How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths?

The most familiar insects infesting the kitchen are pantry moths. Stored products are the biggest source to bring the pantry mouth home. At first, infestations are easy to ignore, because these moths are pretty small. Often, the first symbol of an infestation is small moths flying close to the packages of food. The most familiar species of meal moths present in pantry is the Indian-meal moth, Plodia interpunctella. All harm is done by the larvae. These larvae attack various products including cereal products, flour, cornmeal, rice, dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, chocolate, candies, and other products. When infestation is serious, grown up larvae can often be found in different parts of the house. In this case they travel far from the original food source. Read the article to learn the ways to get rid of pantry moths.

The Diseases Spread by Pantry Moths:

1.) Food Poisoning

The major infectious disease spread by the pantry moths is food poisoning. It happens when our bowel system is out of shape. The intestines are not in proper shape and are inflated. The symptoms of food poisoning are stomach pain, blood in stool and vomiting.

2.) Muscular Pain

Muscular pain is a very common problem. It is spread by the bacteria present in the food contaminated by the pantry moths. Proper rest should be taken when suffering from muscular pain and medical treatment should be the first priority.

3.) Fever

Fever is the common disease spread by the bacteria present in the pantry moths saliva. It can happen to any age group person. It is fatal when not cured properly. Virus and bacterial infection taken in by the person suffers from fever spread by pantry moths.

4.) Dysentry

Dysentry is caused when contaminated food is taken in. In this, the stomach intestines become swollen and in stool blood is seen. Pain and cramps in the stomach is the major symptom of this disease. Loss of water from the body also happen, which is the major cause of death.

5.) Nausea

Nausea is quite painful and uneasy to handle sometimes. It affects our stomach severely. It is quite restless as there is always a feeling of vomiting in it. Nausea can be cured in a short period and can be cured in a long time depending on how much is the person is infected. Contaminated food is the biggest source of nausea.

How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Ways to Get Rid of Pantry Moths:

1.) Glue Traps to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Traps are available in the market that have a pheromone odour that attracts pantry moths. Use double-stick tape to join the non-adhesive surface of a glue trap to the inside wall of the pantry or cabinet. Heavy infestations may need additional glue traps. The glue within the traps contains pheromones that attract moths and other insects. Male moths gravitate in the direction of the glue, get stuck, and die. As a result, reproduction is reduced to a great extent.

2.) Bay Leaves to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Spread bay leaves throughout the pantry and inside the disposed food containers. Put bay leaves in the corners of your pantry or cupboard. You can also tie them to the walls or on the undersides of your shelves using a tape. Add a bay leaf straight to your canister of flour, rice, or other dry and non-perishable foods. It does not affect the food. But, if you do not want to take a chance, you can stick the bay leaf to the inside of the lid. You will still obtain the desired result.

3.) Boric Acid to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Boric acid is an ordinary insecticide that is practically harmless to human beings and pets. Other names for this neutral powder are orthoboric acid, boracic acid, or Sassolite (its stone form). This is one of the most easiest methods to get rid of pantry moths. What you have to do is just sprinkle it around the house. After spreading in the kitchen, the boric acid will kill them instantly.

4.) Pest Control Team to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

A pest control team has the education, equipment and skills needed to effectively deal with a pantry moth problem. Finding and treating the pantry moths when they become mature can be challenging, especially if they are stretched throughout your house. A pest control team provides their skill to identify the pest problem and decide the best possible solution to get rid of pantry moth infestation.

5.) Remove Infested Food to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

The vacuum bag and any garbage bags containing infested food should be removed  straight away from the kitchen and taken outside. If possible, put the bags on the curb or in an area that does not share a wall with your house. This is one of the most easiest and the effective ways of preventing the infestation. Infested food is the biggest source of pantry moths to spread in the house.

6.) Hair Spray to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Hair spray can also be used to get rid of pantry moth fast. They contain chemicals that are sticky in nature. When they are sprayed on the pantry moth, their wings get attached to each other due to sticky substance and they can’t make an escape. The chemicals in hair spray are highly inflammable take necessary precautions before using them. Don not use close to open flame.

7.) Home Made Repellents to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Insecticides kill the pantry moth instantly, but they can be dangerous for children. They contain harmful chemicals. Insecticides or chemical repellents can be made at home easily using natural herbs oil. There are different herbs available in the market easily. These are lavender, basil, mint or camphor. Take any of the one you like. Crush the herb and extract the juice. Pour the mixture into spray bottle and your home-made repellent is ready.

8.) Vacuum Out Kitchen to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Use a vacuum cleaner with a tube and an angular nozzle attachment to clean the walls, baseboard, and turn of the pantry or cupboard. Clean beneath all shelving liners. Take away any old liners and vacuum under them. If the liners are in terrible shape, you may need to replace them. Target the areas with webbing, larvae, or adult moths, but vacuum the entire house. This comprises all hardware, wire shelves, and pin holes in the shelves.

9.) Wash the Pantry to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Use a dish towel or sponge to clean the walls, floors, doors, and shelves of the pantry. Make sure that you get the door hinges and door jamb, as these places are the most common hiding places for larvae. You should also scrub under any shelving liners or interior racks. You can wash the pantry by using aroma oils like lavender, cinnamon and other essential oils. The aroma released by these oils will remove the pantry moths from the house.

10.) Dry Everything to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Before putting everything back into the pantry, dry the inside of the pantry with hygienic dish towels or paper towels. Also dry any food pot fully before putting food back in them and returning the containers to the pantry or cupboard. Pantry moths flourish on moisture. So keeping stuff dry is an important part to get rid of pantry moths.

11.) Cedar Chips to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of pantry moths. Moths hate cedar wood due to which cedar chips acts as an excellent moth repellent. So, if you want to eliminate these irritating insects from your kitchen or pantry, then this is the best option. All you need to do is place a bag of cedar chips in those areas which are occupied by moths and make sure the container is which it is kept is properly sealed. Another thing that you can do is use cedar closets to keep and store your stuff.

12.) Cloves Pouch to Kill Pantry Moths

This is one of the amazing home remedies to kill pantry moths. The pungent smell of cloves helps in keeping the moths away. All you can do is take a tissue paper or a cloth piece. Wrap some cloves in it to make a small pouch. Now, place these small pouches in different locations such as in the storage container or in the grain storage places so that it is safe from moths. To protect your clothing, place a thicker bundle of cloves in your cupboard. You can even make another pouch by mixing thyme, rosemary, mint and ginseng.

13.) Cinnamon Sticks to Keep Pantry Moths Away

This is one of the wonderful home remedies to get rid of pantry moths. The scent of cinnamon helps to keep these irritating creatures away. All you need to do is wrap some cinnamon sticks in a tissue paper. Now, keep this cinnamon wraps in your cupboards, garment bags, cabinets, food storage places, grain storage places etc. The smell coming from these cinnamon sticks helps to get rid of pantry moths.

14.) Naphthalene Balls to Kill Pantry Moths

This is one of the best home remedies to kill pantry moths. The pungent smell coming from naphthalene balls keeps the pantry moths away. Naphthalene balls works effectively in those areas only where there is less air exposure such as enclosed spaces like food storage container or grain storage container, wardrobe etc. All you need to do is take a small pouch made up of cloth. Add two naphthalene balls in it and wrap it. Now, place these pouches in your wardrobe corners and food storage containers. You can change the naphthalene balls after one to two months.

Precaution: The products you use that were exposed to naphthalene balls should be aired before use.

15.) Lilac to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

This one of the excellent home remedies to get rid of pantry moths. This natural herb is a wonderful natural pest. All you need to do is place some fresh lilac leaves in your kitchen or in food storage areas or containers. Another thing that you can do is dip a cotton ball in this lilac oil. Now, place these soaked cotton balls on your kitchen racks. If you want to get rid of moths in your wardrobe, then sprinkle some dried lilac powder.

16.) Cold Storage Freezers to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

This is one of the excellent home remedies to kill pantry moths. If a particular item is infested, then keep it in the refrigerator at 5F temperature or keep it in the cold storage freezers at a temperature of 20F to kill the pantry moths. All you need to do is leave the infested items in the freezer for the next 7 to 10 days. Make sure you wrap the infested items in a plastic bag to protect it from frost damage.

17.) Control the Humidity Level to Keep Away Pantry Moths

This is one of the wonderful methods to keep away pantry moths. High humidity level helps the pantry moths to grow and reproduce. If the humidity level in your kitchen or pantry is around 70%, then it is the best atmospheric conditions for the pantry moths to reproduce. You need to bring down the humidity level to 50% or even less than that. Pantry moths are unable to survive in low humidity conditions. The best ways to control the humidity is to use a dehumidifier or air conditioners. Use a hygrometer to regularly check the humidity level.

18.) Seal Crevices and Cracks to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

This is one of the best methods to keep to pantry moths away. One of the safest places for pantry moths is cracks and crevices. In these places, home remedies do not work effectively. The best method to control these moths is by sealing the cracks and crevices. Pantry moths usually hide in areas such as drawers, flooring, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, closets, kitchen etc. Sealing the cracks and crevices fully can solve half your problem.

19.) Vinegar to Kill Pantry Moths

This is one of the excellent home remedies to kill pantry moths. White vinegar is a great way to get rid of pantry moths completely. It is a safe way to clean the space and deter the moths from returning. Follow the steps given below to kill pantry moths.

  • Use white vinegar to clean the surface where you have seen moths most.
  • You can mix equal portions of white vinegar and water. Use this as a water spray to get rid of moths completely.
  • Use white vinegar to scrub the infested food containers also.
  • You can even add a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. These essential oils will increase the effectiveness of this white vinegar.

20.) Use Crack and Crevice Spray to Get Rid of Pantry Moths

This is one of the wonderful methods to get rid of pantry moths. If you want to keep a food back into your pantry then use a crack and crevice insecticide around the space. All you need to do is take an injector tip and keep this tip on the cracks and crevices where pantry moths hide the most. Spray this insecticide several times a day to get rid of pantry moths completely. Use a wet dish towel to remove the white residue that is left behind after you use an insecticide.

Quick Tips

  • Make sure you dispose the infested food items properly in the garbage.
  • Regularly vacuum the corners and crevices to avoid pantry moths.
  • Make sure you clean your sofa covers and window curtains on a regular basis.
  • Wash the storage containers and kitchen racks on a regular basis.
  • Do not leave the food storage containers in moist areas as it invite fungus.
  • Freeze dry goods before storing to prevent pantry moths.
  • Store food items in a food storage air containers.
  • Shop smartly. Buy less amount of food grains that you think will finish in a few weeks.
  • Don’t store packaged foods that have already expired.
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