How to Cure Stomach Pain at Home?

This article tells you about how to cure stomach pain at home. Stomach pain comes like an unwanted guest and knocks us out. Sometimes the situation is really terrible and unmanageable. This phenomenon of stomach pain generally attached to the fact that what we eat, how much we eat, when we eat and where we eat. Stomach pain is also known as an abdominal pain which generally starts in the abdomen area. This pain consists of different levels of discomfort, types and character of pain may also vary over time. You can experience mild or sharp pain in the stomach or abdomen and this stomach pain can attack you anywhere. Here are some remedies to cure stomach pain at home.

Causes of Stomach Pain:

Common Recommendations for Stomach Pain:

  • Increase the intake of water.
  • You can follow a good diet and timely meal.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.
  • Avoid oily and spicy food.
  • Don’t take too much of caffeine and adulterated drinks.
  • Stay away from packaged food.
  • Avoid fast foods.

 cure stomach pain at home

Remedies to Cure Stomach Pain at Home:

So, here is the list of twelve natural ingredients that can be found at your home. And these  ingredients will help you to get rid of stomach pain naturally without any side effects.

1.) Hot Water Bag to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

For treating stomach pain, you can also do a quick home remedy. If you have a hot water bag at home then use it by pouring water in the water bag. After which put the bag on you stomach for some time. This hot bag helps to relax and loosen the stomach muscles. So whenever you feel cramps in your abdomen area try this hot bag therapy. You easily get rid of stomach pain.

2.) Salt Water Helps to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

What you need is a teaspoon of salt and a glass of lukewarm water and mix this well. After mixing consume this mixture. This is the very old known formula to treat upset stomach. This salt water also gives you relief from sore throat and high blood pressure.

3.) Lemon Water to Cure Stomach Pain at Home 

Lemon water is regarded as the best home remedy to get rid of all stomach problems. It is easily available in your kitchen. So, you will only need  a glass of lukewarm water and just squeeze half a lemon into it and mix it well. This drink mixture which will heal you from stomach ache instantly.

4.) Baking soda to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

If the stomach pain is due to indigestion and heartburn, then try this home remedy. Add one or two tablespoons of baking soda into a glass of warm water and have it. This home remedy really heals your stomach pain and also cures indigestion.

5.) Ginger to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Ginger easily available in your kitchen. Firstly, you need to peel the piece of ginger and grate it or finely chop it. Now, take 1-2  cups of water to boil. Add the chopped ginger and boil it for three to five minutes and then cover it and leave it for some time. Add one tablespoon of honey into it. Drink it warm and then relax for sometime which will help you to get rid of stomach pain.

6.) Apple cider Vinegar to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Apple cider vinegar is regarded as a natural cleanser and good antiseptic. It is also used to treat digestion problems. For this home remedy what all you need is a glass of warm water. Add two or three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in that glass of warm water. Drink it to get rid of stomach ache quickly.

7.) Enjoy Mint Leaves to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Fresh peppermint tea can also help to cut stomach cramps. You need to boil 1-2 cups of water and add a handful of fresh peppermint leaves. Let it boil for three to five minutes and let it steep for some time and drink it little warm. This water really helps you to get comfort from stomach pain. You can also chew some peppermint leaves and then drink one glass of warm water if you want to avoid the boiling process. It really helps you to get rid of stomach infections.

8.) Yogurt to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Mix two spoons of plain yogurt with a pinch of salt. Add a half teaspoon of roasted cumin powder with a cup of water mix it well. Drink it after having your meal. The mixture will ease your stomach pain. Yogurt is generally considered as an cooling agent for the stomach. It maintains your overall stomach health as it contains of healthy bacteria that helps in the process of good digestion and  prevents stomach infections.

9.) Lemon Juice and Honey to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

First take a glass of warm water and add 1 tbsp of lemon juice. You can also squeeze fresh cut lemon and add one tbsp of honey. Then mix it well. Drink this mixture to get rid of stomach pain. Try to take this drink after each meal. It will help you to keep away from stomach problems and also prevents from stomach cramps.

10.) Aloe-Vera Juice to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

This aloe-vera juice is one of the powerful ingredients which has a lot of benefits. What you need to do is take some aloe-vera leaves and peel it and extract the gel. Collect the extracted gel and pour it in the grinder. Mix it well with a glass of a water with the help of mixture grinder and have it. This remedy proves to be the best remedy for intestinal problems. Some people also use it to treat constipation problems. You can use original aloe-vera gel directly from plant or you can also buy aloe-vera juice from the market.

11.) Cold milk to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Sometimes stomach pain is also due to acidity. Milk is considered as one of the cooling agent if consumed cooled. If you are not allergic to milk then you can try out having milk when you suffer from stomach pain. So, you just need to drink a glass of cold milk diluted with water (70ml milk, 50ml water). This simple home remedy will provide you relief after fifteen minutes.

12.) Cumin seeds and Honey to Cure Stomach Pain at Home

Stomach pain may also cause because of constipation. In such case what you need to do is take two tablespoons of cumin seeds and roast it and then powder it. Mix it with a glass of water with one tablespoon of honey and drink it. This will help you in the digestion process. With the help of these home remedies, you can cure your stomach pain naturally. But when the pain is intolerable then don’t wait and watch. Consult your doctor and tell him all the symptoms.

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