How to Clean Make Up Brushes?

This article will help you to know the ways to clean make up brushes. Make up brushes are the best friend of any girl. When you love applying make-up on yourself and remove it before going to sleep, the same way your make up brush needs a wash. If try to keep your make up brushes clean from the very beginning of its use, it will create any difficulty in washing them. The make up brushes always accompany you anywhere you go. So the bristles might catch germs also while it makes your skin looks smooth when applied foundation, base, eye shadow, etc. So, you need to make a habit for cleaning the make up brushes at regular intervals. To clean the make up brushes is not a difficult task. You just need a small amount of time and few ingredients. So, next time before using your make up kit, try to clean up the brushes at first and then use it. Even your make up brushes need some expensive treatment to make them look fresh and new always. Here are some of the best tips provided to you in order to clean your brushes.

clean make up brushes

Ways to Clean Make Up Brushes:   

There are basically two ways to clean your make up brushes. That includes a wet wash and then a dry wash. The basic difference between the two ways or techniques is the water. When you will go for wet wash, your brush will need to be washed in water from two to three times. The next is the dry wash. In this your brushes will be dried in two ways one by letting it dry on its own. And the other way is to dry it with the help of the blow drier.

1.) Use Olive Oil to Clean Make Up Brushes

Olive is not only good for cooking and applying on your skin, but can be used to clean your make up brushes as well. The olive oil technique can be used for those brushes that have not much sink into heavy make up materials.

  • Take a medium size bowl and pour olive oil in it till it fills more than 1/3 part.
  • Now take your brushes one by one and dip it in the olive oil for ten minutes.
  • After that, take it out and wipe it with a soft sponge type cloth or a tissue.
  • Then take your make up cleaner cloth and spread it on a table or any flat surface.
  • Take the brushes one by one and rub it in back and forward direction on that cloth till you feel the make up is off from it.
  • Now if you still notice any make up on it. Take a wet paper towel and wipe it till the oil went off.
  • Then you can lay the brushes flat to let it dry on its own.

2.) Use Coconut Oil to Clean Make Up Brushes

Coconut oil is the best friend to your skin. So, in the same way it will help you to clean the make up brushes. You know how to clean make up from coconut oil, the same can be applied to the brushes.

  • Take a bowl and pour coconut oil in it.
  • Then dip the brushes in it for five minutes.
  • Take the brushes out from the bowl and rub the extra oil on the make up cleaner cloth.
  • Try to rub it in back and forward direction.
  • After that, take a wet paper towel to wipe off the remaining oil from the brushes.
  • You can also use a soapy solution to clean the extra oil from the brushes. (This same procedure can be applied in point one also.)

3.) Use Baby Shampoo to Clean Make Up Brushes

The bristles of the make up brushes are soft. They are made in a way to soothe your skin while applying make up with the help of it. So, you will also need to take delicate care of your make up brushes.

  • Take a bowl and add few drops of baby shampoo in it.
  • Now add some warm water in the bowl of baby shampoo and mix it well.
  • The next is to dip the brushes in the solution of baby shampoo.
  • When you dip it try to give a gentle rub on the bristles of each brush with help of your thumb and index finger.
  • When you will notice the entire make up coming off from the brushes, keep the brushes aside.
  • Then take it under the tap of running water and again give a gentle rub to clean the baby shampoo from the brushes.
  • Then squeeze the extra water from the brushes.
  • Now place on a flat surface to let it dry.
  • Also, you can take your blow drier to make it dry faster. But make sure not to place the bristles side of the brush towards the mouth of the blow drier. Keep the bristles in the opposite direction from the drier’s mouth.

4.) Use Mild Soap to Clean Make Up Brushes

For this technique you will need a mild shop instead of a baby shampoo. A mild soap will let your brush remain smooth even after the wash. You can try the soaps that contain glycerin or baby soap.

  • Place the soap in a square sized tray or a bowl.
  • Then take your make up brushes under the tap of running water or you can dip it in a bowl.
  • Now take the wet brush and swirl it on the soap gently.
  • When you notice a foamy nature emanating from it, take it away from the soap.
  • And again place it under the running water and give a gentle rub as mentioned in the above point.
  • After which, you will need to squeeze the extra water.
  • Now wipe it with a tissue or soft cleaner cloth.

5.) Use Alcohol to Clean Make up Brushes

The trick of using rubbing alcohol to clean the make up brushes can also be used. The rubbing alcohol will work multi-purpose.

  • Take a tissue and make it wet with rubbing alcohol.
  • Now take one brush and rub the bristles gently in the wet tissue.
  • Follow the same procedure to clean your other brushes as well.
  • Also, you can keep your make up kit intact.
  • If you have by mistake broken your eye shadow or powdered foundation, you can easily fix it.
  • Pick those small pieces and put it back on its place and spray rubbing alcohol over it.
  • It will be intact as before.
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