How to Remember Dreams?

In this article, we will discuss different methods to remember dreams. Sometimes we have dreams which are more realistic than reality. Such dreams give us a feeling that we never had before. However most of the time we cannot relive the experience because we tend to forget the dream very soon. We even want to tell these dreams to others, but again we cannot as we have already forgotten that dream. Most of the dreams are mainly experienced in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. REM stage refers to the stage when brain function is high and resembles that of being awake. REM sleep is characterized by continuous movements of the eyes at the time of sleep. Dreams may occur during other stages of sleep as well. Although, such dreams tend to be less vivid or memorable. Remembering the dream can be very difficult, but there are many ways and techniques through which one can recall and remember those dreams. Some of those methods and techniques are mentioned below.

How to Remember Dreams

Methods to Remember Dreams:

1.) Proper Sleep to Remember Dreams Clearly

To remember dreams clearly first you need to is dream something. To dream something, you need to have a proper sleep. If you don’t take enough sleep or have an interrupted sleep during night, there would be less chance of having a dream. You get to dream when you are in REM state. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. REM refers to a stage when you are resting but your mind remains active. This action of mind causes you to dream. So, to dream and remember them, you need to do the follow below listed steps.

  • Try to sleep at the same time every night.
  • Sleep enough to get dreams. An ideal sleeping duration is between 6-8 hours.
  • Set up a sleeping environment in your room.
  • Avoid TV, cell phone, and other noisy distraction while sleeping.
  • Proper sleep is also useful to lucid dream.

2.) Keep an Alarm Handy to Remember Dreams More Often

Keep the alarm clock near to your bed to turn it off easily. If you have to get out of your bed to turn it off, there are more chances of you forgetting the dream. This is because your focus shifts from dream to the alarm clock. Follow the below mentioned suggestions.

  • Set your alarm to ring after you have taken a sufficient amount of sleep.
  • Try not to use an alarm clock, instead practice to wake up without such noisy buzzing sound.
  • Ask someone from your home to wake you up gently.
  • This way you will be more likely to remember your dream more often.

3.) Keep a Pen and Notebook Aside to Remember dreams

After recalling dreams, it is best to pen it down in a notebook. Because you must have noticed that usually what happens, you wake up thinking that you will remember the dream. However, later you are not able to recall dream at all.

  • Keep a pen and notebook in your reach.
  • Keep them in the same place every day, so that you don’t have to search it to write it later on.
  • Keep notebook page opened and pen uncapped to save you precious seconds and keep your mind stuck in your dream only and nothing else.

4.) Practice Writing Technique to Remember Dreams Clearly

You must practice writing technique to make it easier for you to recall and remember a dream. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to express yourself correctly as dreams can be very weird.

  • Look for a place out of your window, it can be the park, road, a building, parking lot etc.
  • Practice writing by describing such place with small and easy words.
  • Use some fixed word for describing some common objects.

5.) Wake up Frequently to Remember Your Dreams

After you get in a habit of making note of your dreams. You can increase the amount of dreams you can remember by waking frequently in the night. Although, most of the time we only remember our latest dreams. But, waking in middle of the night can help us to remember more dreams.

  • Set up an alarm to get off in the middle of night 2-3 times.
  • Keep an interval of at least 1-2 hour between the alarm.
  • Keep a pen and notebook in your reach throughout the night.
  • Do this if you take sufficient amount of sleep. Because waking up more often at night can can make you lethargic next morning due to less amount of sleep taken.

6.) Keep Notepad and Pen Handy all the Time

Sometime it can happen that you may not be able to recall the dream in the morning. But, later in the day you might see or hear something similar to the dream (like a deja vu). This may trigger the memory of the dream you dreamed last night.

  • In such cases, keep a pen and notebook handy with you and note down the dream.
  • If you can’t carry a notebook or pen, record your dream in your cell phone or make a note of it in the cell phone.

7.) Light to Remember Dreams Clearly

You may be excited to recall a dream in the middle of the night and will be thinking of noting it. But, as you reached to your notebook and pen, you may notice light is switched off. And as soon as you switched it on, you notice that now you have forgotten your dream. To prevent shifting of your focus from remembering dream, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Keep a dim light on in your room so that you can write your dream. It will also help in locating your notebook and pen.
  • You can use a glowing pen which is useful to write in the absence of light. You can buy it from a local stationary in your area.

8.) Proper Hydration to Remember Dreams

Hydration is very necessary for a healthy body and mind. You must keep yourself properly hydrated all the time, especially during your bedtime. This is because, lack of water in the body can wake you up in the middle of the night out of thirst. On the other hand, drinking too much of water before sleeping can wake you up for urination.

  • Drink adequate amount of water to have an uninterrupted sleep.
  • Don’t forget to go washroom before going to the bed in order to avoid urge of urination in the middle of the night.
  • Keep water handy during your sleep, so you have access to water if you feel thirsty in the middle of sleep.

9.) Keep Your Mind & Body Calm Before Bedtime to Remember Dreams

It is necessary to keep your mind stress free in order to have a better sleep and dream. Lots of thought due to stress can make it difficult to remember dreams. Before sleeping, try to be calm and relax your mind and body.

  • Leave your office pressure in office only.
  • Avoid watching any horror or tragedy movie or serial before sleeping. This is because such emotions can draw your attention and may disturb your sleep.
  • Meditating or counting back technique can help you divert your mind and help you relax better.
  • You can even listen to mild music to release stress.

10.) Avoid Alcohol to Remember Dreams

Alcohol can affect your ability to remember dreams. Alcohol is known to cause memory loss so remembering dream is far more difficult after getting drunk. It also affects lucid dreaming and causes dehydration.

  • Other than alcohol avoid smoking as well before sleeping.
  • Also, do not take a medicine right before bedtime.
  • Try not to take anything for an hour before going to bed.
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