How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat?

After writing, how to get wavy hair naturally?, how to grow your hair faster?, and how to stop hair loss?, now we are writing how to curl your hair without heat? The 80’s had their perms and wavy looks. The 90’s had their butterfly clips and beautiful hairbands. Today, it’s all about a head full of relaxed and loose curls. Every star from Hollywood has sported this decade’s iconic look, but the seemingly effortless waves tend to actually take a great deal of efforts and cosmetics that make our hair texture dry and rough. It’s always better to go for natural tutorials to curl your hair without heat rather than trying those heat machines that easily damages our hair. here are some techniques you need to follow in order to get curly hair naturally.

These days, no one really sticks to the kind of hair they are born with. Straight, wavy or curly you name it and you can get it. Getting the perfect curly hair in the convenience of your home is now an easy option to opt for. You can simply curl your hair the way you like to match your outfit and your look for any event. If you love curly hair but are not naturally blessed with those wavy curls then just be patient. Here are some of the best tips to follow to get your desired curls. All you can do is instead of going for expensive and damaging hair treatments that involve heat and chemicals compounds, you can now have your favorite curls at home without heat. There is no necessity of investing on any kind of styling accessories. Be it breezy waves or unusual noodle hair you can have it all. We have some easy ways that tells you how to curl your hair without heat.

Tutorials to Curl Hair Without Heat

1.) Crimped Curls to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

If you are a fan of any Hollywood and Bollywood actress wrinkle up curls, all you have to do to get them is ditch the harsh electronic rollers and machine to begin with. Wet your hair fully and make a classic French braid. Now allow your hair to dry out and then release the braid. Relax your hair and apply some serum on your fingers. Do this right before going to the bed you get curled hair in the morning to match your look according to the occasion.

2.) Soft Rolled Curls to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

To get the bountiful looking soft curls, wash your hair completely, and comb them while they are dry. Apply a styling mousse or gel from roots to the ends. Then divide the hair into four to five sections and roll them in simple plastic hair rollers. Make sure that the ends of your hair are staying flat on the rollers. Roll all the sections of your hair and covered them with a shower cap. Leave it on for six to seven hours or overnight. Then unroll all rollers and release the hair with your fingers and brush gently to get soft and beautiful hairs curls.

3.) Sleek Curls to Curl Your Hair Without Heat 

To get the nearly smooth back curls, wash your hair completely and let it dry. Apply a good amount of mousse or serum onto it. Now take a thin comb to divide your hair into many sections. coil each section as much as you can and hold it by fixing or tying it with a rubber band at the end of each section. Secure each ends with bobby pins. Now blow dry your hair with hair dryer you can also leave it for five-six hours. Remove all the rubber bands and pins when the hair dries fully. You will be surprised the ways these curls appear and change the way you look.

4.) Paper Bag Curls to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

To get the basic wavy curls, you need not treat them with any kind of heat. All you have to use is a paper bag. First wash your hair, condition it and let it dry naturally. Now create thin sections of your hair and spread swipes of mousse or serum evenly in the each section of your hair. Then take a huge sheet of paper and cut it into long strips. Wrap the sections of your hair with it in by coiling it in an inward direction. After carefully folding all the sections, tie all the edges in a bun. Drying your hair with the help of hair dryer or you can also leave it for five to six hours in order to get perfect curls. These wavy curl locks are totally cool to give you any glamorous look.

how to curl hair without heat

5.) The Headband Tutorial to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Your hair should be dry before attempting this procedure. Slip a stretchy headband over your crown or head in a hippie-style. par it from the medium section of hair from the front and tuck it through the headband. Try kept a little bit loose. Taking the same section of hair keep folding until you reach the back of your headband. Repeat the same on the other side. Leave it overnight when you wake up and take the band out slowly by uncoiling your hair section after that you will get perfect wavy hair for your party look.

6.) Braid to Curl Hair Your Without Heat

First wet your hair and apply gel or hair mousse. Braid damp hair into two pigtails. Part your hair from the middle and braid these two sections tightly, then tie the ends with a rubber band. For the natural look use your fingers to gently pull the braids then release them slightly after five to six hour. For looser looking waves, try using one single braid down the back rather than braiding two parts.For bulky curls, separate your hair into three or four sections and braid each one.

7.) The “Beard” to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

I don’t know if this is actually a thing, but it works! Separate your hair into two sections and apply gel or hair serum, and twist each. Pull those two twisted curls in front and securing them as two different curls. You can use a hair band to secure them. Keep twisting the ends, and loosely tie the two curls together at the bottom. This would work just as well if it was behind your neck. Sleep on it, and then unwind it in the morning!

8.) The Sock Bun to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Yeah, it is totally a new way to create beautiful curls at home without using any heat. It’s  totally new to me! so to do this process what all you need is a sock. Cut the tip-off it, pull your hair through, and slowly roll the sock out over itself, tucking the hair with it. It’ll probably it will be little messy, but the resulting bun will be cute fix this bun with the help of bobby pin, leave it overnight and see the magic overnight!

how to curl your hair without heat

9.) Rollers to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Old fashioned rollers can create beautiful and gorgeous curls. Avoid sponge rollers, as they tend to absorb the whole moisture out of the hair as well as they also suck away the beneficial oils. Magnetic rollers are also sponge types or those covered in satin in order to work better.

10.) Flexi-Rods to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

These flexible rods are meant for your hair to be wrapped around, not inside them, like most rollers. These rods let you have control over the size of the curl, and can work well either wet or dry. What you need to do is wet your hair and part its many sections, roll these sections inward into roller in order get perfect curls. Leave it for three to four hours till it fully dries then open these rods and see the magic.

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