the affected area at least 3 to 5 times in a day for a few days until you see improvement.
  • The other way of using coconut oil is to have it in your daily meal. Initially take less amount of coconut oil, increase it gradually in a few days.

2.) Yogurt to Treat Candida

Milk products contain lactic acid and fats. Yogurt is rich in probiotic, which helps in fighting off candiasis and other yeast infection. Lactic acid check yeast growth, whether it is in limit or not.

  • Take yogurt in your diet daily. Take plain yogurt with rich in live lactobacillus.
  • For vaginal yeast infection, apply it by inserting a tampon in yogurt. Do this 2 to 3 times in a day until the infection clears.

3.) Garlic for Candida

Garlic contains sulphur compounds that makes it anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. These properties help in fighting out Candida.

  • Including ginger in your diet is good to fight and destroy Candida. Take 2 ginger root small size, honey and two cups of water in a pan. Boil the water; add ginger root and honey, after boiling for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and strain or pour into a cup. Drink it slowly until infection clears.
  • You can apply the ginger juice on the affected areas as well if you don’t like the flavor of ginger.

4.) Tea Tree Oil as a Home Remedy for Candida

Tea tree oil also helps to get rid of Candida in a fast and effective manner. The anti-bacterial and immense healing power of tea oil helps in getting rid of infection and pain.

  • Take 5-10 drops of tea tree oil with 1 cup water. Use a soft cloth or cotton to apply the mixture on affected areas of your body. Repeat at regular intervals for better result.
  • Don’t apply directly tea tree oil to affected area as it can cause irritation, drying and redness of skin. Always dilute tree tea oil with water.

5.) Fish Oil to Treat Candida at Home

Fish oil is rich in N-6 and N-3 fatty acids, which are particularly important for smooth and healthy skin. Fish does not rely on sunlight for vitamin D they eat other fish and phytoplankton for nutrients and vitamin D. In Candida the skin contains bacteria and fungal infection, which are destroyed by fish oil. Taking daily dose will help to recover faster. Those who eat regularly fish are less to suffer from Candida.

  • Fish oil can be taken in the form of capsules or in liquid form. If you are taking liquid, add some orange juice in it so that it takes away the odor and flavor of the fish.

6.) Oregano Oil for Candida

Carvacrol compound found in oregano oil helps to stop the growth of Candida yeast. Research has proved that oregano oil antifungal and antimicrobial properties are helpful in treating and preventing Candidiasis.

  • Drink 2 drops of oregano oil three times in a day by mixing it with a glass of water. Do this for a few days and see the difference.
  • Apply oregano oil few drops directly to the affected by a cotton swab. Do this daily until you see improvement.
  • You can take 2 oregano capsules also after your meal every day as a preventive measure.

7.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Cure Candida

Apple cider vinegar manages the pH level of the body. It is rich in enzymes that help to stop the growth of candida. It increases the growth of healthy bacteria present in the gut and heals the infection.

  • Take a warm glass of water and mix 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar and take it daily.
  • The other way of using it is made a toner to apply to your affected area. Mix the apple vinegar with water and spray every night on your Candida before going to sleep.

8.) Olive Leaf for Candida

Olive leaf destroys Candida yeast and fungal infection due to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The main ingredient of olive leaf is oleuropein that increase the immunity of the body to fight out fungal infection.

  • Take olive leaf in the form of tea. Boil 2 to 3 leaves with a cup of water. Drink two cups in a day.
  • Take olive oil extract and apply to affected area.

9.) Cranberries as a Home Remedy for Candida

Arbutin a compound found in cranberries that helps in killing the Candida infection. It is one of the easiest remedies for candida to apply.

  • Drink a glass of cranberry juice, without adding sugar in it. Drink 2 times in a day for a few days.
  • You can take cranberry tablets also. Take 2 capsules in a day for a few days.

10.) Cinnamon to Treat Candida

Cinnamon is in use for centuries for removing fungal infection. It is antibacterial, anti-parasitic in nature that is why it is one of the best home remedies for Candida.

  • Take cinnamon in a tea form by boiling few sticks with a cup of water.
  • Drink two times in a day for a fast result.

11.) Lemon Oil to Cure Candida

Lemon oil helps to clear candida infection in a fast and safe manner. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property of lemon oil helps in getting rid of infection and pain. It is quite a popular home remedies for candida.

  • Take a few drops of lemon oil with 1 cup water. Use a muslin cloth or cotton ball to apply the lemon oil on affected areas of your body. Repeat after few hours for better result.
  • Don’t apply directly lemon oil to the skin as it can cause irritation, drying and redness of skin. Always dilute lemon oil with water.

12.) Baking Soda to Treat Candida

Baking Soda is also one of the effective remedies for candida. It is easy to apply and has no side effects. It has natural bleaching properties that helps to clear out the infection and dead skin cells from the candida region.

  • Take a spoon of baking soda in a bowl and some water to form a thick paste.
  • Apply the paste on your affected area.
  • Let it rest until it dries and rinse it off with cold water.
  • Follow the method two times in a day for a few days.
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