How to Open Pores or Unclog Pores?

After writing, how to get clear skin?, how to remove blackheads?, and how to exfoliate skin?, we are now writing the different ways to open pores or unclog pores. There are many tiny little holes present in our skin. These tiny holes are also known as pores. From these pores only hair grow. Inside the skin, there are sebaceous glands present, which excretes an oil called sebum. When sebum reaches out to the skin surface, it makes a thin layer. This layer lubricates your skin surface. It protects the skin from fungal and bacterial infection. It acts as a two way barrier by preventing too much water getting into your body and also helps avoid losing too much water through the skin. The sebum also helps in excretion of dead skin cells from skin. Sometimes, oil, dirt and dead skin cells build up inside, which lead to clogging of pores. When these pores get clogged, they try to make a way out, which results in acne and other blemishes. That’s why it is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy skin care regime. In this article, we have included best home remedies to open pores or unclog pores for your skin care regime for a promising result.

Home Remedies To Open Pores or Unclog Pores:

1.) Use The Lemon Power

Lemon is acidic in property and is very helpful for exfoliating dead skin and removing dirt from the clogged pores. It also has bleaching properties that help in fading blemishes. It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities. All these properties make lemon, one of the best home remedies to open pores. Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of salt. Scrub with this mixture on the clogged pores for a few minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it 3 times in a week. Alternatively, squeeze lemon juice and apply directly onto the affected area.  Massage for a few minutes and then leave it for a few minutes. Later, wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Apply a mild moisturizer.

2.) Baking Soda Will Help

Baking soda is a very useful cleanser for unclog pores. Due to its exfoliating properties, it helps in removing dead cells and impurities. It even helps in maintaining the right pH balance of your skin. Baking soda is quite useful in treating blackheads as well. It has excellent anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Mix sufficient amount of baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste and massage in upward circular motion for a few minutes. Leave it for several minutes before washing it off. Apply moisturizer and repeat once in a week.

3.) Take Help From Parsley

Parsley is another safest and most effective remedy to open pores naturally. It aids in preventing the excess sebum formation. Therefore, Parsley is an excellent herb for oily skin treatment. Being an astringent in nature, parsley helps in cleaning pores. Its detoxification properties prevents skin from clogging. Soak some washed parsley in some hot water. Let it to cool down fully. Now, Soak a clean cloth in this water. Place and cover your face entirely with this soaked cloth Leave it for a few minutes before cleaning your face and repeat it daily.

4.) Scrub The Area With Sugar

Sugar acts as a natural exfoliating agent, which makes it an effective remedy to open pores. It is also useful in breaking up the dense fibrous connective tissue formed over a healed skin, which results in unclogging skin pores. Here is the method to use sugar, take 2 tbsp of sugar and crush it fine add sufficient amount of lemon juice and water to make a fine glue paste. Gently apply this fine paste on your clogged pores. Scrub the affected area for 5 minutes to exfoliate dead skin. Later, rinse it off with water and apply a mild moisturizer. Repeat this process 2 times in a week to unclog pores. Read article on homemade sugar scrub recipes.

5.) Use The Papaya

Papaya is known to have an enzyme known as papain. Papain helps in improving the skin texture. Papaya is also believed to have excellent cleansing properties, which are very useful in unclog pores. It also helps in making the skin soft and supple. Take some raw papaya juice and dip a cotton ball in the juice. Gently press with the cotton ball on affected area. Let it get absorbed. Afterwards, rinse it off with water and apply this 2 times a week. Alternatively, take out a sufficient part of raw papaya. Gently rub the slice on clogged pores for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off with water to remove impurities such as dead cells, dirt and oil. Twice a week application will help unclogging pores.

6.) Apply The Honey

Honey is another one of the most effective way to open pores. It not only helps to remove excess oil production but also helps in tightening the pores. It promotes hydration and also maintain the water level in the body. Apply some raw honey evenly on the clogged pores. Massage the affected skin gently and let it get absorbed by the skin. After a few minutes, wash it off with water. Repeat the same 3 times in a week. Read article on honey for acne.

how to open pores unclog pores

7.) Use The Jojoba Oil

Jojoba resembles human sebum and also composition of jojoba oil and human sebum is same (Fatty acids, wax esters). Hence, It prevents the sebum production. Application of jojoba oil helps prevent pores from clogging quite effectively. Although this is a time consuming process, but its results are much promising. Apply jojoba oil on the clogged pores with your fingertips. Massage the affected area gently in upward circular motion. Wash it after 10 minutes. Repeat this process once daily.

8.) Steam The Area

Steam is one of the easiest way to open pores or unclog pores. This is because steam tends to open the clogged pores and also helps in cleaning impurities trapped inside it. It is also useful for treating nasal congestion. Here is the method to do it, boil some water in a shallow pan. Take away pan from heat as it starts forming steam. Put the pan on the table. Bring your head over the pan. Keep a fair distance. Cover your head and pan completely with a towel. Allow steam to get absorbed by your skin. Later, pat dry your face and apply a mild moisturizer to prevent your face from drying. Do this twice a week.

9.) Use The Oatmeal

Oat’s exfoliating properties helps in removing dead cells. Thus, It is quite useful to get rid of clogged pores and open pores effectively. This is because accumulation of dirt, oil and dead skin cells are among the main reasons behind blocked pores. Oatmeal also helps to keep the skin clean by soaking excess oil present in the skin. Mix 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 tsp of olive oil. Mix it well to form a paste. Apply the paste evenly on your clogged pores. Let it remain for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse your face with cold water. Use this 2 times a week and get rid of clogged pores faster.

10.) Fuller’s Earth Mask

This is one of the best mask to unclog pores and open pores effectively. Fuller’s earth works by soaking excess oil from the skin. It is a wonderful cleanser that removes impurities and unclogs the pores. The skin whitening properties present in fuller’s earth can make your skin look glowing. Mix one tablespoon of rose water in 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth to make a paste. Make sure there are no clumps in this paste. Apply a thin layer of this paste on your face. Allow the paste to dry completely. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Repeat this process twice a day to unclog pores.

11.) Use The Facial Brush

Brushing is another excellent way to open clogged pores. This method is very simple and removes dead skin cells very efficiently, but you must do it steadily. Use soft bristle brush only as hard bristle might damage the skin and ruin the condition more. Wash your face and pat dry it. Now, softly rub the affected skin in circular motion. Be as tender as you can. Rub it on the dry areas more as compared to the normal skin. After a few minutes, wash your face with cold water. Apply a moisturizer. Brush once a week for better results.

13.) Apply The Egg Mask

Egg whites are known to have excellent skin tightening properties that eventually helps to keep your pores in check and unclogged. In addition to this, eggs also have natural skin-toning properties that help to make your skin soft and supple. If in case if your skin is prone to acne prone, using egg whites or even whole egg masks proves beneficial as it helps to tighten lose skin and aid to get rid of clogged pores.Egg whites prove beneficial because they are known to have natural skin-toning and complexion-enhancing properties. These properties are beneficial in reducing the size of your pores and keeping the impurities away from your skin.

Simply clean your face and pat dry. Take the egg whites and apply them to your face. Add a little honey to the egg whites for added benefits. Now, let the mixture dry and work on your skin to open pores. When dried, wash off with water and then pat dry. As an alternative, you can also whip some egg yolks and apply the whipped mixture to your face for further tightening. This mask recipe is beneficial in providing whole nourishment to your skin and helping to get rid of clogged pores. Allow this mask to sit and work for a good 15-20 minutes and then wash off. Pat dry and apply some mild moisturizer. Follow this remedy once a week in order to unclog  pores.

Alternatively, prepare a homemade scrub using a tablespoon of finely ground almonds and honey. Also add an egg white. Blend ingredients together to obtain a paste. Apply it on your face by gently scrubbing in circular motions. Leave it to dry, then wash off or wipe using a wet washcloth. You can use this facial scrub once or twice a week to open pores.

14.) Exfoliate The Skin Effectively

When trying to exfoliate the skin, you tend to eliminate the dead skin cells and impurities. Steaming is also a type of exfoliation and one of the best ways to get rid of clogged pores. There are many options available in order to exfoliate your skin. One of the oldest and the best methods to open pores through exfoliation are the dry brushing. Be cautious while exfoliating the skin because the skin on your face is fragile and sensitive. Always make sure that the scrub used for exfoliation on the face is made specifically to be used on face. In order to make a homemade face scrub to unclog pores through exfoliation, you need to follow these steps:

  • Clean your face with the help of a wash cloth. Pat dry your face and then apply the face scrub on your face. Use your fingers to scrub the pack gently on your face.
  • Focus more on those facial areas where the skin is dry. Be careful when brushing around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is very thin skin. You need to be extra careful while scrubbing here.
  • After scrubbing your face, wash your face with cold water. Moisturize your face after scrubbing to prevent dryness. You can always use facial scrubs in order to exfoliate your skin and get rid of clogged pores.

15.) Know Thy Enemy

You should know the steps to be taken, when you want to open pores and also understand the cause of these clogged pores. Basically pores that is clogged due to the gathered dead skin cells, sebum and propionibacterium acnes, which are bacteria that thrive on the protein and oil in your pores, eventually resulting in breakouts. In order to understand a blackhead you need to know that it is an opening at the skin’s surface, which is also referred as an open comedo. Exposure to air can cause this plug of gunk to oxidize, which eventually turns black and is then referred to as a blackhead.  It is not wrong to try getting out that gunk of the pores but all you need to know it to do in in the right manner. This is what will actually help you to open pores.

16.) Slather On Salicylic Acid

When it comes to get rid of clogged pores, salicylic acid should be your best friend. This acid is commonly found in various over the counter treatments available for acne. The ingredient gently helps the skin-cell to turnover, eventually helping to get rid of clogged pores by unclog them. Best way to use salicylic acid is to layer it on the skin once or twice a day. Make sure you use the acid in concentrations between .5 and 2%. 

17.) Learn What Doesn’t Work

There are a number of remedies available, when you trying to get rid of clogged pores and when thinking of using benzoyl peroxide for this purpose, just don’t even think of this. While benzoyl can help to nuke the zits quickly, salicylic on the other hand is the better remedy for unclog pores. This is because it helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells and get rid of clogged pores. Benzoyl is mainly known as a bactericide that is particularly used to kill the P. acnes bacteria. Using this is less of a concern for blackheads, since they are open at the surface and the contact with air tend to kill the anaerobic bacteria. 

Wish to know other stuff that does not help? People tend to use things like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol on their skin to get rid of clogged pores. These have zero effect on the bacteria that causes acne and will not at all help to get rid of clogged pores. Instead, they will only dry out your skin. If used in excess, hydrogen peroxide can actually prove to be toxic to collagen which is present in the skin cells. This way, it can be harmful for your skin instead of proving beneficial. These makes it as one of the best tips to get rid of clogged pores.

Other Useful Tips To Open Pores:

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day to unclog the pores. Remove your makeup with condensing milk every day before going to bed. Use a good quality toner to keep the skin clean and the pores minimized.
  • You need to keep yourself hydrated to prevent clogged pores. Don’t use warm water to wash your face. Instead go for lukewarm water. Exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells. Don’t squeeze the blackheads or whiteheads as it can enlarge the pores.
  • Consume a healthy diet that contains more minerals and vitamins such as A, E, B and C. Try to include all the essential fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Avoid consuming fried and greasy food because it stimulates the sebaceous gland which produces excess oil on the skin.
  • Don’t use glycerin on face. Avoid touching your face again and again with bare hands. Make sure your skin is oil free. Go for a deep pore cleansing technique twice a month to clean the pores properly. Before you go out make sure that you apply a good sunscreen.
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