Coconut Oil for Weight Loss (Uses of Coconut Oil)

This article is about the uses of coconut oil for weight loss. Coconut oil is loaded with saturated fats that help in burning fat. A large portion of coconut oil, fat is formed by a medium chain saturated fatty acids. It is 2 times more helpful than longer chain counterparts in combating extra weight. MCT increases the metabolism and produces a good amount of energy that burns extra calories. Fat may also experience from a state or disease called Candida, due to sudden weight gain, cravings for food, stress and fatigue. The medium chain fatty acids can eliminate this problem. Natural weight loss is generally done by the detoxification of the body, which coconut oil can do. It converts fats in the liver to fuel for the muscle and brain functioning. In this article, we will give you some easy tips of coconut oil for weight loss.

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss:

coconut oil for weight loss

1.) Coconut Oil increases Metabolism

Coconut oil gives the thyroid a boost, which raises metabolism. The reason is that coconut oil helps your body thyroid to create more of thyroxin, a metabolism boosting hormone. Consumers burn 60% more calories than others, even sleeping says a study. In fact, many people have used coconut oil to combat over weight. Take coconut oil in your daily diet and on a regular basis for weight loss.

2.) Coconut Oil Lowers Carving

Coconut oil contains a large amount of healthy fats that help you feel fuller and lowers carving. It helps the body to feel satisfied and coconut oil also slows down digestion. You can take it with your diet, such as in oatmeal or a cooking substitute. Most people take it in tea form, ten minutes before your meal. If you feel fuller, you will eat less food that finally don’t let your body to gain weight.

3.) Coconut Oil Lowers Sugar Level

Coconut Oil lowers blood sugar levels, since consuming it leads to increased metabolism. The blood sugar increase is linked to all kinds of health trouble, including increased weight. When your sugar level is high, it causes a crash, which means more sugar hunger and the procedure continues. A research on the coconut oil user said that coconut oil helps with cravings. Many people have used it when they gave up smoking. Taking coconut oil regularly helps in weight loss.

4.) Coconut Oil Provides Instant Energy

Coconut Oil contains a type of fat that provides instant energy like carbohydrates, but without storing the fat. The MCTs in coconut oil is converted into energy by the liver that is instantly used by the body. The liver doesn’t need other enzymes to break it down. Many consumers, including me, report amplified energy from coconut oil. And that’s great for workouts.

5.) Coconut Oil Balances Hormones

Coconut oil increases the production of healthy hormones, which reduce stress, improve digestion and anxiety. It helps you burn away inflexible fat. These fats accumulate around the waist, thighs and buttocks. The balanced hormones help in weight loss and getting toned body. The hormones when get increased in the body during the stress and fatigue, the coconut oil helps to lower it down fast.

6.) Coconut Oil Absorbs Fat

Coconut oil has the capability to improve digestion. Taking in coconut oil daily helps your digestive tract to absorb fat more efficiently. The soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in coconut oil helps to get rid of weight loss more efficiently. These vitamins help in proper brain functioning, cellular regeneration, improved mood, healthy skin and bones. Vitamin D further helps in digestion by helping the uptake of vital minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. When your body has all of the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs, you will get rid of extra weight. This means reduced hunger, less stress and higher motivation for weight loss.

7.) Lemon and Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Lemon helps in getting rid of extra weight. Mixing it with coconut oil can do wonders in curbing extra weight from the body.

  • Take a lemon zest and some lemon juice in a glass.
  • Now, add a teaspoon of coconut oil and some warm water.
  • Mix it well and sip it softly, early in the morning on a regular basis.

8.) Green Tea and Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Green tea is considered as an exclusive remedy for shedding extra weight of the body. Follow the procedure to take in green tea with coconut oil.

  • Mix green tea bag, hot water and coconut oil in a glass.
  • Soak it in for a few minutes and strain the mixture.
  • Drink it slowly and regularly get rid of extra weight.

9.) Pineapple and Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Pineapple is known for its vitamin C content. Vitamin C helps in cutting out extra weight from the body. Follow the steps below.

  • Take 2 cups of coconut water and add 2 tablespoons of unprocessed virgin coconut oil and 1 cup of frozen pineapple, 1 frozen banana and 5 ice cubes.
  • Drop all these ingredients in a blender and blend, add honey to your taste.
  • Mix it well and then drink it regularly.
  • Regularly taking this drink, will surely help you to lose weight.

10.) Coconut Oil Pills for Weight Loss

Coconut oil pills are also a good alternative, that can also be used as a substitute for the oil. It is suggested to take 50 grams of coconut oil per day. Those taking in around 2000 calories a day should take these pills. These pills usually offer 500 milligrams or 1 gram of medium chain fats. Make sure to talk to the doctor or your consultant before taking these pills to know the exact dosage and the ideal time to get it for weight loss. Keep in mind that the pills should be free of lubricants and additives. It is one of the best alternatives of coconut oil for weight loss.

Coconut Oil in your Daily Diet:

Baking the Food: You can take in coconut oil to prepare food items like muffins, cookies, cupcakes, scones, brownies. Avoid using butter and other fatty oils.

Roast Vegetable: For roasting raw vegetables like potatoes, beets, rutabaga, butternut squash, capsicums and sweet potatoes use coconut oil. Make your meal extra healthy by adding herbs to them  like lemon juice, ginger, thyme, garlic and rosemary pepper.

Prepare Popcorn: Make your own favorite homemade popcorn by pouring the kernels in a bowl and adding a serving of coconut oil.

Nut Butter: To prepare nut butter just take a food grinder and grind 3 cups of nuts like pecans, almonds and add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Grind it in a grinder till it is buttery and smooth. You can also add additional flavors like cinnamon, honey, coffee, flax seeds and maple.

Salad Dressing: Dressing a salad with coconut oil will do wonders with your taste buds and also curbs your extra weight.

Mayonnaise: Just add a spoon of coconut oil and half spoon of olive oil to prepare your own mayonnaise.

Granola: Prepare home-made granola using a spoon full of coconut oil.

Other Substitutes: You can also use coconut oil in any of these substitutes: replace your regular oil with coconut oil to saute vegetables with it, spread it on the bread, use this oil in swirl fries, pour it on your boiled rice, in boiled potatoes or on baked potatoes, drop 2 spoonful in your salads for tropical flavor, pour this in your sauces and soups.

If you follow these above Coconut oil for weight loss tips, we are sure that you will get benefit.

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