How to Tie a Scarf?

This article will help you to know the different ways to tie a scarf. Using a scarf with type of dress gives a unique look. A scarf fits well in any type of attire that you choose to wear. Also a scarf can be used at any time of year, i.e. throughout all the seasons and on any occasions. A scarf is a best add on fashion for both men and women. A scarf works well to enhance your look by protecting you from sun to hide your pregnant belly and many more. It’s more in trend these days with various types of usages and innovations to wear it. Many of the fashion shows have included scarf in their added accessories. It is used in various forms from covering your neck to head scarf to belt scarf. It works to give a cuter look with a scarf tied on your head with different hairstyles. Scarf can give you a formal look while you dress up for office. And there is an elegant look too that scarfs helps give shape when you want something to wear in a simpler but elegant and classic chic form. There is more to it if you went to continue with many more innovative techniques. In this article you will learn and discover the top ten ways to tie a scarf. So, try out these trendy, cute, funky and classy ways to tie your scarf.

Top 10 Ways to Tie a Scarf:

1.) Tie a Scarf as a Belt

tie a scarf as a belt

To tie your scarf as a belt is a new and unique style. It gives your body a lean look. Thus, the scarf belt style is changing your personality into a different style from your everyday look. If you are a medium weight person you can opt for wearing a white shirt and trouser. And you can finish the look with a scarf by tying it like a belt around your waist. It will give you a thinner look along with you will look taller. So, for this scarf tied as a belt look, you will need a triangular scarf. Else you can even opt for a normal scarf.

  • Now give your normal scarf a first fold to make a triangle out of it.
  • Then give two more folds to make it narrow.
  • Hold the edges of both the sides of the scarf and wrap it around your waist from any isde.
  • You will need to tie a knot out of your scarf either on your left side or right, whichever way may be comfortable for you.
  • Make sure the edges should fall down out of your scarf to give a perfect look.

2.) Tie a Scarf for a Cozy Look

tie a scarf for a cozy look

You can get the cozy look with your scarf in winters as well as when you are not well. When you are not well and need to step out of your house, try this cozy style. It will keep you warm along with an elegant look.

  • Hold your scarf and fold it in half.
  • Now drape it around neck.
  • Tie a knot on one of the edges (end).
  • Then pull the tied knot through the loop.
  • Then give a twist to the loop.
  • Again pass the other end of the scarf through the twisted loop.
  • And open the first knot that was tied on the end.

3.) Tie a Scarf in a Knotted Style

tie a scarf in knotted style

This is a similar style as compared to the second point, but the outlook is different. This knotted style gives a classy and elegant look to your personality. And it goes best with a tee and a pair of skinny jeans completed with laced ankle boots.

  • Hold your scarf and wrap it around your neck keeping one end longer than the other.
  • Give a second wrap with the longer end of your
  • After the second fold you will get a loop out of it.
  • Now pull the loop downwards keeping the length of the both ends of your scarf and loop equal.
  • Twist the loop and take the left side end of the scarf and pull it over the loop.
  • Now take the other end and pull it beneath the loop.
  • The difference is one end should be pulled over the twisted loop while the other end should be pulled beneath to the twisted loop.

4.) Tie a Scarf Like a Bow

tie a scarf like a bow

The scarf styled in a bow gives a cute look to your personality. It can go with any dress or you can wear it over your blazers too. This bow style is not that hard to try for. You will just need a scarf a little longer than your usual ones.

  • Take the scarf and wrap it around your neck keeping one end longer.
  • The bow will be made out of the longer side of the scarf.
  • Now take the longer end to make a loop while hiding the end of the scarf.
  • The loop should be made in an upward direction not in downward direction.
  • Now hold the loop in the middle with your hands to give a bow look.
  • Take the shorter side of your scarf and try to wrap the bow in the middle from the beneath.
  • Now pull the shorter end slightly to complete the bow look.

5.) Tie a Scarf in a Necklace Style

tie a scarf in a necklace style

Tying your scarf in a necklace style will not cover your neck fully. It will give look like wearing a neckpiece or the necklace. This look will suit you in summer and spring. It is quite simple to try it. You will just need a normal length scarf which is not too bid in size.

  • Wrap the scarf around your neck keeping the length of both the ends equal.
  • And tie a knot with both ends in the middle portion that lies near your chest area.
  • Continue with making the knots till the end while leaving some space for the last knot.
  • Now take the last ends and bring to your left side and tie with your scarf near your neck area.

6.) Tie a Scarf in a Braided style

tie a scarf in the braided style

The braided style is very much in trend. Many of you must have noticed in the modals in the brand stores. The braided style can give you a cozy and smart look. You will only need a long scarf for this style compared to the shorter ones.

  • Fold your scarf into half keeping one end slightly longer than the other.
  • Wrap the folded scarf around your neck keeping the folded area shorter than the open ends.
  • Now pull the open ends through the loop.
  • Now twist the loop and pull the open ends again through it.
  • And tighten the loop for the braided style.

7.) Tie a Scarf Like the Turban

tie a scarf like the turban

A scarf tied in a turban style gives you all new look to your personality. When you are planning for an outing with friends or going for a vacation, you can try this turban style. For the turban look you will need a scarf that is equal from all the sides, meaning a square size scarf.

  • Take the scarf and place it on your bed or a bid table.
  • Now take one end of the square size scarf and make a half triangle out of it, by placing the tip of the end in the middle.
  • Follow the same way for the other end opposite to it.
  • Now give second fold to both the sides.
  • Then, again fold both the sides to make a narrow pipe like structure out of it.
  • Hold the scarf with both your hands and bring it over your head from backside.
  • Now cross both the ends of the scarf on your forehead section.
  • Now bring it on your backside of your head the ends of the scarf and tie a knot.
  • Cover the edges of the ends by putting inside the scarf at the back.

8.) Tie a Scarf in the Waterfall Style

tie a scarf like the waterfall style

The waterfall styled scarf is quite common among the women. But it’s still in fashion as one of the trendiest look. This waterfall style will go with the summer dresses to give a cool and funky look.

  • Take the scarf and place it around your neck.
  • Try to make a loop while wrapping it around your neck.
  • And keep one and of the scarf longer.
  • Now take the longer side and fanned it out the scarf.
  • By taking the tip of the fanned side of the scarf tuck it on the other side of your scarf around the neck area.

9.) Tie a Scarf on your Head Bun

tie a scarf on your head bun

You can go for the head bun scarf look when you go to the beach. You can get this look on when you are on the beach to have a beach party or to relax for a sunbath with your friends or family. The head bun scarf look gives you a cute look with a tough of hippie style.

  • Take a short length triangular scarf.
  • Wrap it around your head bun from back side while bring the ends to the front of your forehead.
  • Twist the middle portion of the scarf from both the sides.
  • Now bring both the ends to backside of your bun and tie a knot.
  • Cover the ends by hiding it under the wrapped scarf.

10.) Tie a Scarf Under your Belts

tie a scarf under your belt

This is one of the easiest and simplest way to use your scarf. You just need to give an add on to your already dressed up style.

  • Take a normal triangular scarf.
  • Just wrap it around your neck.
  • Now tuck it inside your belt by pulling the ends of the scarf underneath the belt.
  • Tighten or loosen the scarf according to your comfort zone.
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