Home Remedies for Gas Treatment

This article is about different home remedies for gas treatment. Gas production is a natural phenomenon. The problem occurs when gas does not pass and builds up in the stomach. It is because the  food is not digested properly and there is no sufficient acid to accelerate the digestion. Thus, the air is blocked in the stomach. You may witness abdominal pain, which  may vary from mild to serious. Read more, to know about gas or bloating and different home remedies for gas treatment.

Causes of Gas

Symptoms of Gas:

Home remedies for gas treatment

Household Remedies for Gas Treatment:

1.) Lukewarm Water for Gas Treatment

For immediate relief from indigestion and gas, drink warm water. Lukewarm water flushes out all the toxins present in the body. Moreover, it breaks down the food and accelerate the process of digestion. The first thing one should do after waking up is to drink warm water. It keeps the  digestive system on track. Also, drink warm water after having a meal. It is one of the best gas treatment

2.) Asafoetida for Gas Treatment

Though asafoetida does not taste good, but this spice is very effective home remedy for gas treatment and other similar problems like constipation, flatulence and stomachache.  Add a pinch of asafoetida in the glass of warm water and consume it 2-3 times. Alternatively, you can also add a pinch of asafetida in your food.

3.) Lemon for Gas Treatment

This citrus fruit is also one of the best remedies for gas treatment and other digestive problems. Add half teaspoon of lemon juice in warm water and consume it 2-3 times a day. This remedy will also cure nausea, heartburn, and belching. Lemon purifies the blood and regulates digestion by producing the bile juice, which is necessary for the digestion. One should drink fresh lemon water in the morning since it prevents many  digestive disorders and leaves the digestive system healthy.

4.) Cardamom for Gas Treatment

Cardamom is another spice which is commonly found in the kitchen. The spice provides relief from stomach gas. The volatile oil present in it treats many digestive disorders such as gas and indigestion. Chewing 2-3 cardamom in a day is good for the stomach. You can also crush cardamom seeds and add it to the vegetables while cooking. Alternatively, you can drink cardamom tea to accelerate the digestive process.

5.) Carom Seeds for Gas Treatment

Carom seeds are the most useful home remedy for gas treatment. It speeds up the digestive process and releases the accumulated gas. The easiest way to  consume this herb is swallow 8-10 carom seeds with the pinch of salt and then drink a glass of water. Water will wash down the seeds and provide you instant relief. The remedy comes handy for stomach aches and cramps as well.

6.)  Ginger for Gas Treatment

Apart from adding spice and aroma to food, ginger comes handy for treat stomach related problems as well. Grind a clove of ginger and add to the vegetables while cooking or have a ginger tea. It will support the digestion process. It keeps the gastric problem at the bay. Replace your regular coffee or a glass of soda with ginger tea and see the difference.

7.) Apple Cider Vinegar Gas Treatment

Apple cider vinegar brings instant relief from gas and indigestion. The vinegar provides the sufficient amount of acid which is needed by the stomach. To cure gas related problems have a solution of ACV. Add one tablespoon of vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Drink this solution for a week and you will get rid of the gastric problem.

8.) Baking Soda for Gas Treatment

Baking soda is an effective way to combat with extra acid present in the stomach because it is an anti-acid. Soda neutralizes the excessive hydrochloric acid in the stomach, forming salt and water. In a half glass of water, mix a  half teaspoon of baking soda and drink the solution early in the morning when your stomach is empty. The solution will give you instant relief from indigestion and gas.

9.) Black Pepper for Gas Treatment

Black pepper is another spice which commonly found in the kitchen. It not only add flavor to the food, rather increases the flow of gastric juices and promotes digestion as well. For instant relief, take some crushed jaggery, ginger powder, coriander seeds, dried mint leaves and powdered black pepper. Consume this solution 2-3 times for better digestion.

10.) Buttermilk for Gas Treatment

Buttermilk is easy to digest as compared to milk because it contains more lactic acid. It treats all the digestive related problems. Moreover, it keeps your body cool and hydrated. For gas treatment drinks a glass of buttermilk regularly. In a glass of buttermilk, add  a pinch of powdered cumin seeds along  with asafoetida and consume it regularly, especially in the summers. It’s good in taste and keeps the gastric problem away.

11.) Clove for Gas Treatment

Clove is known for its medicinal and culinary properties. It increases the gut motility and gastrointestinal secretion which further cure indigestion and gastric problems. You can consume pieces of cloves. This remedy is wonderful for a toothache and gas problem as well.

12.) Coriander for Gas Treatment

Coriander not only has a good smell, but it also enhances the look of the food that’s why it is used for garnishing. Moreover, it is used for stomach-related problems such as loss of appetite, nausea, intestinal gas and bowel spasm. To aid the burning sensation in stomach, consume 3-4 leaves coriander. To cure the gastric problem, add roasted coriander leaves in the buttermilk.

13.) Bitter Gourd for Gas Treatment

Bitter gourd release the gas accumulated in the stomach and cures indigestion problem. Cut bitter gourd into small pieces and it in water. Make sure, the amount of water is less because bitter gourd itself release water when cooked. If you want to add salt you can. When the bitter gourd gets soft, remove it from the flame and leave it to cool. Drink the juice of bottle gourd. To treat the root cause of gas, drink this juice regularly.

14.) Mint for Gas Treatment

Mint has cooling property and thus mint juice instantly treats the gastric problem. Take 5-6 mint leaves and grind it along with half glass of water. Consume this dark green juice to eliminate stomach related problems. Alternatively, you can add 2-3 black pepper seeds in crushed mint leaves, make a dough of it and swallow it. After 15 minutes drink 1 glass of water.

15.) Walking for Gas Treatment

Gastric pain occurs when gas is accumulated in the stomach or intestine. The best exercise to combat with the gastric problem is walking. It neutralizes the gas and helps it to release. For old people walking is equally good. It also helps in the digestion, and treats gastric problems.That is why morning and evening walk are considered as a boon.

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