Foods That Lowers Blood Pressure

In this article we will suggest you some of the best foods that lower blood pressure naturally. When our heart beats, it pumps blood around the body to get the oxygen and energy it requires for proper functioning. As the blood flows, it touches thrust alongside the sides of the blood vessels. The power of this thrusting is known as blood pressure. When you have a high blood pressure the arteries faces an extra thrust. This extra thrust sometimes result in heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your blood pressure all the time. A blood pressure is considered normal if it is in the range of 120/80 mm Hg. People suffering from high blood pressure can maintain a healthy blood pressure level by following a healthy lifestyle. Plus, there are certain foods that lower blood pressure effectively and naturally. So include these foods in your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

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Foods that Lowers Blood Pressure

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

1.) Bananas to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Banana works great in maintaining and lowering blood pressure naturally. This fruit is quite sweet and low in sodium. It is also a rich source of Potassium, which helps lower blood pressure efficiently. If you are taking some blood pressure medications, your body can have more need for potassium. Other than that, some people might also be lacking it in their diets. A deficiency of potassium affects the muscles and heart rate. So include more bananas in your diet for treating high blood pressure.


  • Add banana slices to your cereals or your daily fruit salad.
  • You can also grill or sauté banana slices, and top it with 1 tbsp of yogurt.

2.) Kale to Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally

Kale is one of the most effective foods that lower blood pressure quickly and naturally. Kale is full of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds that help prevent condition such as high blood pressure. What makes kale essential to lower blood pressure is its unique nutrient properties. Kale is high in Magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C.  A diet rich in potassium is mainly associated with lower blood pressure. Kale lowers blood pressure as the effect of magnesium is enhanced when it is combined with more potassium.

Kale contains four times more Vitamin C than spinach. Vitamin C helps promote the blood-pressure-lowering effects of magnesium as well as of potassium in the blood. This trio of magnesium, potassium and Calcium is perfect for lowering high blood pressure effectively.

3.) Turmeric to Treat High Blood Pressure Fast

Turmeric is another powerful agent to combat high blood pressure. The active ingredient found in turmeric is known as curcumin. Curcumin has great anti-inflammatory properties. The advantage of turmeric on blood pressure is believed to be connected with nitric oxide. Including turmeric in your daily diet increases circulating nitric oxide.

One issue with curcumin is that you may find it difficult absorbing it. To gain health benefits from curcumin  it is necessary to absorb it. In such cases black pepper can be helpful because black pepper contains piperine. Piperine is a substance helps in curcumin absorption significantly. So, include pepper whenever you include turmeric in your food.

4.) Nuts to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Nuts are associated with many metabolic health benefits. Almonds and cashews are two of the nuts which really stand out, especially when it is about metabolic issues including high blood pressure. Rich magnesium content makes nuts a must have for treating high blood pressure. Magnesium is a powerful mineral involved in many bodily processes. A deficiency of magnesium in the diet is mainly associated with some type of blood pressure complications. More than 60% of American adult suffer from magnesium deficiency. Therefore, to reduce high blood pressure include nuts in your daily diet to meet your daily need of magnesium. Other magnesium rich foods include, avocado, yogurt, fish, dark chocolate, etc.

5.) Garlic for High Blood Pressure Treatment

Earlier garlic was mainly used for health and medicinal purposes. Garlic contains an active ingredient known as allicin. Allicin is a sulfur compound which is formed by crushing, chopping or chewing clove. Several studies have revealed that consuming garlic significantly lowers elevated blood pressure. Other than that, garlic also decrease low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 15-20 percent. Add garlic to your daily diet to benefit more.


  • Chew a clove of garlic with a glass of milk or water.

6.) Spinach to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Spinach and other leafy greens contain low amounts of sodium foods. It is an excellent way to increase your intake of vegetables, which is a vital part of a diet to prevent high blood pressure. Spinach also contains a fair amount of calcium which also helps regulate blood pressure. One cup of cooked spinach provides 1/4th of an adult’s daily requirement of calcium intake. Below are different ways to consume spinach.


  • You can include spinach in your daily salads.
  • You can also benefit by adding cut-up spinach leaves to pasta, macaroni and other dishes.
  • Spinach is also loaded with dietary fiber, iron, and Vitamin A and C. All these nutrients make it a vital food in any diet.

7.) Yogurt to Avoid High Blood Pressure Naturally

Yogurt is another excellent food for treating high blood pressure. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. One serving of yogurt contains 300 milligrams of calcium. This is almost 33% of an adult’s daily calcium need. Calcium plays an important role in maintaining blood pressure and if your body lacks calcium, it can lead to high blood pressure.


  • Yogurt contains a low amount of sodium. So you can have it as it is.
  • You can even use it as a creamy addition to a smoothie.
  • Just mix a cup of yogurt with small pieces of your favorite fruit in the blender.

8.) Potato to Fight High Blood Pressure

Potato is quite a food which is very helpful in numerous health ailments including high blood pressure. Potato is a powerhouse of potassium, which helps maintain and lower blood pressure. Also, Potato is a low-sodium food which is a rich source of fiber. Plus it contains no fat and cholesterol.


  • Cut a few slices of a baked potato. Sprinkle it with one of your spice blends.
  • Other than that, add toppings of low-fat or fat-free sour cream.

9.) Green Tea to Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally

Green tea is packed with an array of powerful compounds and antioxidants. Green tea is so beneficial because it contains polyphenols. One of the polyphenol green tea contains is known as catechin. Catechin helps improve blood flow and blood pressure. Like curcumin, the mechanism involves nitric oxide.


  • 2 cups of green tea per day can increase the arterial size by up to 40 percent.
  • It helps increase water flow and relaxes blood vessels. Thus,  increase blood flow and reduce pressure.

10.) Flax Seeds to Cure High Blood Pressure

Flax seed is rich in flaxseed oil, which helps reduce high blood pressure effectively. This is because of its omega-3 fatty acid content. It is among the best foods that lower blood pressure. Flax seed has a very pleasant, nutty flavor. Below are some suggestions to consume flax seeds.


  • You can crush it into flax seed meal.
  • Include flax seed in your diet by stirring it into yogurt.
  • You can even sprinkle it on your hot or cold cereals to have more nutrition boost.
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