How to Catch Fruit Flies or Trap Fruit Flies?

After writing, how to get rid of bed bugs?, how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of wasps?, and how to get rid of fleas?, we are now writing the best ways to catch fruit flies or trap fruit flies. Fruit flies are those pests that feed on rotten/overripe and leftover food. Sometimes this can be very much irritating when your kitchen or dining area is surrounded by fruit flies. There is no need to worry about  fruit flies as there are a variety of home remedies to catch fruit flies and trap them to get rid of fruit flies fast and naturally.

Fruit flies are mostly seen in your kitchen and dining area of the house. Sometimes these fruit flies can be very much annoying. As, one way or the other they feed on the food and other eatable stuffs available in open. The fruit flies mostly survive in places like damp and moist places. Most precisely on those foods that are rotten (over ripe) and are in the process of fermenting. Therefore, there are various ways to shove them off or you can kill them with different techniques. In this article you will discover some of the simple and easy home remedies to catch and trap fruit flies. To be away with these tiny insects you can read the article further to get the best tips.

Ways to Catch Fruit Flies – Trap Fruit Flies:

1.) Ancient Trick to Catch Fruit Flies

Old folks are always filled with a variety of tales to share with. They have their own methods and ways to get rid of anything that is bothersome. Likewise, to catch the fruit flies, there is an ancient method to apply for. If you believe in ancient methods and ways, Then definitely try out this trick. All you will need is milk, black pepper and raw/brown sugar. According to your need, you can add these three ingredients in a bowl. Now mix it well and keep it a place where you feel the fruit flies enter into your kitchen or dinning area. This will help to kill the fruit flies instantly.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Catch Fruit Flies

The apple cider vinegar is the simple remedy that is available in your house to trap fruit flies. It is not only helpful in adding in your culinary experiments but also to use it for other purposes as well. Apple cider vinegar gives out a strong essence. And the fruit flies don’t have the capacity to resist it. Thereby, it will be one effective home remedy to catch fruit flies. For this take the vinegar bottle and leave the cap open. Then tie a plastic over it with the help of a rubber band. Make small holes on it for the fruit flies to enter. But they won’t be able to come out of it. Also, you can add some soapy water in it.

3.) Red Wine to Catch Fruit Flies

Red wine has been proven to attract the fruit flies and easy way also to catch fruit f lies. So, you can make a red wine trap to catch fruit flies. The requirements include only a left over wine in any of the red wine bottle. You can need to keep the bottle cap open for the fruit flies to enter. You can add a few drops of detergent water in it. This trick actually makes the solution slippery and the fruit flies get trapped in it. And place the left over wine bottles in those places where you notice the fruit flies hovering around. And you realize that the flies are inside the bottle, cover it. This is one simple trick catch the fruit flies.

4.) Jar Containing Fruits to Catch Fruit Flies

The jar containing fruits in it is another best home remedy to trap fruit flies. You will need a jar, few over ripped fruits, water, dish liquid and plastic wrapper. Pour the over ripped fruits in the jar. The fruit flies will get attracted towards the over ripped fruits. Mix a few drops of dish liquid with water and pour it in the jar. After which cover it with a plastic and tie it with a rubber band. Make tiny holes on it to let the fruit flies enter the jar. Once the fruit flies will enter they will be trapped inside the jar. They won’t be able to move out of the jar.

catch fruit flies

5.) Dish Wash Liquid to Catch Fruit Flies

This remedy sounds similar to that of the other points have already been mentioned. The way of applying this home remedy is different. For this you will need a dish wash liquid, apple cider vinegar, a mason jar and rotten fruit. In this technique you will have to heat the apple cider vinegar at the beginning. This will actually help to spread the odor across the kitchen.

As it is already mentioned that the fruit flies cannot resist the smell of the vinegar. So, this will help to disturb the fruit flies. The rest of the work is to pour the heated apple cider vinegar into the mason jar. Then mix it with dish wash liquid. After that, keep that rotten fruit in it. The fruit flies will get attracted towards the fruit. But in actual they will get stuck in the jar. This is an easy to home remedy to trap fruit flies.

6.) Lemongrass Oil to Catch Fruit Flies

This is one unique technique to trap fruit flies naturally and faster. This is an indirect way to shove away the fruit flies. Lemongrass will do two work together. One it will keep your room fresh with its fresh fragrance. Second, it will not let the fruit flies enter the house, by keeping them at bay. Take a spray bottle and add 10 drops of lemongrass oil in it. Add water to make it a solution. After which spray it all over the doors and windows around the house. This will not let the fruit flies enter your house.

Additional Tips:

The soapy or detergent water is effective to kill the fruit flies instantly. Thereby, try to add this component in all your traps that you have made it for the fruit flies to catch them. Also, another important fact to note is to know the sources of the fruit flies. It means the origin where they are breeding. Mostly, it is known that the origin source of fruit flies are the drains. So, try to spray the lemongrass over those places. Else you can even pour the detergent water to keep it clean. Thus, it will help you to prevent the fruit flies to breed further in those places.

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