How to Lose Weight While Pregnant?

This article is about the ways to lose weight while pregnant. Often, would-be-mother stress for putting on weight. Though the condition is quite normal as the foetus growing in your womb also needs a place to develop. However, too much weight can lead to a complication during delivery and post pregnancy. Thus, it becomes necessary to look after the increasing weight. Well, it is also important to eat more than normal diet during pregnancy since you have to feed the baby in your womb also. But, it does not mean that you need to eat two person’s meal. You just need to follow a proper diet chart. The diet should be nutritive enough to feed the developing foetus.

It’s very important to keep a check on your weight. If you have gained weight during pregnancy then it’s better to reduce it rather than regretting it later. However, you need to be extra careful while reducing weight. Here are a few remedies that can help you to lose weight while pregnant.

Ways to Lose Weight While Pregnant:

1.) Keep a Check on Your Eating Pattern

Often pregnant women eat too much without realizing the number of calories intake and therefore, they start gaining weight. During pregnancy, it is very important to have a check on what you are eating and how much time you are eating. To reduce weight eat a small quantity of food at regular intervals. This will aid your hunger and prevent you from gaining weight. Also, make sure you eat nutritive food especially fresh juices, salads, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits etc. It is batter to seek for diet plan from your nutritionist. As he or she will better understand your body needs and design a diet chart according to it.

2.) Control Craving  to Lose Weight While Pregnant

Morning sickness and craving is very common during pregnancy. While craving, you have strong desire to feed on something. Moreover, it’s not compulsory that you will want to eat only that you like in general. You might crave for eating dark chocolate which, in general, you might not like. To control craving, drink a glass of water  and then look for healthy foods that you can eat in place of what you want to eat. Broths, juices, fruits, healthy salads can be a great and nutritious replacement of a food you crave for. However, if you satisfy your craving once, make sure you consume smaller portion only. For example, if you have a craving for a chocolate cake then a small piece will be enough to satisfy your craving. It won’t affect much on your weight.

3.) Exercise to Lose Weight While Pregnant

How to lose weight while pregnant?

The major reason for weight gain during pregnancy is the inactive body. Most of the women avoid exercise as they believe it would be harmful to their baby. But on a contrary, you need to exercise regularly. Simple exercise makes you active, keeps stress at bay, helps you to shed weight and improves blood circulation. It will also help you during childbirth as well. Moreover, there are certain exercises that prepare your body for a normal delivery.

Moderate exercise such long walk, light, aerobics are recommended during the pregnancy, However, avoid strenuous exercises. stomach exercises and exercise which involves lying on the back especially after the first trimester. Moreover, search  for prenatal yoga trainer to keep your body in shape and avoid complication during and after the delivery.

4.) Cut Down Caffeine Intake to Lose Weight While Pregnant

Most of the pregnant women drink coffee to satisfy their craving. A mug of coffee or 2 is okay for a day. But, if you exceed more than it will not be good for your health and for baby as well. Replace your coffee mug with green tea or fresh fruit juice. Drinking too much of coffee and tea may lead to weight gain, acidity which is again not good for a healthy pregnancy. Also, it will contribute to morning sickness. According to a research intake of excess caffeine during pregnancy leads to miscarriage. If you experience too much craving for the coffee then drink a small coffee. But do not increase more than it.

5.) Eat Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight While Pregnant

Many times pregnant women go for snacks to satisfy their craving and untimely hunger. Consuming snacks are not bad but it is not healthy as well. Oily foods will only contribute to weight gain and are not good during pregnancy. A banana smoothie, spinach cutlets (avoid deep frying) nuts, oats fresh fruits,  are a better option. Also, avoid sugar and opt for low-sodium vegetable juices and other snacks that are loaded with nutrients.

Restrict your fat and cholesterol intake. Avoid cheese, raw fish such oyster, clams and shellfish, greasy foods. To treat morning sickness consume cereals. To get rid of constipation during pregnancy consume fresh vegetables and fruits. To prevent diarrhea eat white rice, bananas, refined wheat bread and oatmeal. Similarly, if you experience heartburn drink milk and avoid fatty and spicy foods

6.) Consume Prenatal Vitamins To Lose Weight While Pregnant

Your body needs extra nutritional during pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins fulfill your needs without adding extra calories in your body. Folic acids, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and iron are a few prenatal vitamins that pregnant women ought to consume. Consult your doctor for their supplements.Moreover, do not supplement these capsules with your food. These capsules are supplementary.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy:

  • Do not go for dieting
  • Eat in small quantity but frequently.
  • Consume nutritious diet consisting of iron, folic acid and other nutrients.
  • Don’t take the stress.
  • Give your body due rest.
  • Do not eat fruits, such as papaya, that are not good during pregnancy.
  • Drink plenty of liquids.
  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • Visit your obstetrician or midwife regularly for the checkup.
  • Avoid strenuous workout.
  • Maintain a good hygiene.
  • Take your supplement on time.
  • Meditate regularly.
  • Do not think much.
  • Listen to soothing music.
  • Take precautions while walking.
  • Avoid heel footwears.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not take any medicine without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not lift heavy weight.
  • Avoid using stairs.
  • Eat 5-6 meals  regularly.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle.
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