Top 10 Foods to Treat Anemia

In this article we will discuss Anemia and suggest your top 10 foods to treat Anemia. Approximately 3.5 million Americans are suffering from Anemia, especially women. Anemia is a condition in which a person’s Red Blood Cell or RBC count is too low and the level of hemoglobin in the blood falls below the normal range.

Hemoglobin is mainly consists of two compounds – Haeme (iron) and Globin (protein). Both of these compounds are needed for supplying nutrients and oxygen to all the parts of the body.

Symptoms of Anemia

A doctor can easily diagnose the Anemia condition with a simple blood test. Even you can know whether you are suffering from Anemia by noticing the below listed symptoms of Anemia:

But, these symptoms can be an indication of some other condition as well, so its better to consult your doctor for the Anemia test.

Causes of Anemia

Some of the main causes of anemia include:

  • Iron deficiency
  • Lack of Vitamin B12 or folic acid
  • Lactation, during which a mother’s body needs more nutrients like iron.
  • Too much blood loss
  • Worm infestation in the stomach and intestines.

To treat or prevent Anemia condition, it is very important to follow a healthy diet plan. You should include foods which contain Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. Here are the top 10 foods to treat anemia.

Top 10 Foods to Treat Anemia

Top 10 Foods to Treat Anemia

1.) Spinach to Treat Anemia

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach are an excellent source of iron and Vitamin C as well. Spinach also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B9, Fiber, Calcium and beta-carotene which are necessary for a healthy body.


  • ½ cup of boiled spinach includes 3.2 milligrams of iron, or a little less than 20% of the daily need for women.
  • You can also consume spinach in a soup, salad or any kind of side dish.
  • Apart from spinach, other leafy green vegetables, which are beneficial for an Anemia suffering person are celery, lettuce, broccoli, watercress, fenugreek and kale.

2.) Peanut Butter to Treat Anemia

  • Peanut butter is known to be an excellent source of iron.
  • Just 2 tbsp of peanut butter has about 0.6 milligrams of iron.
  • Adult men require around 8 milligrams and women require about 18 milligrams of iron every day.
  • You can have 1 peanut butter sandwich, along with a glass of fresh orange juice.
  • The presence of Vitamin C in the orange juice will help enhance the absorption of iron present in the peanut butter.
  • Some of you may not like the way peanut butter taste, so instead of peanut butter you can have roasted peanuts.

3.) Beetroot to Get Rid of Anemia

Beetroot, as a salad or in cooked vegetable form, is one of the most excellent ways to get rid of anemia. You can drink fresh beetroot juice.

Beetroot contains cleansing qualities along with a fair amount of iron content. All of these nutrients help to reactivate and restore the Red Blood Cells (RBC), which in turn provide an ample supply of fresh oxygen all through your body. To treat anemia, red beetroot is best to use.

4.) Soybeans to Get Rid of Anemia Naturally

All the available varieties of beans are an excellent source of iron. However, to get the complete benefits, you need to prepare them properly. Beans include phytic acid which blocks the absorption of iron. The easiest way to minimize the amount of phytic acid is to soak the beans overnight in warm water before preparing them.

When it comes to the iron content in beans, soybeans top the charts. Just a cup of boiled soybeans can meet half of your daily requirement of this Mineral. Plus, soybeans are known to be a low-fat, high-protein food which help treat Anemia.

5.) Eggs To Get Rid of Anemia Fast

Foods with plenty of antioxidants and also foods which are rich in protein like eggs can help refill Vitamins lost during an Anemic condition. Eggs provide an adequate supply of dietary nutrients with very less calories.

  • 1 big egg has around 1milligrams of iron. It provides approximately 11% RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake) for males and 7% RNI for females.
  • The absorption of iron increases when consumed with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). So, have a glass of juice rich in Vitamin C, for example orange juice with eggs.
  • Regular intake of eggs also helps strengthen bones and joints .

6.) Pomegranates to Prevent Anemia

Pomegranates comprise of iron, Vitamin C, A and E along with Potassium and Fiber. You can easily maintain a healthy blood flow in the body by consuming pomegranate juice or in any form.

Pomegranates helps carry iron in your blood and hence help minimize Anemic symptoms including dizziness, exhaustion, hearing loss and weakness.

7.) Tomatoes to Get Rid of Anemia

Food high in Vitamin C, like tomatoes, can also help fight Anemia effectively. The Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron easily. Try to have a glass of raw tomato juice, at least once daily.

Reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea as they can hamper the iron absorption. Tomatoes also has Vitamin-E and beta-carotene, which can enhance the condition of your hair and skin.

8.) Oatmeal to Treat Anemia

Although oats are rich in iron, they too include phytic acid, which slows down the absorption of iron. However, you can purchase oatmeal loaded with iron. Regular oatmeal is usually not packed with iron; whereas several instant oatmeals are.

  • 1 cup of instant oatmeal prepared with water can fulfill 60% of the daily requirement of iron.Such oatmeal also has B-12 and several other B Vitamins.

9.) Whole Grain Bread to Treat Anemia

Whole grain bread is a rich source of non-heme iron, which the body requires to combat an iron deficiency. While whole grain is rich in iron content, it also contains iron inhibitors due to the presence of phytic acid. As whole grain bread is prepared after fermenting the grains, the amount of phytic acid automatically gets reduced.

  • 1 slice of whole grain bread gives your body with around 6 % of the daily requirement of iron.
  • Also, whole grain breads are loaded with additional nutrients which can help your body to fight off many diseases and restore healthy biological functions.

10.) Red Meat to Get Rid of Anemia

Red meat, like beef and pork, contains a rich amount of heme iron. It is quite easy for the body to absorb heme iron than absorbing plant-based non-heme iron. Consuming a liver is the best option to boost your blood with the supply of  Iron and B Vitamins.

  • Beef liver has over 600% of your daily requirements of Vitamin B-12 and Iron.


Adding these foods to your regular diet will help prevent anemia and restore overall health significantly. Also, it is very important to drink plenty of water (about 8 to 10 glass daily), get some sunshine, and exercise daily. Following a healthy diet along with some exercise will surely help treat Anemia easily.

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