Benefits of Lemon Water

In this article we will discuss different uses and benefits of lemon water. Lemon is a perfect example of an old saying-“Never judge a book by its cover”. Lemon may seem small in size, but it is packed with so much essential nutrients which is hard to beat. Lemon has a long list of nutrients such as calcium, iron, Vitamin C, magnesium, B-complex vitamins, potassium, and fiber. Lemon is one of the most exploited fruits as it mingles with almost anything. It is a perfect “good morning drink”. Lemon is famous for its therapeutic properties, it is good for the digestive system, immune system, prevents infection and many more qualities. Lemon water is a perfect hydrating beverage which you must consume for a healthy body. So, make it a part of your daily routine and enjoy benefits of lemon water. Some of the uses of lemon water are mentioned below.

Benefits of Lemon Water

 Various Benefits of Lemon Water:

1.) Rich Source of Vitamin C

One of the main benefits of lemon water is that it is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. Lemon is an essential nutrient which helps boost and strengthen a weak immune system. The presence of Vitamin C keeps the body cell healthy and also enhances the healing capacity of the body. Drinking lemon water helps maintain connective tissues as Vitamin C present in lemon stimulates the production of collagen. It also functions as a great anti-oxidants against free radicals. That’s not enough, it also fights off the hearth diseases, cancer, and arthritis.

2.) Lemon Water to Maintain pH Level

Lemon is a great alkaline, whether you believe or not. Although lemon is acidic, but when consumed, it act as an alkaline after it gets metabolized. The alkaline nature of Lemon water helps maintain the right pH level in our body. And, when the pH level is maintained, it means a lot of diseases stay away from you. Drink lemon water every morning on an empty stomach.

3.) Detoxification with Lemon Water

Many people might have told you that having lemon in warm water in the morning helps in reducing the weight. You might have also practiced it and would have also got positive results. But do you know how does it work to help you reduce weight? lemon helps reduce weight by removing the toxic elements from the body. It detoxifies your body completely. Detoxification is also helpful in treating other problems as well.

4.) Improve Your Digestion with Lemon Water

Improved digestion is also one of the benefits of lemon water. Drinking warm lemon water helps encourage the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis (a wave like muscle contraction which moves food to different routes in the digestive tract). High contents of minerals and vitamins present in lemon helps in loosening toxins in the digestive tract. Thus, providing a smooth digestion process. Drink warm lemon water 2-3 times in a day to enhance digestion.

5.) Lemon Water as a Bleaching Agent

Lemon is also known as a fine natural bleaching agent due to its fine acidic properties. Applying lemon water or lemon juice on the face or body helps to lighten the color of the skin. As a result it improves the complexion. Repeat this process once daily to see visible results. Lemon can also be used to remove stains from fabric.

6.) Lemon Water Helps Lose Weight Fast and Naturally

Lemons are high in a compound known as pectin fiber. Pectin fiber helps combat hunger cravings. If you maintain an alkaline diet, you can lose weight faster as compared to non-alkaline diet following people. Starting a day with lemon water will keep you on right track. It will make easier for you to lose weight faster and in a healthier way. Losing weight is one of the top benefits of lemon water.

7.) Lemon Water as a Natural Diuretic

Lemon water helps effectively in getting rid of toxins and wastes from the body. Being diuretic in nature, it helps flush out useless substances out of the body. This is because lemon water raises the frequency of the urination in the body, thus cleaning our body easily, quickly and naturally. It also helps keep healthy urinary tract.

8.) Maintain Hydration Level with Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water regularly in the morning is quite a start. It helps prevent water deficiency and adrenal exhaustion. Lack of hydration results in adrenal tiredness. This slows down the performance of the body. This result in toxin build up, increased stress, improper digestion, lack of concentration and many more body ailments. So, it’s better to maintain the hydration level in your body all the time and lemon water is a perfect choice for it. You can add honey in lemon water to increase its effectiveness.

9.) Boosts Energy with Lemon Water

Boosting energy is also among the best benefits of lemon water Lemon water. It is a powerful source of energy and refreshment. It boosts and flushes in with loads of energy when enters inside your digestive tract. Other than boosting energy lemon helps minimize depression and anxiety which in turn energizes you more. Simply drink lemon water whenever you feel exhausted or tired.

10.) Lemon Water for Healthy Skin

Benefits of Lemon water can’t be left behind ever if looking for some home remedies to treat skin ailments. Vitamin C present in lemon water helps lessen wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. Lemon water also helps to get rid of toxins from the blood. As a result it keeps skin clean and clear. Drink 2 to 3 glasses of lemon water every day for a healthy glowing skin. Add honey for added benefits.

11.) Lemon Water Helps Get Rid of Bad Breath

The acidic nature of lemon combined with the medicinal qualities of honey and water is an effective remedy. This combination can help get rid of bad breath fast and naturally. This mixture helps cleanse the mouth instantly. It activates the production of saliva, which eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

Lemon water is also helpful to get rid of the white film on the tongue which usually formed while sleeping. This white film on tongue is consist of decaying food and bacteria responsible for bad breath.

12.) Lemon Water Benefits for Throat Infection

Lemon is known to have fine antibacterial properties. It help in fighting problems related to throat infections like sore throat and tonsillitis. People who regularly drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning are at a lower risk of suffering throat infections. Lemon water even helps treat and prevent respiratory problems like asthma.

If you suffer a sore throat, have this healthy drink. You can use it as a gargling solution frequently to speed up the process of healing.

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