How to Get Tan Faster?

After writing about how to get rid of itchy sunburn?, how to get pale skin?, and how to get clear skin naturally?, here is another interesting article on how to get tan faster? In this article, we will talk about ways to get tanned fast. The brown skin tone is considered to be the epitome of sexiness. A tanned body makes the body naturally appealing. Not only that it also makes all clothes look attractive for the contrast that it creates. Tanning is not that easy to do. It can take endless time in the sun or a huge amount of money in the tanning saloon to actually do it. Everyone wants a tan fast but is it actually possible. Yes, with all the tips that we are about to provide you will be able to achieve a nice tan in no time. 

how to get tanned fast

Remedies to Get Tan Faster:

1.) Tan Accelerator to Get Tanned Fast

One of the best ways to develop the darkest of tans is to use the help of professionals. Yes, it is called a tan accelerator. There are many available in the markets that are known to be effective as well as hygienic. It is recommended that you consult a professional, a friend or Internet to choose one of the best ones available in the market. They not only make the process of tanning easier but also help in creating better results that last long. They will also improve the overall shade of your tan, giving it a more nice golden shade.

2.) Sea Water to Get Tanned Fast

It is advised that taking a nice swim especially in a sea around you can enhance the tanning process. Make sure to the requisite effort to go into the ocean and coming out again can really help darken your skin’s color. Sea salt is great for a tan as it attracts direct sunlight onto your skinIt is advised if you’ve been in the sea tanning starts before you dry off.

We are not suggesting you to apply salt water directly as it won’t be as effective as actual sea water. It happens because of the fact that sea contains important minerals which in the long run, contribute to improving and fastening up the tanning process.

3.) Maintenance to Get Tanned Fast

After you get a nice tan don’t become careless as it can fade away easily. To maintain it for a long time maintain regular tanning sessions. This will help keep up that dark tan that you achieved after so much effort. Make sure to incorporate all the tips written here and do them on a regular basis to keep it all along. Also, it is advised to not let your skin dry. Keep your skin moisturized. Make sure to apply a good moisturizer whenever you are done with the tanning.

4.) Swim in a Pool for Self Tanning

Who doesn’t like a nice relaxing swim in the pool but what if I tell you that it can help with your tanning process. Water is one among the best reflectors of sunlight. To get a dark and a fast tan it is advised to lie in water or simply a floatable device. This will help the sunlight to reflect and bounce right onto you. What could be better than getting relaxed and cooled down while the skin gets the golden hue.

5.) Reflective sheets for Self Tanning

In old movies, beach shots involved single piece bikini-clad women while holding reflectors to get a tan. Guess what? They are still effective at what they do. They help by attracting and reflecting the sun rays onto your body directly. Get a good quality reflective board and they don’t even cost much. Take the sheet and move it at a 45-degree angle to reflect sunlight onto your skin.

Alternatively for a full body tan you could arrange a reflective blanket. Just place it on the ground. Lie down flat on it and remember to turn your body regularly. Also don’t forget to take breaks to avoid sunburn. 

6.) Use Sand to Get Tanned Fast

One of the most famous ways to get a nice tan is to use sand. Sand just like water is effective in reflecting the sun’s light. There is a reason why you see so many people lying down on the sand on a beach. As you lie down on the sand, especially on a beach you are just next to the sand and water at the same time. Just lie there for some time and you shall see the results. Make sure to choose a nice, clean beach for the same purpose. 

7.) Exercise to Get Tanned Fast

Most of you won’t believe me on this but doing regular exercises can help you with the tanning process. As you start to exercise, it will help increase your blood circulation. It also helps keep your body away from dryness. Performing outdoor exercises are one of the best ways to get a nice tan that looks dark and sexy. 

You could play volleyball or perform yoga for a natural sun-kissed look. This will not only provide radiance but will also give you a healthy, fitter body which goes perfectly with the skin. 

It is advised to drink plenty of water for the same to work. Keeping your body hydrated is very necessary especially, if you are spending so much time in the sun.

8.) Chocolate to Tan Yourself

This is a little surprising but the fact is that chocolate can really help you in the tanning process. All you need to do is take brownish shade of mineral makeup and mix chocolate paste in it. Apply this combination on your entire body. Continue this remedy daily until you observe a dark tanned skin.

9.) Tea for Self Tanning

This is one of the safest way to tan yourself because you don’t have to expose your body to the harmful rays of the sun. All you need to do is take a large bowl and pour 3 cups of boiling water. Soak three tea bags in this water. Let the tea bags steep for atleast 10 to 15 minutes. Take off the tea bags and pour a quarter cup of tea into a blender. Mix a quarter cup of lanolin and sesame oil and blend all these ingredients well. Add the left tea into this mixture and apply this on your entire body for the self tanning process.

10.) Coffee and Olive Oil for Self Tanning

Coffee is a popular and great self tanner. The dark color of coffee helps you to get a tan naturally. It also conceals the cellulite appearance. All you need to do is grind one cup of coffee grounds. Mix two tablespoon of olive oil and apply it on the areas where you want a tan. Let the mixture stay on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your skin with normal water and do this twice a day for promising results.

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