Natural Home Remedies For Root Canal Pain Treatment

After writing, how to cure a toothache?home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief, and how to restore tooth enamel?, we are now writing best natural home remedies for root canal pain treatment. A root canal is a kind of passage in the root of the tooth. Root canal treatment is done by the dentist to save the tooth of the patient, to avoid tooth extraction. Each tooth has an empty structure in its center that is addressed to nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. There is a canal that goes through the center of this area similar to the refill of a pen go by its body.

A root canal is a canal in the middle of the tooth. It has to be cured by the dentist in order to keep away from extracting the tooth. There are many reasons of this trouble, the most ordinary one being the fracturing of the tooth due to consuming solid foods. Tooth decay that is caused, when a metal substance starts shrinking, or the decay of the soft tissue chamber that damages the tooth also leads to a root canal. The major trouble that starts with the root canal is the inflammation of the tooth. This may also cause the jaw region to go red. But the most frequent problem is the unbearable pain and sensitivity that comes when drinking/eating things too hot or too cold. Read the below article, to know the best natural home remedies for root canal pain treatment and get relief from the pain and also avoid it happening in future.

Causes of Root Canal Pain:

  • When your old metal filling starts withdrawal, it causes tooth decay and push for the need for a root canal management.
  • The decaying of the pulp chamber causes damage to your tooth and you start feeling sensitivity in that single tooth. When you eat a little cold or very hot, it troubles.
  • Chewing or eating something hard food or crushing something very hard in your mouth may result in tooth fracture and becomes a reason for a root canal. Post crack, eating anything cold or hot from that area as it will be painful.
  • The shock of childhood can also become a cause of root canal in a teenager. Sometimes, you get hit by somebody in your mouth, and you ignore the problem. But, that problem grows within with time, decaying your tooth and causing a problem of the root canal.

Best Home Remedies for Root Canal Pain Treatment Naturally:

1.) Ice Pack for Root Canal Pain Treatment

This method has been used for many years and has been very successful. Just place an ice pack on the root canal area and let it anesthetized the area thereby lowering the pain. Make sure you don’t put the ice pack for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. The cold sensation provided by the ice pack will help to lower the pain sensation and swelling of the gums. Ice pack remedy not only lower the root canal pain it also lowers the stomach pain and close the skin pores.

2.) Common Salt for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Salt has anti-bacterial properties, which help relieve the root canal pain. Salt water may be simple, but is a very helpful remedy for fairly a number of situations and that includes treating root canal pain. Put one tablespoon of table salt into a glass of mild hot water. Mix the solution and then use it to rinse your mouth. Hold the water in your mouth for a few minutes to draw the water typically around the tooth with a root canal for best results. Mix a tablespoon of salt with lukewarm water and gargle at least 2-3 times a day. If feasible, try to hold the water next to the affected area as long as possible before you discharge it out.

3.) Alcohol for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Gargling with alcohol like whisky or beer also works great on root canal pain. It is as efficient as any mouthwash. It helps get rid of the bacteria that cause illness, it also will freeze the area, providing temporary release from the pain. Not only it will remove the bacteria that cause infection, it will also anesthetize the area, providing short-term relief from the pain. You can also drink it in small quantity for an even more efficient result. You can also use mouthwash that contains alcohol as an ingredient. It is a nice way to lower the root canal pain.

4.) Tea Tree Oil for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Tea tree oil has proved to be useful in curing a lot of health problems including acne and scarring. The oil helps to cure the pain caused by root canal as well. Add a few drops of the oil to mild hot water and keep it in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes. This will lower the pain. You can use olive oil as an alternative to tea tree oil. Immerse a cotton swab into some olive oil and apply this softly to the aching tooth. Its mild effects will cure the pain that you are facing. Olive oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the pain and inflammation.

5.) Cucumber for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Cucumber also helps reduces the tooth ache and pain of root canal. This is another home ingredient that has pain reducing properties. Cut a slice of fresh cucumber and place it on the affected tooth. The cooling properties of the cucumber help to alleviate pain.

6.) Clove Oil for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Oil extracted from clove buds have natural analgesic properties. It’s a natural substitute to pharmaceutical pain relievers, but it can still be found at many medical stores. If your pharmacy doesn’t have it, you’re likely to find it at your neighboring health and nutrition store. Cloves are one of the best natural medicine for root canal pain, as they are known to own anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antibacterial properties. Apply, clove oil on the infected tooth for pain relief. Use it regularly for a few days to feel better. Once you have the oil, you can immerse a cotton swab with it, place the cotton in the painful area of your mouth and softly bite down. Clove oil is safe to swallow, but it may blaze your gums a little. It is one of the fastest and easiest home remedies for root canal pain.

Natural Home Remedies for Root Canal Pain Treatment

7.) Lemon for Root Canal Pain Treatment

The strong citric acid and Vitamin C in this fruit is helpful in lowering pain from the root canal and other tooth problems. The citric acid helps to make the teeth white by removing the yellow stuff from the teeth. Take a piece of lemon and put it straight onto the affected area. On the other hand, press the juice out of the fruit and wash the area with it. Another option is to squeeze the juice out and add a small piece of salt to make an adhesive which you can apply directly to the area.

8.) Olive Oil for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Olive oil is also an effective remedy to treat root canal pain. Soak a cotton ball in some olive oil and apply this softly to the painful tooth. It’s tender effects help to get rid of the pain that you are experiencing. Olive oil consists of anti-inflammatory properties that calm the pain and swelling.

9.) Onion/Garlic Juice for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Garlic consists of antibiotic and other medicinal properties while onion is an antiseptic ingredient. Chewing onion/garlic was found to be more useful in treating root canal pain. An alternative for those who don’t like this way takes out the juice by squeezing the onion/garlic in a glass and drink the juice like any other remedy.

The thoughts of the terrible smell related with raw garlic in the mouth may not be very friendly but when you remember just how much pain you are feeling, then you will think this alternative. Grind the onion and garlic collectively and try to take out the juice thereof. Put a drop of that juice on the paining tooth or just drink it. If you are powerful enough, you can also chew the onion and garlic and then take some honey to get rid of the nausea. It is one of the best home remedies for root canal pain.p

10.) A Liquid Diet for Root Canal Pain Treatment

When you feel tooth pain, it is suitable to stick to liquid meals. Increasing your ingestion of juices, like carrot juice, orange juice is also a good idea. However, ensure the juices are not too icy as it may cause sensitivity.

When you suffer from root canal pain, it is advisable to take in liquid meals as hard foods will put a lot of pressure on the affected tooth. For liquid diets there is no need to use the teeth. This helps to lower the pain fast. Increasing your drinking of juices – like orange juice, carrot juice – is also a good option. Make sure the juices are not too cold as it may cause sensitivity and more decay. Avoid hard and crunchy foods that may cause more pain.

11.) Baking Soda for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Baking soda can be of good help when experiencing from root canal pain. Do one thing, dip a cotton ball in water and then squeeze out the extra water, coat it with the baking soda. Apply, it on the exaggerated tooth. Otherwise, you can make a mouthwash by mixing baking soda with water. Use it to swish your mouth.

12.) Vinegar for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Normal kitchen vinegar or apple cider vinegar plays a great role in killing the bacteria that cause root canal. Dip a cotton ball in the vinegar solution and keep it over the affected area, for minimum 15 minutes. For better results, apply it on a regular basis.

13.) Asafoetida for Root Canal Pain Treatment

All kinds of dental problems can be treated with asafoetida. Mix a bit of asafoetida and a few drops of lemon juice. Then, warm it up. Soak a cotton pad in this solution and apply it on the tooth. It is a great root canal pain relief home medication.

14.) Hydrogen Peroxide for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide is very helpful in treating root canal pain treatment. It helps relief the infection and the discomfort due to pain. Take 3% hydrogen peroxide and wash your mouth thoroughly with it. After washing with hydrogen peroxide, rinse your mouth 2-3 times with normal water. Usually, this home remedy for toothache  root canal pain treatment.

15.) Tea Bags for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Tea consists of anti inflammatory properties that helps reduce the tooth pain. Once you are done with tea. Use this tea bag placing on the affected area in the mouth. The juice of the tea leaves also helps cure the tooth and make the area numb for a while to reduce the pain.

Note – The tea bag should be hot and shouldn’t be torn or opened from anywhere.

16.) Garlic for Root Canal Pain

The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of garlic makes it one of the top remedy for root canal pain. It also reduces the swelling of gums and removes the bad breath from the mouth. It is easily available at any vegetable shop. Mix some black or table salt with the crushed garlic clove and apply it directly on the root canal area to lower the pain. If you like, you can directly chew one or two garlic cloves to get relief. Repeat this method for a few days. The garlic oil can also be used to treat the root canal pain. You can buy garlic oil or can prepare it at home.

17.) Guava Leaves for Root Canal Pain

Fresh extract of guava leaves lowers the pain of root canal pain, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. Not only it lowers the root canal pain it also lowers the swelling of gums and remove bad breath.

Chew a few raw guava leaves until its bitter juice starts healing the root canal pain. You can go for raw spinach leaves in the similar manner. The other popular way to use guava leaves is boil three to four guava leaves in a pan with a glass of water. Wait for the solution to cool at room temperature and sprinkle some salt into it. Use the mixture as a mouthwash. Use it after every meal and in the morning for quick result.

18.) Plantain for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Chewing a few plantain leaves can also be helpful to treat root canal pain. If your tooth happens to be too painful to chew it, try chewing it from the other side and have water. Alternatively, make a paste of the leaves by grinding them and mixing a few drops of water in it. Apply this paste on the affected tooth. This is again a useful natural remedy for root canal pain.

19.) Pepper and Salt for Root Canal Pain

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties present in these two ingredients help to give instant relief from the root canal pain. It is one of the best combinations used for treating root canal pain. Follow the instructions given below to get rid of the root canal pain.

  • Crush black pepper to make fine powder.
  • Mix salt and water in it to make a paste.
  • Coat the affected tooth with this paste.
  • Leave it on the tooth for a couple of minutes.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.
  • Repeat this treatment twice a day to get relief from the pain.

20.) Potato to Cure Root Canal Pain

This is one of the natural remedies to get quick relief from root canal pain. It minimizes the pain, swelling, inflammation and other discomforts that are caused by the infection in root canal. Follow the instructions given below to cure root canal pain.

  • Cut a potato into slices.
  • Keep a slice of potato on the affected tooth.
  • Leave it on the affected tooth for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Now, rinse your mouth with normal water.
  • Repeat this treatment on a regular basis to get relief.

21.) Raw Butter to Treat Root Canal Pain

This is one of the best home remedies to treat root canal pain. White butter helps to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the infection in the root canal. The best thing about this remedy is that the mushiness of the white butter does not hurt the affected tooth. All you need to do is eat a large chunk of white butter daily to subside the pain. Avoid eating yellow butter. If you want to eat yellow butter, eat it in small quantities. It is a wonderful remedy to get instant relief from the discomforts of root canal pain.

home remedies for root canal pain

22.) Wheatgrass for Root Canal Pain Treatment

Wheatgrass is a well known natural cure for root canal pain. It is something that is increasingly ordinary around the house considering how healthy it is supposed to be for you. You can both chew the wheatgrass or, since most people have it at home in a fluid form, hiss your mouth out with it. It has anti-bacterial properties that can help relieve root canal pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of wheatgrass helps to lower the swelling of gums.

23.) Elevated Pillow to Get Rid of Root Canal Pain

This is one of the wonderful remedies to get rid of root canal pain. If it’s paining very badly and nothing is working to ease down the pain, then elevate your pillow and lay down relaxed. It prevents the nerve throbbing and painful gum. If there is bleeding it will stop as the blood will flow in a particular direction. Next day you can visit your dentist for the further treatment. Elevate your pillow daily before sleeping to get relief from the pain in root canal.

Pillow height helps reduce and stop bleeding from the root canal. It also lowers the pain in the gum around nerve aching. In research it has been found that some people have made their root canal pain worse because of placing the pillow not at proper height. Place the pillow in a way that your head will be comfortably elevated on your bed before going to sleep.

24.) Different Extracts for Root Canal Pain

Using different extracts can help to ease down the pain. It will not only stop the bacteria growth but also reduces the discomforts caused by the root canal infection. All you need to do is soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract. Now, place this cotton ball on the affected tooth. Repeat this remedy daily to get relief from the discomforts caused by root canal infection. You can even use almond, lemon, and peppermint extract to ease down the root canal pain. All these extracts will give you instant results.

25.) Tobacco to Get Rid of Root Canal Pain

Did it just surprise you? No doubt that tobacco is not good for health but do you know it is a wonderful remedy to ease down the root canal pain. Tobacco contains antibacterial properties that stop the growth of bacteria. It also reduces the pain, inflammation and swelling caused by root canal infection. All you need to do is keep some tobacco in your mouth. Once you start getting the mint flavor in your mouth, just spit it out.  Rinse your mouth with normal water. Repeat this treatment whenever you need.

26.) Eating Soft and Mild Food to Treat Root Canal Pain

There is very much difficulty in eating when you are having problem in tooth. Spicy and sweet food can cause a lot of trouble and increase your discomfort. Therefore it is advised that you should eat simple, soft and less spicy food. Raw milk and high protein food is a good option during this time. All you need to drink is raw milk and consume high protein foods to cure the sensation and reduce the discomforts caused by the infection in root canal.

27.) Over the Count Medications for Root Canal Pain

If you are having too much pain and you don’t have time to try any of the remedies, then you can always go for some medications. You can buy oragel gel from the market. This gel will numb the affected area in the mouth and will give you instant relief from the pain. Make sure you don’t apply it too much as it can relax the throat muscles to a great extent which might result in choking. You can even take Ibuprofen which is known for reducing the swelling and pain. Combiflam is also an excellent pain reliever.

28.) Homeopathic Treatment for Root Canal

The best about homeopathic treatment is that there are no side effects and it is 100% safe. Here are some homeopathic medicines that are going to help you to get rid of root canal pain.

  • Lycopodium: It is an excellent choice if you feel pain while chewing. It is good for sensitive teeth and removes the yellow color of the teeth. Lycopodium is also a great choice for gastric issues and liver weakness.
  • Hekla Lava: It reduces the tooth swelling and is effective against gingivitis and pressure on the jawline that is caused because of swelling.
  • Hepar Sulph: It is a wonderful choice for people who have sensitive gums.
  • Silicea: It is a great choice for people who have root infections of tooth or gum boils.
  • Baryta Carbonica: It is an excellent choice for sensitive tooth and sensitive gum. It is also effective for tooth that starts decaying fast.
  • Hydrofluoricum acid: It is an excellent choice for people whose teeth have become jagged due to drinking excessive cold drink. It is also a great choice for sensitive and decaying tooth.

29.) Avoid Flour Products to Treat Root Canal Pain

This is one of the best ways to reduce and control the root canal pain. All you need to do is avoid consuming flour products such as bread, cakes etc. The reason behind avoiding these foods is that they can cause tooth infections from within. When this infection will increase it will cause pain. Therefore, it is necessary to limit grain intake.

Additional Tips for Root Canal Pain Treatment:

  • Brush daily. Always rinse out the leftover food from the mouth after every meal.
  • Do not chew hard things. Avoid cold drinks and sweets, they can cause tooth decay and sensitivity.
  • Maintain proper hygiene to prevent tooth infections.
  • Don’t eat spicy foods as it can increase the toothache.
  • Drink raw milk as it is high in protein. Protein can help to cure infection fast.
  • You can take medical help if your tooth is fractured.
  • Use a floss to remove the unwanted and leftover food from the mouth.
  • Go for a dental checkup once in 3 months to eliminate tooth problems.
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