Effective Home Remedies for Roaches Removal

The best healing in the world takes place by using the home remedies. Since healing is the natural process happening for the ages, so remember everything needs time to cure. Every problem has a cure and it is easy to fight with them. Well, roaches are the worst type of intruders who invade inside the home and make it filthy. But you don’t need to worry much as there are several home remedies for roaches.

Well, these days the problem of roaches is found in almost every single home you visit. It has grown on the broader scale. You cannot imagine the reach of the roaches as they are high in numbers and smaller in size. Therefore, due to these characteristics, it is easy for them to enter into your offices and homes easily. But, there are various home remedies for roaches that can kill roaches permanently.

Types of Roaches:

Let’s understand their types to make a better understanding, before finding out the ways to cure the problem of roaches.

German Roaches:

They are 13-16 mm long and are most commonly found species. The color of their body is pale brown, consisting of two dark brown stripes on their head. It is easy to recognize them through their appearance. They produce more eggs than any other species among them. They can live up to 12 months.

Brown-Banded Roaches:

They can be differentiated easily on the basis of the gender characteristics. Usually, the females and males can be discriminated on the basis of their colors. The color of the wings in females is reddish-brown while the males have the dark brown color, which gets lightens till it goes to the tip of the wing. Both of them, have a yellow color of the band on their bodies. They are 13mm in size and can live up to 3-11 months.

Oriental Roaches:

Their body appears shiny black and dark brown in color. We can easily discriminate their different genders on the basis of their sizes as females are only 32mm longer while males are only 25mm in size. They cannot fly. They can live up to 6 months.

American Roaches:

The kingdom of American roaches is Animalia who belongs to the family of Blattellidae. They are oval in shape and 2 inches longer in the size. They are mostly found inside the homes and enter it through drainage systems, openings in the home, and doors and windows. They are usually the common cause of the food contamination, as they love to sit on the food products.

Home Remedies for Roaches Removal

Home Remedies for Roaches Removal:

Here are few home remedies that you may follow for roaches removal. They are effective and best natural treatments to get rid of roaches.

1.) Use Soap Solution to Get Rid of Roaches:

Prepare a mixture of soap solution by diluting the soap in the larger amount. Spray it on the roaches infested areas and you will experience that the majority of them will come out of their nests. They will die instantly as their breathing pores will get covered due to the soap solution. It is a very easy way to kill them in an instant. It is a great way to get rid of roaches naturally.

2.) Cucumber Trap to Remove Roaches:

The cucumbers have a substance inside it known as cucurbitacin, which is an amazing substance to control the pest. To prepare the cucumber trap, just place some peel of cucumber in the aluminum can. Sooner, you will find that the cucumber will react with the aluminum. There will be activation of a chemical reaction, which is helpful in repelling the roaches from your home. It is one of the effective home remedies for roaches.

3.) Make Petroleum Jelly Trap:

Well, it is very easy to make this type of trap. You just need a jar and put some peels of fruits like apple, strawberry and much more inside it. Apply the petroleum jelly on the surface of the jar. The roaches will be attracted towards the sweet smell of the fruits. They will be trapped when they will enter the jar to feed. The best part of the petroleum jelly is that it is a sticky substance. It plays a major role in fixing the roaches on the surface of the jar.

4.) Use Ammonia Solution to Get Rid of Roaches:

  • It is an effective home remedy to get rid of roaches. Just add 2 cups of ammonia in the water to prepare the mixture.
  • Now, spray this mixture on the different parts of your home.
  • The ammonia is an effective substance to repel the roaches due to the presence of the pungent smell of it.
  • This kind of smell will generate the sense of irritation and they will try to escape from your home due to it. It is one of the most effective ways to get rid of roaches fast.

5.) Sugar and Baking Soda Solution:

Prepare this mixture by adding sugar and baking soda in equal proportions. After the final solution is prepared, place it near to the roaches infested area. It is an ultimate solution to the problem of roaches, as it is the best way to attract them through the smell of sugar. They will come to consume it. This solution contains the baking soda, which can easily react with the acids present in the stomach of the roaches. It helps in killing the roaches effectively.

6.) Use mixture of Pinesol and Bleach Mix:

Add 2 cups of Pinesol and bleach in equal proportions to the hot water. Mix this solution and pour it into the areas where roaches occur more frequently. The best part of this mixture is the smell that it contains, which repels the roaches. It can treat the problem of roaches successfully.

7.) Borax to Get Rid of Roaches:

  • It is a poisonous substance for the roaches.
  • Just spray it in the places where roaches usually hide.
  • Sprinkle borax on their bodies. Once they will be affected by it, they will try to rush towards their nests. They will feel suffocated due to the presence of borax on their bodies.
  • It is one of the best methods to contaminate other roaches present inside the nest through the contact of the affected one.

8.) Listerine as Home Remedy for Roaches:

Prepare it by adding 2-3 drops of the dishwashing liquid in the water. Spray this solution directly on the roaches by invading inside their hidden places. This solution is one of the best home remedies for roaches. The roaches may never enter your home in the future for sure. It is the one of the best ways to let these wild roaches escape from your houses.

9.) Cayenne Pepper to Kill Roaches:

  • This spice contains a kind of smell which repels the roaches effectively.
  • To prepare this mixture, first take a tablespoon of cayenne peppers and mix it with garlic clove and onion.
  • Boil a quart of water and wait till it chills down.
  • Add this mixture to the water.
  • Spray it on the roaches infested areas.

10.) Boric Acid to Kill Roaches:

It is mostly used by the professionals to slay the roaches. It is a toxic way to remove roaches from our homes. But, one needs to remain careful while spraying the boric acid in the areas where the roaches usually occur at a higher rate. But, remember it can be injurious to the kids and pets in your home.

Few Facts about Roaches:

Here are few fascinating facts about roaches that will upgrade your knowledge about roaches a little more. Well, roaches are also termed as Blattaria. They are basically very common pests we find in our homes.

  • They may live for a week without their head as they have an open circulatory system. The roaches usually breath from their pores that are present on their body segments. They only die due to thirst as they are unable to drink water.
  • These roaches existed from Carboniferous era on this earth from 280 million years ago.
  • They are basically cold-blooded insects that may hold their breath about 40 minutes.
  • They may live without food for about one month but it is impossible for them to survive without water more than a week.
  • There are basically 4600 species of roaches find on this earth.
  • The newly born German roaches may grow faster than any other species present in their kingdom. They may become an adult in just 36 days.
  • The world’s largest roach was founded in South Africa that was approximately 6 inches in length.
  • Hygiene plays an important role in building a healthy environment in your home. So, use these home remedies for roaches to get rid of them completely.
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