How to Lose a Pound a Day?

This article will help you to know the ways to lose a pound a day. Well, it has become quite a trend among the generation of today to lose extra fat. In brief, everyone of you want a slim and a perfect curved body be it the girls or the guys. So, in search of ways and techniques many of you are trying to move from one way to another. But that will not work for you. All you need to have is patience. Try to stick to one particular regime to lose weight. And when it comes to lose one pound in one day many of you end up fasting.

In literal words it’s not fasting exactly but not to eat during the day. It won’t work well for you. You might think that today you have lost one pound by not eating the whole day but the next day you will be hungrier. That will make you crave for more food the other day. So, try to follow a proper plan to lose weight that will include the proper regime for your diet chart and the daily exercise. You will definitely need a regular physical exercise to lose down weight. But yes you will need a proper diet chart along with the exercise regime. Make a dairy and note down the daily changes that you have gone through in your food habits and exercises. Here are some of the simple and easy ways for you to lose a pound in a day.

lose a pound a day

Ways to Lose a Pound a Day:

1.) Make a Proper Chart to Lose a Pound a Day

It is always necessary to have a good start with any work. When every work is planned in an organized manner it will end in a positive result. Same is the case with your weight loss regime. You are supposed to make a chart to know what type of food is required to be taken during your weight loss period. Along with that you are supposed to know how much calories are required to be burned in a day to lose a pound. Your chart must include the proper diet routine along with your workout schedule. And try to follow the chart everyday. And keep a track of your weight and the intake of number of calories per day. Try to keep decreasing the amount of calories day by day. And add more of fresh fruits and vegetables on your chart.

2.) Start a Daily workout to Lose a Pound a Day

The weight loss regime will be incomplete without the daily exercise routine. You will need to focus on the type of exercises and daily workouts to shed down extra weight from your body. Thereby you will need to know what type of workout will help you to lose down weight. Well, the aerobic exercise like running, biking, swimming, squash, etc. will help you lose down weight if you are overweight and want to lose down the weight for a longer period. But you will need to complete any of this aerobic exercise daily for one hour. The one hour aerobic workout is a must if you want to lose a pound a day. It will burn your extra fat and will let you sweat which is a good part. Therefore, start your day or end your day with any of the mentioned aerobic exercise depending on the time that suits you.

3.) Burn Down the Calories to Lose a Pound a Day

The best part of losing a pound in a day is to drink more of water and take less of high calorie food. Firstly, you have to make a list of those foods that more of calorie content in it. And the calorie intake should be measured in terms of your actual weight. It means if you have consumed fifteen hundred calorie in a day, it means you are required to burn more than thirty thousand calorie in that day. You will easily able calculate the amount by multiplying your weight ten. This will help you to know the amount of calories that have burned and are required to be burned for the next day. This should be recorded in your diary of the daily chart. Thus it will help you to lose a pound a day.

4.) Choose Healthy Foods to Lose a Pound a Day

You are supposed to change your food habits. Your food habits also matter a lot on how you lose weight. If you have an unhealthy diet then it is going to create problem in your weight loss plan. You will have to pick on those foods that are actually responsible to help you shed down the extra weight. So, you are required to have more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to consume those fruits are more watery in content which will help you to keep yourself hydrated.  So, the next on your list should be the intake of low fat but high in protein foods.

5.) Choose the Correct Form of Exercise to Burn Down Fats

You are also required to have the knowledge that which type of exercise will help to lose the extra weight. There are particular exercises that help to cut down the extra fat from your body.  The cardio exercise will help to give shape to your body. When you are losing weight, your body becomes lose. So to keep your muscles firm and intact and to give the perfect shape to your body, you will have to do some of that particular exercise. The names of those exercises include tabata exercise, squat exercise, pushups and few more.

6.) Take a Water Day Break to Detox your Body

Now it’s time to detox your body. You can lose a pound in a day by this detoxing criterion. It means you need to be on liquid diet for a day. If you are looking out for one month regime of weight loss while reducing one pound a day, take a break from food. Taking a food break means to have at least one detox day within a week. On this day try only to have fluids from morning breakfast to dinner. Among the list of fluids try to have normal water, coconut water, fresh juice (try to avoid the packed juice), lemonade, etc.  When you have the detox day break, try to go for less than an hour of cardio and aerobic exercise. It will make you lose more energy. Instead that day take a walk for a longer period. That will make you feel thirstier.

7.) Consume Foods that Gets Digested Easily to Lose a Pound a Day

In the category of foods that are easily digested helps your metabolism to work smoothly. It will not increase your appetite and keep your hunger from extra cravings at bay. You can have yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, chicken breast, salmon, brown rice, bananas, oatmeal, eggs, avocado. And very precisely you will have to avoid the red meat, fast food, sugary products, greasy foods, spices and beverages. Try to have green tea after lunch and dinner to let your metabolism work fast.

8.) Take the Lemon Diet for a Day to Lose a Pound

This sound interesting, to go for a lemon diet for day. Well, to follow a lemon diet means to have lemon and the essence of lemon in your food during a single day. As a matter of fact lemon will help to work down to cut the curbs that you will consume during the day. Start your day with warm lemonade in an empty stomach. The rest of the day will follow up the inclusion of lemon juice in every meal. In your breakfast have fruit salad added with some lemon juice in the mixture. During the lunch hour, Have proper meal but include the low calorie and high protein diet with an added essence of lemon juice sprinkled on it. End your day with dinner with brown rice and a salmon where you can easily add lemon juice over your salmon recipe by adding some herbs like thyme also.

9.) Add a Night Walk to Lose a Pound a Day

A night walk is always fun. You can go for an evening walk after tour dinner with your roommates or your family members. Try to take the walk from thirty to forty minutes. While you take this walk do not try to go for brisk walk thinking it might help you to lose weight. Take the night walk to make yourself relax and calm bring your body to a warm up position. Because the day might be hectic for you with a working life and stress, on which you have added a new change which is a different food habit and exercises. So, the night walk should be a relaxing one while taking out your stress to go for a better night sleep. It will help you to wake up fresh.

10.) Stick to your Plan to Lose a Pound a Day

The last Thing for you to follow is to stick to your own plan. Sticking to your own plan will only help you to get the desired results. Once you have got addicted to this new schedule of life you would be able to like it as the days passed gradually. And do remember to keep a track of changes that you are going through day by day.

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