How to Get Rid of Influenza?

How to Get Rid of Influenza

This article is about ways to get rid of Influenza. Influenza is an extremely infectious viral disease of the respiratory system. It is caused by a virus and is characterized by high fever, headache, muscle pain, and various other symptoms. Around two …

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How to Improve Your Eyesight?

How to Improve Your Eyesight

In this article we will discuss different ways to improve eyesight at home. Eyes, one of the most important part of the human body, make us able to see, distinguish between people, place and things. Without eyes, the world is …

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How to Lose Weight? (Reduce Weight)

How to Lose Weight

One of the biggest health questions people face in the present world is – how to lose weight? According to the studies, about more than 1/3 population of grown ups in US are overweight. On top of that, around 300,000 (approx) …

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How to Get Rid of Blood Blister?

how to get rid of blood blister

Blood blisters are bumps which are mostly filled with blood or fluids. These blisters appear like a reddish bubble on the skin. They are developed by the crack of blood vessels under the skin. When the tissues and blood vessels …

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How to Get Rid of Cold?

How to Get Rid of Cold

This article is about different home remedies to get rid of cold. Cold is a common viral infection in the nose and throat. A cold can cause sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, watery eyes, cough, sneezing, etc. It can …

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