Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Smoothies that helps in weight loss also offer a delicious, nutritious way to lose weight fast. No wonder, there are so many smoothie recipes for weight loss. Smoothies for weight loss provide you all the nutrients that your body needs. The great thing about homemade smoothies is that you can easily control the nutrition value and quality. By simply combining essential ingredients, you can make a great tasty smoothie which will help you shed off extra pounds. The procedure of making any smoothie is not difficult and ingredients are also easily available in the local market. The truth behind working of smoothies so perfectly is that it can give you all the necessary nutrition in a glass without adding a single calorie. While learning about the essential ingredients that create a balanced smoothie, you will be able to include a good balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, as well as vitamins and nutrients. You have all the control over nutrition value while making the smoothie so that you can enhance the elements for a better result.

Some Benefits of Smoothie:

  • Brain boost
  • Reduce cravings
  • Energy
  • Meal flexibility
  • Deeper sleep
  • Treat obesity
  • Boost immune system
  • Detox
  • Improves digestion
  • Easier weight loss
  • Provide all essential nutrients

Top Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss:

1.) Blueberries Smoothie to Lose Weight Fast

Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

This is a brilliant breakfast smoothie able to provide all nutrients that you may require daily. Only a glass of blueberries smoothie is equivalent to a full bowl of nutrition loaded meal. Smoothies that include blueberries as an ingredient help in weight loss quite well than other smoothies. A right time is needed for a smoothie to work efficiently and keep this in mind. This smoothie should be taken in the morning for best outcomes. It will only add 136 calories per glass. The recipe seems quite complicated but once you have prepared the smoothie then it will help you in weight loss significantly. This is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • One medium-sized banana
  • Half cup of soy protein
  • One teaspoon of flaxseed oil
  • Half cup of frozen blueberries
  • One teaspoon of psyllium seed husk
  • Half teaspoon of honey

Cut down banana into small pieces and put all the ingredients in the juicer. Add little amount of water to make smoothie properly. You have to blend the ingredients until it becomes smooth. Drink the shake every morning with the breakfast to lose weight fast.

2.) Watermelon Smoothie for Weight Loss

This smoothie is perfect during summer months to maintain a good hydration level in the body. The procedure to prepare the smoothie is quite easy. You just need yogurt, some ice, and plenty of watermelons. This cool refreshing smoothie will take you all laziness and make you fell fresh throughout the day. The recipe is one of the healthiest smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • Six cups of seedless watermelon
  • Ten ice cubes
  • One cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt

Put half of the ingredients in a juicer and blend it properly until it gets smooth. Don’t forget to add ice and vanilla yogurt for refreshing and delicious effect. Now, repeat the same process with other half left out ingredients. The recipe of watermelon smoothie looks quite simple but it is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss.

3.) Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie for Weight Loss

You could get recipes of numerous smoothies for weight loss but choosing the right one according to your body type is quite difficult. There are some smoothies which can do wonder if taken correctly. A smoothie that includes peanut butter and banana is surprisingly good for weight loss. The high protein content in this smoothie makes it greatest among others. Due to plenty of protein offered by peanut butter, this is the best meal replacement smoothie.


  • Half cup lows fat peanut butter
  • One small banana
  • Half cup non-fat milk

Add all the ingredients into a blender, add one tablespoon of chocolate whey protein powder. Drink it after making it smooth.

4.) Mocha Smoothie to Get Rid of  Extra Pounds 

Wow! Lots of chocolate, but don’t worry it will not add calories at all. This smoothie is completely fat-free and healthy.  While drinking this smoothie, you will feel that weight loss would never be so easy and delicious. To make this smoothie more refreshing and healthy add frozen yogurt, ice and cocoa powder.

  • Half cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt
  • Four small ice cubes
  • One shot espresso
  • Tow teaspoons of cocoa powder

Add the ingredient into the blender in the same order as written in recipe column. Make sure to blend it at a high speed until it gets smooth.

5.) Strawberry Banana Smoothie to Lose Weight Fast

The smoothie prepared by the combination of strawberry and banana is everyone favorite. The smoothie is highly nutritious but quite simple to prepare. You just need a few strawberries, a banana, an orange for flavor, ice, yogurt and voila.


  • One large banana
  • One cup of strawberries
  • Half cup of yogurt
  • Half sliced orange
  • Five ice cubes

Once you have arranged the ingredient, add them in a blender to make a smoothie.

6.) Kiwi and Honeydew Smoothie to Lose Weight Fast

The ingredient used in this smoothie is easily available and the process is also simple. Once you have ready with all the ingredients keep in mind of adding sugar for taste.


  • One kiwi fruit
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • Two cups of honeydew
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice

Add all ingredients mentioned in the recipe column along with sugar. Blend until it gets smooth and then add ice to make it refreshing.

7.) Mixed Berry Smoothie to Lose Weight Naturally

Mixed berry smoothies are not only delicious but also help in weight loss. This smoothie could be your great summer treat. You should drink this smoothie to beat the heat and feel refreshing all day long. Gather all the ingredients required to prepare the juice and shed off extra pounds from the body. Don’t forget to put berries in the fridge before using it for a smoothie. The recipe is one of the top smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • Half cup of low-fat yogurt
  • One cup of frozen berries
  • Few ice cubes

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until it gets smooth.

8.) Peach Smoothie for Weight Loss

Peach smoothie is so sweet and tasty that will make your whole day refreshing. The effect of this smoothie is quite similar to that of watermelon smoothie. With few common daily used ingredients, you are ready to rock. Despite so simple recipe it is one of the best smoothie recipes for weight loss.


  • One cup of frozen peaches
  • One cup of low-fat milk
  • Two teaspoons of flax seed oil

Blend all ingredients until mixer gets smooth.

9.) Citrus Smoothie For Weight Loss

A citrus smoothie is basically a smoothie prepared from lemon and orange. This is the great smoothie to full fill the need of vitamin C in our body. This smoothie is so refreshing that you can include it for your lunch and breakfast.


  • One cup of low-fat milk
  • Half cup of lemon yogurt
  • One medium-sized orange
  • One tablespoon of flax seed oil
  • Six ice cubes

10.) Apple Smoothie to Lose Weight Fast

Although, the color of the smoothie is green, but it doesn’t taste like green leafy vegetable juice. You will start to adore this smoothie once you tried it.


  • Half cup of milk
  • Half cups of vanilla yogurt
  • One medium-sized apple
  • Two tablespoons of cashew butter
  • Six ice cubes

Add all the ingredients in a blender and then blend it till smooth. Drink this smoothie every morning to lose weight fast.

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