How to Cure Stomach Ache at Home?

In this article, we will talk about ways to cure stomach ache at home. Accept it!, all of us have suffered from it at some point of our lives. The excruciating pain, the sleepless nights, the knots like feeling. Yes you are not the only one suffering from stomach ache.

The area around the tummy forms one of the essential part of our body. Most of the major activities of our body take place here. Stomach ache could result from many reasons. It is therefore advisable to check with your doctor before trying out any remedy. The problem could be anything from mild to extreme. Identifying the different areas of the stomach where pain can occur can help us to get rid of it faster.

Symptoms of Stomach Ache:

  • Development of Gas in the stomach
  • Indigestion
  • Food poisoning
  • Gall bladder stones
  • Infection
  • Inflammation of pancreas
  • Intolerance to lactose or simply dairy products
  • Endometriosis in women
  • Issues with the thyroid gland
  • Parasites in the stomach
  • Acidity
  • Ulcers
  • Infection in the appendicitis
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Cancer (In rare cases)

How to cure stomach ache at home

Ways to Cure Stomach Ache at Home:

1.) Baking Soda to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

One of the most renowned products used for home remedies around the world is baking soda. Baking soda can act as an antacid especially if you are suffering from acidity or gas. The remedial properties along with the germ removal power can act as a perfect solution for stomach ache. Mix it with water and drink the solution for an easy remedy.

2.) Yoghurt to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

Yoghurt is nature’s probiotic drink. It contains healthy bacteria which helps improve digestion and works effectively to cure diarrhoea and indigestion. It is advisable to consume yoghurt mixed with plain rice. Consuming it directly will also be effective. It will take its time but will help stable your digestive systems good bacteria vs bad bacteria balance.

3.) Hot water Bottle to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

If the pain in your stomach is a result of your occasional periods then this remedy can help. Providing constant heat to the area around your tummy can help relieve the sensation of pain. Just get a hot water bottle and place it on your stomach. Make sure it is not too hot. Keep it there and rest for a while, till the pain subsides.

4.) Aloe Vera to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

Every topic about home remedies is incomplete without the mention of aloe vera. Drinking aloe vera juice is associated with healthy behaviour. It will help improve your digestion and immunity. Consume it for instant relief from stomach ache.

5.) Ginger to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

The healthy properties are not something new, they are known to us from generations. Ginger can help reduce the sensation of pain in your body. With its three in one qualities that include antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties it can relive you of the pain. Just boil freshly cut pieces of ginger in water. Consume the tea everyday for relief from all symptoms of stomach ache.

6.) Rice Water to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

The water that you normally throw away while preparing rice is actually healthy. The starch water that is left can be used at best for getting rid of stomach ache for good. Just prepare some rice and drain out all the water in a separate vessel. Drink the water that you just collected. The rice that is left then can be consumed with rice. Add honey for added taste.

7.) Rose Water to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

One of the most underrated home remedies is rose water. The skin enhancing properties are effective in getting a quick relief from stomach ache as well. It requires no special techniques and no mixtures are to be prepared. Just consume it directly and you are good to go.

8.) Mint to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

Without this remedy the whole list is incomplete. The antiseptic properties are effective for treating pain in your stomach and will kill the bad bacteria in your stomach. There are two ways to do this. One of them is to boil mint leaves in water and to then consume the tea daily. The other method involves chewing 8-10 mint leaves. Choose the one which you are comfortable with. Both are effective in their own respect.

9.) Plain Soda to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

There are times when the acid levels of the body rise up giving way to acidity. Acidity is not only painful but causes great discomfort as well. The best way to treat the problem is to take an antacid to balance up the pH levels of the body. But a more common remedy for the same is plain soda water. Just drink it directly and you will feel relieved from the pain immediately.

10.) Lemon to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

If we are talking about home remedies for stomach ache then the list is incomplete without the mention of this one.  The citrus fruit can help get rid of the knots in your stomach. Just apply the simple procedure for instant relief

  • Cut fresh lemons and squeeze out its juice.
  • Add water to the lemon juice.
  • Mix honey in the lemon juice and stir it properly.
  • Drink the honey and lemon juice for relief from stomach ache.

11.) Rest to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

This is the most sorted and applicable remedies for all problems. At times, due to stress and anxiety your body tends to punish you for the same. Therefore it is recommended to lie down in a dark corner of your sleep and rest for a while. With proper rest your body starts up with its own self treatment mechanism. Do it and feel the results.

12.) Cinnamon tea to Cure Stomach Ache at Home

The herb is not only a good mouth refresher but also an excellent remedy for stomach pain. Simply add some cinnamon seeds in boiling water and drink the resultant tea. Add some honey to enhance the overall taste and aroma. You can even consume cinnamon directly. Well, only if you can. 


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