How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast?

The roaches are the worst kind of intruders in the world as they are the primary transporters of several bacterias and micro-organisms in our homes. They are the biggest enemies of our health, as they spread several kinds of diseases and infections. Well, no matter how much they harm our health and affect our surroundings, the only solution of this kind of the problem is to get rid of roaches fast.

Different Species of Roaches:

Here is the list of different species of roaches that you will find on your premises. Have a look at them to know about roaches more.

1.) American Roaches:

These types of roaches are commonly found in our homes and are oval in shape. They are 2inches (50.8mm) longer in the length. They are widely known for contaminating the food as they spread the bacteria from their bodies by sitting on it. They mostly live in the warm and damp places. Therefore, they enter homes through pipelines and drainage system.

2.) Oriental Roaches:

The color of their bodies is shiny black or dark brown. It is easy to discriminate their genders on the basis of their sizes. In general, the females may grow up to 32mm while males may grow up to 25mm.They are incapable of flying. They can live up to 6 months only.

3.) Brown-banded Roaches:

They are 13mm in size. It is simple to identify them on the basis of their gender characteristics as the females contain reddish-brown and dark brown wings in color, while the males have wings in dark brown color that get lightens when it reach to the tip of it. Both of these genders include a band in yellow color on their bodies. They can live up to 3-11 months.

4.) German Roaches:

They are the most common type of species in the family of Blattidae. Their sizes vary from 13-16mm in length. They have a pale brown body and contain two dark brown stripes in the rear view of their head. They are larger in the population as they can reproduce more eggs as compared to any other species. They may live up to 12 months.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast

Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Fast:

Here are few ways that you may follow to get rid of roaches fast.

1.) Use Coffee Grinds to Get Rid of Roaches Fast:

Well, aromatic coffee can be used as a bait for the roaches. But, the caffeine present in it plays a major role in killing them effectively. You can easily create a trap by filling the half of the large glass jar with water. Now, place the moist coffee grinds inside the jars. The roaches will be attracted towards the smell of the coffee grinds and will try to enter inside the jar. They can easily be trapped due to the presence of water inside the jar.

2.) Try Sugar and Baking Soda Solution:

  • Mix sugar and baking soda in equal quantity to prepare sugar and baking soda solution.
  • Place this solution where roaches are found more frequently.
  • This solution will draw attention of the roaches to the scent of the sugar, and they will surely come to consume it.
  • The baking soda present in the solution will react with the acids found in the belly of the roaches. It will act as a poison for them. It is one of the best ways to get rid of roaches fast.

3.) Get Rid of Roaches Fast with Borax:

  • It is a poisonous material used to get rid of roaches fast.
  • Sprinkle it on the areas where roaches usually occur.
  • Spray the borax directly on their bodies. They will be affected by the borax present on their bodies.
  • They will attempt to run back to their places while contaminating other roaches present inside the nest.

4.) Get Rid of Roaches Fast with Listerine:

  • Prepare Listerine by mixing 2-3 drops of the dishwashing liquid in the water.
  • Sprinkle this mixture on the roaches directly.
  • The roaches will not try to go inside your home in the future in any case.
  • This is one of the best ways to get rid of the roaches fast.

5.) Get Rid Roaches Fast with Cayenne Pepper:

  • Cayenne pepper is a spice that has a smell which repels the roaches efficiently.
  • Make this mixture by adding a tablespoon of cayenne pepper with garlic clove and onion. Heat a quart of water. Now, cool it and prepare a mixture by adding these ingredients.
  • Use this mixture to spray it on the roaches infested areas.
  • It is one of the efficient ways to get rid of roaches.

6.) Use mixture of Pinesol and Bleach Mix:

  • Mix 2 cups of Pinesol and bleach in the hot water.
  • Spray it on the places where the roaches occur at the frequent intervals.
  • This mixture consists of the strong smell that repels roaches and forces them to leave their nests.

7.) Use Fabric Softener to Get Rid of Roaches Fast:

Roaches breath through their abdomen. When you will sprinkle the fabric softener on them, it will cause the obstacles while breathing and they will ultimately die. You can prepare this mixture by adding fabric softener with water.

8.) Get rid of roaches Fast with Catnip:

The active ingredient present inside the Catnip is Nepetalactone which acts as a repellant for the roaches. It is not harmful to the human beings and animals. It is one of the best pest control methods to get rid of roaches fast.

9.) Get Rid of Roaches Fast with Boric Acid:

It is basically used by the professionals to kill roaches. It is a kind of toxic method that casts off the roaches from our homes. But be careful while spraying the boric acids in your apartments because it can be harmful to the kids and pets.

10.) Use Soda Bottle Trap to Get Rid of Roaches:

  • It is easy to prepare the trap with the help of void soda bottles.
  • Cut off the bottle neck with the help of a blade or a knife.
  • Now, separate the top structure of the bottle and place it in the transforming position. You will find that the rest part of the bottle will act as a pipe for the trap.
  • Mix soap water in the trap, and place it in the areas where roaches walk frequently.
  • They will feel suffocated when they will enter the trap. It is one of the best and easy way to get rid of roaches naturally.

Few Tips to Prevent Roaches:

Here are few tips that you may follow to get rid of roaches fast. They are as follows:

  • Keep your house clean and hygienic.
  • Deny feeding roaches by giving them food and water.
  • Keep your dustbin covered with lids. Also, keep your food containers sealed.
  • Mop floor of your house on a regular basis and maintain hygiene of your place to prevent roaches infestation.
  • Always try to take out the trash on a regular basis from the dustbin.
  • You may try out homemade roaches bait to trap them.
  • Try out insecticides to get rid of roaches, if the population of roaches increases in numbers.

Health is the greatest gift to live a happy life. It is important to manage the hygiene of our home to maintain a healthy environment for our family. Therefore, it is important to get rid of roaches fast. So, you may experience the liberated environment full of peace and contentment in your house.

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