How to Wake Up Early?

In this article we will suggest you about  some of the ways to wake up early in the morning. Waking up early us quiet a task for some.  It is one of the stubborn habits to get rid of. No matter what you do, you are not able to make it a routine to wake up early daily. It is almost like a smoker trying to quit smoking, but fails to control it. Sometimes a late night party with friends is an excuse for waking up late in the morning, or it can be late night chatting with your Gf/Bf, or can be office work. There are a lot of reasons which are responsible for not being able to wake up on time. Some of you may have compromised with this bad habit due to getting fail each morning. But, you should never give up anything until you achieve it. That must be your attitude to be overcome this or any other problem. To be a morning person, you must be determined at first place. If you are determined on your aim to wake up early, 60% goal is achieved there only. Rest things will start to fall automatically. Below we have suggested some of the ways to wake up early. Try to follow them for at least a month to make it a healthy habit.

How to Wake Up Early

Ways to Wake Up Early in The Morning

1.) Make a Strong Reason to Wake Up Early

What is the reason that you want to get up early in the morning? Want to do some personal activities? Or need to finish some pending work? To start exercising? Nearly every attempt to wake up early fails due to lack of strong enough reason to get rid of the habit. If you want to wake up early just for the sake of it, you will fail most probably. But, when there is a strong enough reason to do so (can be anything), you will be able to, no matter how sleepy you are. If you actually want to wake up early, you should have a strong reason.

2.) Alarm Clock to Wake up Early

To wake up early in the morning, you should keep an alarm in your bedroom. Set the alarm to your targeted time to wake up early. Avoid using a phone to set an alarm rather buy an alarm clock and keep it away from you. Keep it away so that in the morning when it rings, you need to get up from bed to reach it. Make sure you don’t get back to bed to sleep for a few minutes after stopping your alarm. Otherwise, the whole purpose of keeping the alarm clock away will be useless.

3.) Set The Alarm Clock 20 Minutes Earlier Than Normal Time

If normally you sleep till 9 AM, going cold turkey and targeting for 6:30 AM isn’t going to happen. Though, it might happen once or twice, but then you may spend the whole day drinking coffee and feeling lethargic. It is better to be realistic about your targeted time to wake up early rather than making your next day sluggish. Start by setting it 20 minutes earlier, which is 8.40, then 8.20 for the next two days and so on. Gradually reducing time will not shock your system and will help you remain active throughout the day.

4.) Imagine Your Ideal Morning

It is one of those situations where you can make your fantasy an actual reality. Imagine yourself as the morning person that you want to become. Imagine a list of things that you want your mornings to be consist of?

  • Drinking your coffee on the patio.
  • Reading a newspaper or a book.
  • Doing yoga or simply strolling.
  • Imagine the pleasant environment.
  • Pleasant breeze flowing around.

This will help you plan the foundation for what will become your morning routine later. So, create an environment that you’d want to wake up to next morning. All such action will encourage you to wake up early.

5.) Make a Night Time Routine

Our body program a routine for everything we do. Our body takes time to adjust for the changes made. Like we have a schedule for our daily activities, likewise we should have routine for sleeping as well. We are not like a vehicle which can go from 60 to 0 at once. So, make a routine for sleeping better. Your routine can consist of drinking milk, showering, reading, listening to some soothing music, or practicing some relaxing exercises such as Pilates or Yoga. Include such activities in your night time routine for 20 minutes before you go to bed. This will help you sleep better and energized you for morning.

6.) Dim the Lights Before Going to Sleep

Bright lights can hold back the hormone melatonin, which are responsible for sleeplessness and “tired” feeling. The reason behind it is that bright lights messes with our body’s internal clocks. So, avoid using bright lights in your bedroom an hour before you sleep. If you are reading something, read it without too much bright light.

7.) Refrain From Using Gadgets on Bed

When you’re in front of your TV, laptop, computer, or phone, your body suppresses the melatonin hormone which helps in sleeping. These gadgets also increases stress hormones which prevent you from falling sleep. So, try not to use such gadgets in your bedroom or finish using them an hour before you go to sleep. Especially avoid using phone in bed or even keeping it aside while you sleep. Keep your cell phone on silent mode to sleep better.

8.) Have Your Dinner Three Hours Before Going to Sleep

Having a late night dinner may also affect your goal to wake up early. Most of you might be knowing that our body takes around 2-3 hours for digestion of the food. So, if you eat late at night or say 1 hour before sleeping, then your body may consume all the night time for digesting that food and not giving sufficient time for your body to rest. Such habit will make you lethargic for the next day, even you have taken enough sleep. It will also increase the risk of getting obese and making you vulnerable to many diseases. So, try to eat 3 hours before going to bed in order to sleep better and waking up on time refreshed.

9.) Avoid and Change Some Habits

There are some of the other reasons which you need to avoid or change to wake up early. These are:

  • Avoid Smoking Before You Go to Sleep
    Smoking tends to increase your heartbeat, which will prevent you from falling asleep. It can also make you snore which your partner will not like. So, avoid smoking.
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol
    Drinking too much alcohol will make you lethargic in the morning due to hangover. It can also keep you sleep for longer without making you realize. It is better to avoid drinking not only for sleeping purpose but also for living a healthy life.
  • Avoid Drinking Too Much Water Before Going to Sleep
    Drinking too much water before sleeping may get you up  in the middle of the night to go to the toilet which may affect your sleep. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t drink water as not drinking water at all can also make you get up due to thirst. So, drink water in moderate amount.
  • Sleep on Time and at the Same Time RegularlyTry to make a habit of sleeping at the same time everyday. Such habit will  help your body system to perform well. It will help in waking up on time.
  • Exercise and Eat a Healthy Diet.Regular exercising will help develop healthy body which will help sleep better. Eating healthy diet will help repair and enhance the body from inside.

10.) Take Adequate Sleep to Wake Up Early

For a living a healthy life apart from food and exercise, you should also take plenty of sleep. As resting your body is as much important as exercising and eating. Sleeping for about 7-8 hours is considered ideal. Try to sleep for at least for 7 hours and no more than 8 hours. Try to plan the rest of your schedule according to this only.


Following above suggestions thoroughly can help you wake up early without making your life lethargic. Follow this, at least for a month for positive results. You might skip a day or two while practicing this, but don’t let it affect your actual goal.

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