How to Get Rid of Flies?

In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of flies. Before discussing different ways to get rid of flies, let us know a little about them. Fly is a small flying insect with its ugly look and buzz making sound. It roam around your house irritates you. This is not the only harm it can do to you. It can cause serious health issues as well. This is because of the reason that flies generally feed on garbage and decaying bodies of animals. Flies are generally attracted towards decaying and decomposing bodies, stool and urine. They have a pipe in their mouth through which they suck the food, especially the liquid juices, into their mouth.

How Diseases are Spread by Flies?

This is very interesting to understand. Since there is no need to take out your book, it is very easy to understand the concept. As we know that flies are attracted to garbage, decaying food, animal bodies to eat the food. While eating up the food the harmful germs and bacteria which are present on the garbage and food sticks to the mouth of the fly. When the fly reaches to our food it vomits on our food which is not possible to see through naked eyes. Fly generally follows this mechanism of vomiting on every new food it reaches. After vomiting the germs and bacteria also get released on our food which is consumed by us unintentionally. When these germs and bacteria reaches to our stomach they make us feel uncomfortable and health issues starts. Since, the germs and bacteria transferred by the flies reproduce in our stomach and creates a lot of trouble in our body.

Diseases Spread by Flies

There are many diseases spread by flies, but few are common:-

1.) Food Poisoning

This is the most common disease that is caused by flies. Food poisoning is the one in which the intestine of the infected person gets inflamed and intestine are not able to consume nutrients from food. Lack of nutrients in the body makes you feel tired, stressed and above all you will have fever and vomiting. You will also have frequent stool problem which will release water from your body.

2.) Fever

The germs and bacteria will also cause you fever. Your body temperature will start to shoot up and your body will be paining. Don’t take the fever lightly as it can be fatal sometimes. Take medical treatment as soon as possible.

3.) Anthrax

This is generally caused when the flies transfer the germs and bacteria by sitting on your cuts and wounds. The germs which cause anthrax is transferred from animals like pig, goat and horses. The symptoms of anthrax are cough, tiredness and vomiting. Anthrax can spread to your intestine also which is fatal.

4.) Cholera

This disease doesn’t show up any symptoms but can be fatal if not treated timely. In this the body loses all its fluids because the infected one would be vomiting and having frequent watery stools. All the nutrients and minerals will get out of the body and body organs will not perform their functions properly.

5.) Tuberculosis

This disease is fatal and it is a communicable disease. The symptoms of tuberculosis are cough which is from last two weeks, body pain, and fever and weight loss. Go to doctor as early as possible as it this disease is fatal and spreads from person to person. There are different type tuberculosis like bone tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, extra pulmonary tuberculosis.

If you want to read more diseases cause by flies, then you can an article home remedies for flies removal on our website.

how to get rid of flies

Methods to Get Rid of Flies:

1.) Electric Fly Killer to Get Rid of Flies

This electronic device is easily available in the market. These devices are generally placed near to the entrance from where the flies enter into our houses. Electric fly killer consists of small bulbs which produce ultraviolet rays these rays attracts the flies. These also consist of electric wires when the flies come in contact with them; they are burnt by powerful voltage.

2.) Keep Surroundings Clean to Get Rid of Flies

Cleanliness is the best method to be away from the diseases and get rid of flies. Keep your yard, garden, lawns clean. Do not throw garbage as they are the biggest source of flies and diseases. Garbage releases the bad smell which attracts the flies in large quantity. Keep garbage containers and bags closed tightly. If you have dogs in your home and if they litter in your garden, try to stop them from doing this.

3.) Clean your Garden to Get Rid of Flies

Flies loves to stay in long shrubs and leaf pile in your garden. Clean your garden and cut the shrubs at regular intervals so that they do not breed and spread diseases. You can spray pesticides in your garden to kill the flies. Clean surrounding is the first thing to get rid of flies. It is a good habit also. It not only help to get rid of flies but also moths and earwigs.

4.) Seal your House Entries to Get Rid of Flies

Try to close all the possible entries from where the flies can enter your house. Close all windows properly, fix all the openings from flies can possibly enter into your house. Small cracks are also big for these small flies they can enter from that cracks also try to seal these cracks by using tapes and other seals.

5.) Grow Herbal Plants to Get Rid of Flies

Since, this is not an easy technique to opt for because growing plants will take a long time. But this technique is for the long term. An Herbal plant releases odor which is not liked by the flies and they do not come over there. If you have herbal plants like mint, basil in your garden than your half task to keep the flies away from your house.

6.) Cover the Drain to Get Rid of Flies

Stagnated water is the biggest source of flies to breed and spread disease in the surrounding. Cover the drain and do not let water stand in one location. Drain water contains harmful bacteria and pathogens which are carriers of various harmful diseases and flies are carriers of these diseases. Spray insecticides at regular intervals in these pools of water so that flies do not breed.

7.) Insecticides to Get Rid of Flies

These are chemicals which are used to kill flies present in our home and have long lasting effect to get rid of flies. They are easily available in the market and easy to use. Just spray the insecticide on the flies and areas where they generally roam and they will be killed in seconds. They can also kill the eggs and larvae of the flies, so that they do not grow up.

8.) Fly Glue Traps to Get Rid of Flies

Fly glue traps works of sticky substance which causes the fly to stick at it and killed after some time. Fly glue traps are made of yellow tape on which sticky substance is spread, yellow color attracts the flies and they are trapped. We can make this glue trap at our home also just take a yellow hard paper pour some corn starch with water and spread all over it. This combination makes a sticky substance which will attract the flies and would kill them.

9.) Camphor to Get Rid of Flies

Camphor odor is very strong and is not liked by the flies. It is a waxy substance which is used for centuries. Put a piece of camphor in a warm place and light it up as it is highly inflammable. The smoke released by it after burning, contains odor, which keeps away the flies. Don’t inhale the smoke of camphor for a long time as it can cause breathing problems.

10.) Clove to Get Rid of Flies

Its odor is not liked by the flies and is an easy way to get rid of flies. Pluck two or three clove in an apple and place it in your kitchen. The odor released by the combination of apple and clove will keep the flies from entering your kitchen and spreading the disease. Clove has become a popular ingredient for home made repellents. Just boil 3 to 4 cloves in a pan with a cup of water. Using a sprayer, spray the liquid on flies. This will help to reduce the flies and their infestation.

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