How to Treat a Burn at Home?

After writing, how to stop peeling from sunburn?, how to get rid of razor burns?, and how to get rid of sunburn blisters?, we are now writing the best ways to treat a burn at home. A burn can be described as a damage caused to your skin resulting in dead skin cells. It leads to the feeling of hot and burning sensation and causes irritation to your skin. Thereby, burns are of three types. One is of first degree burn followed by second degree and third degree burns. When you suffer from a first and second degree burn, it can be treated at home itself with the known medications and home remedies. It do not cause any severe type of damage to your skin. But when you suffer from a third degree burn you will need to seek immediate help from the doctor.

You can suffer from a burn at any of time but it is the most common accident that mostly occurs in the house. That can be while you cooking in the kitchen, arranging you fire place, straightening or curling your hair, ironing your clothes, etc. There can be any kind of incidents that leads to a burn. Every time it is not possible to be very preventive. Accidents might take place but there are measures that can used to treat those accidents at your home itself. So, you are required to know those hacks that will help you to prevent from further aggravating the situation. And, you can easily adopt those measures to treat and cure yourself. For that you will only need to know the best home remedies to treat a burn at home. Here are the best home remedies to heal you from the burns.

Causes of Burn:

  • Chemical burns
  • Scalding of hot and boiling liquids.
  • Electrical burns
  • Fires (burns from matches, lighters and candles).
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.

Home Remedies to Treat a Burn:

1.) Dip In Cool Running Water Immediately

Well, many of you make the mistake of applying a cold compressor when you got burned. But it’s not the correct form of treating the burn. The best way to treat a burn is to run the cool water over it. It will give you instant relief from the burning sensation. The running water will actually help you from preventing the spread of the burn into the nearby area. The next step for you to follow after using the running water is to apply some cooling remedy. And that can be given only through the fresh Aloe Vera gel. Because Aloe Vera is known to have the best cooling effects that will soothe your pain and also reduce the redness from the skin. It means before the skin gets inflamed Aloe Vera will work to stop it beforehand. These measures are needed to be taken immediately.

2.) Use The Vanilla Sticks

Vanilla sticks have been quite famous to have been adding flavor to your recipes. Besides it is good home remedy for burns. Many of you might not be aware of it. But once you suffer from a minor burn, you can instant switch to the application of the extract of vanilla sticks. You can use a cotton ball to soak it in the vanilla extract and apply it gently on the burned skin. The essence of the evaporated alcohol in the vanilla extract will instantly soothe your pain and provides you relief. After which you can wash it with normal water when you feel the burning sensation is gone.

3.) Apply The Toothpaste (Mint)

The next most interesting fact of this home remedy is that this simple toothpaste can do wonders on your skin. Yes! Toothpaste which is of mint flavor can help you to treat yourself at home. Once you got hurt through scalding of hot liquids just run to your washroom and apply the mint toothpaste. Apply it directly on the burned area with help of your index finger. And let it sit for the next fifteen minutes. Then you wash it gently with cold water.

4.) Use The Vinegar

Vinegar has earned its name among the best home remedy for many kind of treatments. It varied from the topical appliance on the skin to the consumption of it diluted in water. Vinegar is acidic in its substance which means acetic acid. It also has the components of aspirin that will work to relieve you from the pain. When you suffer from the minor burn injury, take a cotton ball and soak it in vinegar. Then apply it directly on the affected skin. You can also use paper towels soaked in vinegar. It will reduce the inflammation, irritation and pain.

home remedies to treat a burn

5.) Apply Tea Bags to Cool Down

Tea bags can also be used as the home remedy to treat a burn. For that you will need black tea bags. It contains tannic acid in it. That is helpful to soothe the burning sensation on your skin. A tea bag will pull the heat towards it by reducing your pain. Thereby prepare a normal black tea which you usually do. After that, place the hot tea bags aside to cool down. Then use those left aside tea bags to place it over your burned area. And gently press it to let the essence of the tea bag to get absorbed your skin.

6.) Oats Will Soothe Your Pain

Oats are not only healthy for consumption but appliance purpose as well. You must have heard about oats being used for topical appliance for skin related issues. Well, that’s true! You can use oats powder to actually treat the burns on your skin. Oats is skin friendly remedy which will work to reduce the inflammation from your skin. Thereby you can add oats to your bathing water if you have a larger area of burns on your skin. Else you can grind it and add few drops of milk in it to make a paste out of it. Then apply that paste on the affected area. Let it sit for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then wipe it with wet paper towel to remove the dried oats. After which apply some baby lotion over it.

7.) Use The Raw Honey

Raw honey is the best friend of your skin. Honey is the best healing product that will help you treat any type of skin problems. You will need to get hold of the raw honey. You can get it in the local farm markets. Always store a bottle of raw honey in your kitchen. It will always be helpful for you. To use raw honey take few drops and directly apply it over the burned skin of yours. And give a gentle massage over the area to let the honey get absorbed in your skin. And leave it like that for twenty minute. Then wash it with cold water. It will also moisturize you skin naturally.

8.) Use The Milk to Heal

Milk is the lactose agent that has its own cooling effect when came in con tact with the skin. It is high in calcium, fat and protein which not only best for consumption but for appliance purpose as well. Thereby if your hand and fingers are injured with the burns, then try to dip it in a bowl of cold milk. It will instantly give you relief from the pain, inflammation and burning sensation. And you will feel the soothing effect on your skin. Else you can soak a cotton ball in the milk and place it over the burned area to let it sit for fifteen minutes. Then wash it with wet paper towel.

9.) Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another natural agent that can be said to be the friendly to your skin. It will also nourish and moisturize the burned area of the skin that is burned. When you left with no option to find any other ingredients just turn to coconut oil. All you to do is to soak a cotton in coconut oil and apply it on the burned skin of yours. And do not remove or wash it. It will get absorbed in your skin naturally. Coconut oil has the anti-fungal element in it which will not let the further spread of your burns. Read coconut oil uses for skin.

10.) Apply The Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is also an essential oil that can be used to treat a burn on your skin. It will give you a soothing effect and heal you from the extreme pain if its second degree burns. You can use lavender oil directly on your skin. Else you can also dilute it if your skin is too sensitive. After applying lavender oil leave it to sit for fifteen minutes. And gently wipe it with a wet paper towel.

11.) Onion Juice Will Help

This is one of the most natural home remedies to treat a burn. The quercetin and sulphur present in onion gives quick relief from the pain and inflammation caused by a burn. Onion juice also prevents the formation of blisters. Make sure you use fresh onions as it has more effective medicinal properties. Follow the directions given below for quick healing.

  • Grate an onion into small pieces.
  • Extract its juice and apply on the burn directly.
  • Repeat this process several times a day for quick healing.

12.) Raw Potatoes to Cure a Burn

This is one of the best remedies to cure a burn. The soothing and anti-irritating properties of raw potatoes make it an effective remedy for burn. It soothes the pain and prevents the formation of blisters. This remedy is more effective for new burns. Follow the directions given below to get rid of the pain and inflammation caused by burn.

  • Cut a potato into thin slices. Rub a potato slice gently on and around the burn.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure but make sure juice is extracted from the potato slice.
  • Repeat this process several times a day to cure a burn completely.

13.) Apply The Yogurt

This is one of the most soothing remedies to treat a burn. It is a wonderful antidote for burns. Yogurt cools down the burned areas and speeds up the healing process. Follow the directions given below to heal a burn completely.

  • Take one cup of plain yogurt. Apply this paste directly on the burnt area.
  • Let this yogurt stay on the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with cold water. Repeat the process on a regular basis to treat a burn completely.

14.) Plantain Leaves to Treat a Burn

This is one of the most popular remedies for treating burns. The anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties in plantain leave make it an excellent choice for burns. Follow the directions given below to treat a burn.

  • Take some fresh plantain leaves and crush them to make a paste. Place them on the affected areas of the skin. Now, cover the area with a cotton ball.
  • Change the plantain leaves when it dries. Repeat this treatment on a regular basis to heal the burn completely.

15.) Banana Peel to Cure a Burn

Banana peel contains a powerful antioxidant called lutein which helps in reducing the inflammation, pain and swelling caused by a burn. Follow the directions given below to heal a burn completely.

  • Take the peel of a fresh banana. Rub the inner side of it gently on the burn.
  • Continue rubbing it until the peel turns black. Repeat the process once daily to heal the burn.

how to treat a burn

16.) Mustard to Treat a Burn

This is one of the excellent remedies to treat a burn. It reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation caused by a burn. It speeds up the healing process and prevents blisters and scarring. Follow the directions given below to treat a burn.

  • Gently rub mustard on the burned skin. Leave it on the affected area for a couple of minutes. After one hour, wash the area with cold water.
  • Alternatively, Mix one tablespoon each of mustard oil and turmeric to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste directly on the burn. After 30 minutes, rinse it off with water. Repeat this method twice a day for effective results.

17.) Diet Plan to Treat a Burn

To speed up the healing process it is very necessary to follow a good diet plan. It strengthens the immune system due to which the healing takes place faster. Here are some essential vitamins and nutrients that you should include in your diet plan.

  • Consume food items high in proteins, vitamins, zinc and minerals. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C because vitamin C speeds up the healing process. Foods rich in vitamin C include potato, broccoli and citrus fruits.
  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Consume foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin E because both these vitamins help to speed up the healing process. Foods rich in vitamin A and E are cereals, nuts, green leafy vegetables, green fruits etc.

18.) Salt Solution to Cure a Burn

This is one of the easiest and best home remedies to treat a burn. It draws out all the liquid from the burn affected area. Follow the directions given below to heal a burn completely.

  • In 8 ounces of warm water, add ½ teaspoon of salt.
  • Wash the affected area with this water. You can even soak the burned area in this salt solution.
  • Do this in every 2 hours to get relief.

19.) Foods that Slow Down the Healing Process

There are certain foods that act as a barrier in the healing process. Here is a list of foods items that slows down the healing process.

  • Avoid consuming foods high in sodium as it can slow down the healing process.
  • Don’t eat processed foods as it contains chemicals that act as a barrier in the healing process.
  • Avoid eating sugar because it increases the inflammation.
  • Avoid eating processed foods that contain hydrogenated oils as it increases inflammation and slows down the healing process.

20.) Cucumber to Treat a Burn

The antioxidant and analgesic properties present in cucumber makes it an effective remedy for burn. It prevents the formation of blisters and is very soothing for the peeling skin. It reduces the pain, inflammation and swelling caused by a burn. Follow the direction given below to get quick relief.

  • Grind one or two cucumber to make a paste.
  • Keep this cucumber paste in the refrigerator for about one hour.
  • Apply this paste directly on the burn.
  • Rinse it off after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Repeat this treatment 2 to 3 times a day to get desirable results.

Other Useful and Quick Tips:

  • Don’t touch the burned skin with bare hands as it can cause the spread of bacteria.
  • While treating a burn wash your hands with soap or wear gloves.
  • Change the dressing of the wound on a regular basis to avoid infection.
  • Apply white toothpaste on the burned area to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling.
  • Avoid smoking because it slows down the healing process.
  • Don’t break the burn blisters as it can cause severe infection.
  • Don’t apply petroleum jelly, egg white or butter because they trap the heat. Egg white also contain bacteria.
  • Apply calendula based ointments because they contain antiseptic and astringent properties that speed up the healing process.
  • Don’t remove clothes if it is stuck to the burned skin as it can cause bleeding. Remove jewelry pieces and dry clothes.
  • Cook carefully in the kitchen as this is the place where you burn yourself.
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